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Pilgrim of the Poor: Pope Prepares to Return to His Home Continent
Last edited 14th July 2013

For Pope Francis, the pursuit of social justice is inseparable from faith in Christ, and ultimately impossible without it. And so as the first Latin American pontiff prepares to travel to his native continent on his first international trip as pope, July 22-29, he will exemplify this commitment to social action and evangelization that he has made a defining feature of his young pontificate. Visit this article from CNS to read more.

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Rio de Janeiro Welcomes WYD Cross and Icon
Last edited 12th July 2013

After two years of pilgrimage around the different municipalities of Brazil, the World Youth Day Cross and Icon have arrived in Rio de Janeiro, where they will remain until the conclusion of World Youth Day 2013 from 23-28 July!


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Setting the stage in Rio for World Youth Day 2013...Literally
Last edited 10th July 2013

Preparations for WYD 2013 started months ago, but there is still a lot on the agenda. One of the issues organizers are working on, is the installations of two main stages, where most of the gathering with Pope Francis will take place. They include stages in Copacabana and Campus Fidei. Organizers say, they goal is to build a structure where everyone can see Pope Francis, even from a distance.

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WYD Pilgrim Kits to be Distributed Starting 15th July
Last edited 9th July 2013

WYD Rio2013 pilgrims will be able to pick up their kits starting on the 15th of this month at two locations: Santa Cruz and the Sambodromo. The locations are pre-determined in the voucher that will be sent by email. Distribution will continue until July 27. Organisers recommend that pilgrims pick up the kits between July 15th and 21st.


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Pope Grants Indulgences for World Youth Day
Last edited 10th July 2013

Pope Francis will grant a plenary indulgence – a remission of all temporal punishment due to sin – to World Youth Day Catholic participants, the Vatican announced in a decree released on July 9.


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Australian WYD Pilgrimage - Statement on Safety and Security in Rio de Janeiro
Last edited 9th July 2013

In recent weeks grassroots protests have taken place in Brazil. The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) would like to reassure leaders, pilgrims and their families that the safety and well-being of pilgrims is our first priority.


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How will Campus Fidei in Guaratiba work?
Last edited 8th July 2013

Campus Fidei in Guaratiba will host the Vigil and the Final Mass, presided over by Pope Francis on July 27th and 28th. The field features 22 sections with 32 service stations. Each section has infrastructure that includes restrooms, drinking water, snack shops and adoration tents. In the area, there will also be medical posts and an area reserved for people with disabilities who want to be up close. With this design, pilgrims will not need to move frequently between sections to find the desired services.


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Commissioning Mass for WYD2013 Rio Pilgrims
Last edited 8th July 2013

Many of the young pilgrims heading to South America and World Youth Day in Rio gathered at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney on Friday night for a Commissioning Mass followed by a get together.


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How to Create a World Youth Day Blog on
Last edited 8th July 2013

An instruction video on how to create and update a blog during World Youth Day 2013 on

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"World Youth Day Minute" News Update - Episode 11
Last edited 7th July 2013

Here is another episode of "World Youth Day Minute", featuring the latest English news from the WYD2013 organising committee in Rio. This episode was recorded on 5 July 2013, and talks about finding out where your catechesis will take place, a reminder to bring some warm clothes as it is winter in Rio, and an update about the construction of the stages for WYD events.

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