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Getting Ready for WYD 2013 - Street Foods of Brazil - Acarajé

Last edited 12th April 2013

An exciting part of travelling is trying new cuisines, so what are some of the popular foods in Brazil?


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WYD Rio "Goes Green" - Organizers to Promote Care for the Environment

Last edited 4th April 2013

When it comes to protecting the enviornment, the Catholic Church has been quite vocal in the past few years. In fact, during his first days in office, Pope Francis, called on heads of state and the entire international community to protect mother nature. World Youth Day in Rio Brazil is the perfect event to actually get the message out. The John Paul II's Youth Foundation has decided to organize a series of events in Rio, to discuss the topics and conclusions from last year's Conference on Sustainable Development, where over 20 countries took part.

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Copacabana Beach to Host Three "Central Acts" During WYD2013

Last edited 3rd April 2013

The white sand and busy sidewalk of Copacabana beach are going to receive over a million pilgrims for World Youth Day in July, where three of the five Central Acts will take place. The Central Acts are the main events in the WYD schedule. The ones which will take place at Copacabana Beach are:


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Cardinal Braz de Aviz explains how Rio is getting ready for World Youth Day 2013

Last edited 2nd April 2013

During the next few years Brazil will host three major international events: First in line is World Youth Day 2013, then the World Cup 2014 and finally the Olympics in 2016. At this stage, it seems that World Youth Day will bring the most number of people. The city of Rio is getting ready, but at first local authorities didn't think it would attract so many people.

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"World Youth Day Minute" News Update - Episode 3

Last edited 28th March 2013

Here is another episode of "World Youth Day Minute", featuring the latest news from the WYD2013 organising committee in Rio. This episode was recorded on 27 March 2013. Stories include the release of the WYD commemorative stamp, an exhibition on St Theresa of Lisieux, and a new campaign to promote the World Youth Day logo.

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Aussie Pilgrims heading to WYD Will be Wearing this T-Shirt

Last edited 27th March 2013

Here is the winning design for the Pilgrim T-shirt by Joe Thorely of Brisbane. The stars on the front of the shirt are configuration of stars from the Brazilian flag which include the southern cross.

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Australia's Final Call to World Youth Day Pilgrims 2013

Last edited 27th March 2013

Check out this new WYD promo for Australian pilgrims! Engage with Pope Francis, along with the youth of the world in Rio this July.


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Pope Francis to Make Side Trip Home?

Last edited 26th March 2013

Pope Francis may be visiting more than just Rio de Janeiro when he travels to the Brazilian city for World Youth Day in July. Vatican officials are currently mulling the possibility of a stop in the Pope’s native Argentina on the same trip, partly in a bid to ease possible significant logistical challenges.


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Angleus: Pope Wishes Youth a Good Journey to WYD 2013

Last edited 28th March 2013

Before praying the Angelus on Sunday 24 March 2013, the Pope called upon the intercession of our Lady, particularly in favour of those suffering with tuberculosis and young persons.


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The World Cup and World Youth Day

Last edited 21st March 2013

What does World Youth Day have in common with the Soccer World Cup? They will both be hosted in Brazil over the next few years! In 2013 Brazil will host WYD, and in 2014 they will host the World Cup.


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