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WYD Official Hymn Released in Many Languages

Last edited 1st July 2013

The World Youth Day organising committee has released 11 different versions of the Official Song for WYD2013 in Rio - in various langauges.


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What Will Be in the World Youth Day 2013 Pilgrim Kit?

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One of the many exciting things about being a World Youth Day pilgrim is receiving the pilgrim kit that comes with being registered with the event. Here is a list of what you will find in the pilgrim kit for WYD2013 in Rio:


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"World Youth Day Minute" News Update - Episode 10

Last edited 1st July 2013

Here is another episode of "World Youth Day Minute", featuring the latest English news from the WYD2013 organising committee in Rio. This episode was recorded on 28 June 2013, and talks about the WYD online prayer campaign, a message about the protests in Rio and safety for pilgrims, and what will be in the pilgrim kit!

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World Youth Day - Pope's Prayer Intention for July 2013

Last edited 30th June 2013

This month, the Holy Father has asked Catholics everywhere to pray: "That World Youth Day in Brazil may encourage all young Christians to become disciples and missionaries of the Gospel." In this video, Fr. Kubicki reflects on Pope Benedict's mission intention for July 2013.

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Relics of St Therese of Lisieux to be present at WYD

Last edited 28th June 2013

Relics of St. Therese de Lisieux will be exposed in a chapel in the Vocations Fair at World Youth Day Rio2013. A piece of the WYD patroness’ cloak arrived in Rio in May at the WYD Local Organizing Committee´s headquarters. One of the highlights of the Youth Festival will be an exhibition about Saint Therese´s life, organized by the Carmel of Lisieux and the Friends of Lisieux Association. During WYD, the exposition will be held in the Praça do Conhecimento at Morro do Alemão.

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WYD2013 - Pope to Hear Confessions of 5 Young People of Different Nationalities

Last edited 28th June 2013

Pope Francis will hear the confessions five youths, three men and two women during his visit to the Vocations Fair in Quinta da Boa Vista, on the 26th of July. The young people, three Brazilians, one Venezuelan and one Italian, were surprised by the news on the day of Our Lady Help of Christians, May 24th. The draw that chose the names of the young people was made by the registration system and was conducted after the prayer of directors from the Pastoral Preparation Department and the Local Organizing Committee of World Youth Day.


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Rio Will Have Special Signs for WYD

Last edited 26th June 2013

Are you worried about getting lost in Rio? Don't worry! To provide easier access to information for tourists who will arrive in Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day, the city is preparing special signs for the event.


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Pope Francis to Celebrate Mass in Former Jesuit Location during WYD

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Pope Francis, a Jesuit, will be leading the Vigil with young people and celebrating the Final Mass in Guaratiba during World Youth Day. The region used to be a part of the Hacienda Santa Cruz, which was run by Jesuit fathers during the XVI century, in colonial Brazil. This historic fact is part of a research project by Diogo da Silva Cardoso, a doctoral candidate in geography at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

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Faithful Can Send Intentions for Papal Mass at Brazilian Shrine

Last edited 25th June 2013

The Catholic faithful from around the world are invited to send their prayer intentions to the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida for the Mass that Pope Francis will celebrate there during his visit to Brazil in July.


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How Does Catechesis Take Place at WYD?

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One of the traditional activities of World Youth Day (WYD) is catechesis. Conducted by bishops of diverse nationalities invited by the Pontifical Council for the Laity (PCL), catechesis is a moment of reflection and an in-depth examination of the WYD Rio 2013 theme “Go and make disciples among all the nations” (Mt 28:19). Young people from different countries, speakers of a same language, gather together with priests, bishops, and cardinals, to pray and meditate on the mysteries of the love of God.


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