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World Youth Day Registration Ending on June 20th

Last edited 5th June 2013

Every week the “Official Fan Page of the 2013 Rio WYD” presents a new challenge to young people. On Saturday, June 1, it presented the “Challenge of Challenges”: to register or finalize one’s registration before midnight local time on June 20. If payment is made before this deadline, the individual or group doing so will be given a 5% discount. It is valid also for those using a credit card, international bank transfer or who live in Brazil and can use a “bank ticket” [boleto bancario].

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WYD Anthem 2013 - English Version (Lyrics)

Last edited 25th June 2013

Download the sheet music here:


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"Dial a Pilgrim" Telephone Service Launched Ahead of WYD Rio

Last edited 31st May 2013

Pilgrims who will take part in the 2013 Rio World Youth Day have a new aid to dispel any doubts or concerns: “Dial Pilgrim." The Rio de Janeiro telephone number 2122 8050 is now available daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm local time, with help given for the time being in Portuguese, Spanish and English.


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Tourist Sites Begin Selling Tickets for WYD Pilgrims

Last edited 30th May 2013

Images of Christ the Redeemer and the Sugar Loaf are famous worldwide. And at WYD Rio2013, pilgrims are invited to visit the two best-known landmarks of the "Marvelous City". Due to the scheduling of the Main Events, of catechesis and the time needed to move around the city, the department for cultural events recommends that pilgrims purchase tickets on specific days and times.


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Plan Your Trip to Brazil with the Digital Kit for WYD in Rio de Janeiro

Last edited 26th May 2013

The World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro nears with each passing day. Thousands of young people from across the world are preparing, and now, from the comfort of their home, can better plan their trip online.


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Pope's Rio Trip to Include a Stop at One of Poorest Favelas

Last edited 24th May 2013

Pope Francis’ program during WYD2013 will include a visit to the parish of Varginha, located in the favela of Manguinhos, one of the poorest of Rio. While there the Holy Father will lead a prayer in the parish of Saint Jerome Emilian, where he will bless the new altar. He will also spend some time talking with the leaders of the community and its inhabitants. He will walk on a street of Varginha to a soccer field where there will be a stage from which he will address a few words to the slum-dwellers. There will not be any special security fences, and if the Pope so wishes, he will be able to go into some of the homes.


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"World Youth Day Minute" News Update - Episode 6

Last edited 24th May 2013

Here is another episode of "World Youth Day Minute", featuring the latest English news from the WYD2013 organising committee in Rio. This episode was recorded on 22 May 2013, and looks at access to tourist sites in Rio (including the Christ the Redeemer Statue), the launch of the international WYD merchandise website, and what you can and can't pack when travelling to Brazil!

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Australia is Counting Down to WYD Rio!

Last edited 22nd May 2013

In 2008, pilgrims from all around the world came for WYD Sydney. Now, pilgrims from Australia are preparing to travel to Brazil to meet Pope Francis for WYD 2013! In order to help pilgrims prepare for the journey to Rio de Janeiro, the Archdiocese of Sydney’s social networking website,, has launched an interactive countdown calendar.


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Launch of the International Site for WYD Merchandise!

Last edited 22nd May 2013

Now not only Brazilians can buy official products from WYD. Through, you’ll be able to buy accessories, shirts and other things, and receive them from anywhere in the world.


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Epic Video: Official WYD Rio Promo for JMJ Youth

Last edited 16th May 2013

There is no sacrifice too great... there is no land too far... to encounter Jesus Christ at World Youth Day presents the official Promo video for World Youth Day which will be hosted by Rio, Brazil July 23-28, 2013.

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