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Grassroots Films visits Madrid

Last edited 26th October 2010

Madrid is getting ready for WYD in 2011! Grassroots films, the creators of the inspirational film "The Human Experience", are in Madrid to help with the preparations!

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The 9 Patron Saints for WYD 2011

Last edited 25th October 2010

The nine Saints chosen as Patrons for World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid inlcude:


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Fr Chris Ryan Breaks Open Pope Benedict XVI's Message for World Youth Day 2011

Last edited 22nd October 2012

At the National Briefing Day for WYD Co-ordinators on 30 September in Melbourne, Fr Chris Ryan MGL gave a wonderful reflection on Pope Benedict XVI’s message for WYD 2011.

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Donate to WYD 2011... With Just One Click

Last edited 21st October 2010

The WYD Madrid team has launched a website ( to process donations from those who wish to contribute to WYD!


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The WYD 2011 Song - Behind the Scenes

Last edited 20th October 2010

With only 300 days until WYD 2011 begins in Madrid, the WYD team is recording the official WYD song! Check out some behind the scene images and interviews of the recording in this video! The song will be launched on 9 November 2010.


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WYD 2011 Volunteer Training Begins!

Last edited 15th October 2010

Over 7,500 volunteers have signed up to help out at World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid! As volunteers are the backbone of WYD, training has already begun for many of the volunteers. Visit this facebook note to find out more...


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World Youth Day 2011: Focus will be on Pastoral Care

Last edited 11th July 2011

Vatican officials joined with leaders of the Madrid archdiocese in an October 5 press conference in Rome to outline plans for the World Youth Day celebration that will be held in the Spanish city in August 2011.


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Organisers prepare for World Youth Day using Facebook and Twitter

Last edited 7th October 2010

World Youth Day organisers are preparing for next year’s event in Madrid with the help of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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Cardinal Expects New Epiphany at Youth Day '11

Last edited 7th October 2010

If every World Youth Day is a gift for the whole Church, it is first and foremost a gift for the local Church that hosts it," the archbishop of Madrid affirmed today.

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WYD Madrid Plans to Confront Relativism

Last edited 11th July 2011

The strength of World Youth Day 2011 will be its role in addressing the "great unrest" resulting from the confusion and a lack of reference points among youth today, said Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko in a Tuesday press conference. The Pope's theme for WYD 2011event aims to address the needs of young people while providing foundations in Christ.

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