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WYD2013 Catechesis Talks
Last edited 18th December 2014

From 23-26 July 2013, World Youth Day pilgrims participated in formation, praise, confession, testimonies, and Eucharistic celebration, inn what is traditionally called the WYD Catechesis Sessions. Here is the audio from some of the Catechesis sessions that took place in Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day 2013.


Counting Down to WYD2013 - The Patron Saint Podcast on Xt3
Last edited 28th August 2012

The World Youth Day office in Rio de Janeiro has chosen 5 patrons and 13 intercessors, to guide you on your way as we countdown towards WYD 2013!


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All About World Youth Day - Podcast on Xt3
Last edited 19th March 2012

Got questions about World Youth Day? You have come to the right place!


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