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Memories of WYD2013 One Year On - "Lord I Need You"
Last edited 30th July 2014

Exactly one year ago, pilgrims were begging to depart from Rio de Janeiro at the close of an incredible World Youth Day week. Perhaps one of the most beautiful and moving moments of the whole week was American singer Matt Maher singing "Lord I Need You" as Pope Francis prayed on his knees before the Blessed Sacrament at Copacabana Beach. As we celebrate one year since WYD2013, re-live this incredible moment in this video!


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One Year On: Rio Favela Continues to Reap Fruits from World Youth Day
Last edited 28th July 2014

One year has passed since Pope Francis' historic visit to the Babilônia favela in Rio de Janeiro - one of the poorest areas in the city. The success of WYD 2013 has brought a greater awareness of Pope Francis’ teachings to Babilônia and it's Catholic parish Our Lady of the Rosary, according to parish priest Father José Almy Gomes. As Catholic residents grow stronger in Catholic faith formation, he believes the Holy Father’s presence in Brazil and his Latin American roots provide for a closer connection with residents and parishioners.


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Pope Francis Traveled to Brazil for WYD One Year Ago!
Last edited 23rd July 2014

22 July 2014 marked exactly a year since Pope Francis traveled to Brazil to lead World Youth Day. More than 3 million people from 175 countries welcomed him.

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Evangelical youth from WYD 2013 enters Catholic Church
Last edited 16th June 2014

A year after greeting Pope Francis in Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day 2013, Evangelical youth Eduardo Campos has converted to Catholicism and entered the Church on Pentecost Sunday.


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Pope Francis' Address to the Organising Committee of WYD Rio de Janeiro
Last edited 8th April 2014

On Tuesday 8 April 2014, Pope Francis held an audience with the members of the Organising Committee of the World Youth Day at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Click here for a translation of the Pope’s address to those present.


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A World Youth Day Testimony of Faith and Love
Last edited 13th May 2014

The greatest surprises in life always happen when you least expect them. Carolina did not expect that when her home city of Rio de Janeiro was chosen to host the next World Youth Day that she would fall in love with a British volunteer.


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Prepare for WYD2016 with "The Spirit of JMJ Rio"
Last edited 7th February 2014

World Youth Day Rio 2013 united 4 Million people from every nation to participate in the greatest celebration of faith in the world. These WYD meetings started in 1985 and since then, thanks to the great Saint John Paul II, have been hosted in different countries and cities every two or three years.


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World Youth Day 2013 - Highlights from the Aussie Pilgrimage to Rio!
Last edited 9th December 2013

If you are wondering whether or not you should attend World Youth Day 2016 in Kraków - take a look at this excellent highlights video from the Australia pilgrimage to World Youth Day 2013 to Rio! Re-live the moments that brought millions of Catholics together from around the world, witness the faith alive on the streets of Rio... and get your heart ready for WYD Kraków!

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Resuming Weekly Audiences, Pope Summarizes Experience of World Youth Day
Last edited 4th September 2013

At his public audience on September 4, Pope Francis spoke about his trip to Brazil for World Youth Day, saying that his experience could be summarized in three words: welcome, celebration, and mission.

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WYD Rio a Life-Changing Celebration of Faith
Last edited 11th August 2013

World Youth Day in Rio's impact continues to be felt and for 23-year-old Natasha Mohamad the experience has had such an impact she is not only making arrangements to be in Poland for WYD16 but aims to be accompanied by at least 20 of the Year 10 and 11 students she teaches at Sydney's Marist College Kogarah.


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