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WYD Minute - Ep. 31 - 17/06/2016

Last edited 24th June 2016

In this new episode of WYD Minute, Ray welcomes us from Blonia Park, one of the major venues of WYD Krakow 2016. Ray reveals details about the altars that are being constructed in Blonia Park. Watch to find out!

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Connect Your Community To WYD2016 Online With Our Blog & Livestream Banners

Last edited 23rd June 2016

Xt3.com can help you connect your communities and parishes to World Youth Day Krakow online! We'll be providing regular video blogs direct from Krakow on our WYD2016 Blog and hosting a schedule of livestream events of the main World Youth Day events (courtesy of Salt + Light Media). Make it easy for your community to access this great content with banners you can easily embed onto your website.


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WYD Archived Webcast Videos - On Demand

Last edited 20th June 2016

Dear World Youth Day enthusiasts the WYD webcasts will be on demand after the live streaming of the event at the following URL:


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Krakow in the Capital

Last edited 19th June 2016

The Catholic Apostolate Center has launched a new web portal at: www.WYD2016.us which will feature formation resources and guides to the World Youth Day events in Krakow and in the United States.


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WYD2016 Theme Song - Official English Translation

Last edited 17th June 2016

Have you learned the Official Song for WYD Krakow? You might not speak Polish, so here we feature the English translation. Learn it, love it, sing it!


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M2016 - Sonja (English)

Last edited 17th June 2016

Meet Sonja, the girl with a heart full of joy and mercy. Her work with disabled people lets her discover the true and free love. Of course, she'll be present during the WYD in Krakow. Why? Let's find out in the newest M2016 episode!

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M2016 - Firas from Palestine (subtitled)

Last edited 14th June 2016

Have you ever wondered where WYD has already reached with its message of mercy? It is present in all corners of the world! The guest of this episode is Firas from Palestine. Listen to his short story filled with the desire of God, His mercy and peace.


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Program of Pope Francis' Visit to Poland on the Occasion of World Youth Day

Last edited 9th June 2016

Pope Francis has released his visiting schedule during World Youth Day 2016. See what he'll be up to during WYD in Krakow - there might be a chance you'll catch a glimpse of him while you're there too!


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[Move WYD] Encounter - Fr. Richard Escoto

Last edited 17th June 2016

Fr. Richard Escoto, from Philippines shares with us how he found his vocation during World Youth Day in Manila, Phillippines, in 1995. Now he will return to the land of John Paul II to give thanks for his vocation, inspired by the saint!

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Large Number of Australian Bishops Head to World Youth Day

Last edited 10th June 2016

Nineteen Australian bishops will pack their bags for World Youth Day next month, proving age is no barrier to participation in the World's largest youth event.


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