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Veneration of the World Youth Day Cross - Brazilian Style!

Last edited 15th December 2011

Take a look at this video footage of the young people of Brazil venerating the World Youth Day cross, as it makes its way through the country on the road to Rio de Janeiro for WYD2013!


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The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe: The Patroness of the Americas

Last edited 12th December 2011

When it comes to religious celebrations, the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe ranks high in Latin America, especially in Mexico. Over the years she's been given many endearing titles like “La Morenita,” the “Patroness of the Americas,” and the “Queen of Mexico.” Her feast day is December 12, a day when millions come together to honor Our Lady.

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Vatican Officials to Pick Logo for World Youth Day in Rio

Last edited 5th December 2011

After sifting through almost 200 proposals for World Youth Day Rio 2013's official logo, Church officials in Brazil have sent the best submissions to the Vatican where the final selection will be made. The proposals were sent to Rome on Nov. 28, and the Pontifical Council for the Laity will announce a date to unveil the winning logo after it has made its selection... stayed tuned for the final decision!

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Footage of the Arrival of the WYD Cross in Brazil!

Last edited 5th December 2011

Brazil is getting on the road towards World Youth Day 2013! The Official WYD Cross has arrived in the country, and the young people of Brazil are gearing up for what is expected to be one of the biggest World Youth Days in history in Rio de Janeiro. Watch this video to check out the footage of the arrival of the WYD Cross!

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Basic Portuguese Phrases – For Travelling in Brazil

Last edited 13th December 2011

Are you planning to travel to Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day 2013? The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, and a large proportion of the population does not speak English. So if you are planning to attend WYD, now is the time to start learning Portuguese! Here are a few basic phrases to help you get started.


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History of Rio de Janeiro's Famous Catholic Cathedral

Last edited 30th November 2011

Going to World Youth Day 2013 in Rio? Learn more about the famous Catholic Cathedral of St. Sebastian that you will be sure to visit during the next WYD! The beautiful Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro (the Catedral Metropolitana de Sao Sebastiao) has been moved a number of times to various locations through history since the first Rio de Janeiro Cathedral was inaugurated in 1676 by Pope Innocent XI. Visit this article to read all about its history.

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Rio Mayor Predicts WYD 2013 Will Be Larger Than World Cup

Last edited 23rd November 2011

Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, has stated that he expects World Youth Day 2013 to “bring together more people than the World Cup.” Rio de Janeiro will host World Youth Day in 2013. And in 2014, Brazil will host the World Cup.


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iActiv8 - On the Road to Rio with

Last edited 24th May 2012

Take a look at Xt3's new promo video for World Youth Day 2013! We have re-launched our 'iActiv8' page with all the latest WYD2013 news and resources - so get on the Road to Rio with Xt3, and start the countdown!


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Music Video from the WYD2013 Team in Rio - Track 1

Last edited 15th May 2012

More than 80 Catholic musicians gathered in Rio, to prepare the first music track for World Youth Day 2013! The theme of the song is 'Faith'. Have a listen to full song in this video... it is only available in Portuguese at the moment.


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WYD2013 in Rio de Janeiro Launches Contest to Choose Official Song

Last edited 25th November 2011

A team in Rio de Janeiro have launched a competition to choose the official anthem for World Youth Day 2013! 31 January 2012 is the deadline for entries, and the winner will be announced on 1 March. The song should be based on the theme of World Youth Day 2013: “Go and Make Disciples of All Nations”.


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