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WYD Symbols Make Their Way Through Krakow

Last edited 27th May 2016

"This simple wooden cross has been traveling across Poland for over two years and youth look for consolation and light in it. In the modern world, the cross is considered uncomfortable (because it means death), but we know that it is primarily a challenge since death always brings with it new life," said Bp. Damian Muskus in his homily today during the Mass that marked the beginning of the pilgrimage of the WYD symbols in the Archdiocese of Krakow.


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M2016 - David (USA)

Last edited 27th May 2016

Do you know your vocation? David - new invitee for M2016 - tells us about how he discover his vocation, being another regular guy that enjoys soccer and music! He will be in Krakow next July. Will you?

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[Move WYD] God's Mercy Is Free

Last edited 27th May 2016

"Faith and mercy is about asking for Him, and if you ask for it, it will be given to you" says Richard Raho, a Campus Minister of St. Patrick school in Chicago, USA. He helps with preparing spiritual retreats, talks and religious lessons in the school and he is also organising a group to come to Krakow this coming July.

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Aussie Xt3 Bible Highlighter Pencils

Last edited 19th May 2016

Are you an Aussie pilgrim going to WYD2016? Introducing our Xt3 Bible Highlighter Pencil swappables! Swap them with your new international friends that you meet on the journey! Every Aussie pilgrim on a Cosmos or Harvest pilgrimage will receive a set of pencils in the Pilgrim Packs you'll receive before departing Australia.

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M2016 - Ola (with subtitles)

Last edited 19th May 2016

Do you know any scouts? What do you know about them? Ola can answer those questions. Young and driven, she shares in this episode her duties as a girl scout and how her faith helps to develop her personality and formation as a person.

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WYD Minute - Ep. 27 - 13/05/2016

Last edited 19th May 2016

Check out the new episode of WYD Minute!


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Don't Let Fear Keep You From World Youth Day, Cardinal Says

Last edited 18th May 2016

With millions of youth set to arrive in Krakow for World Youth Day in just a few weeks, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz said that "there is no danger" and urged those still on the fence to not miss the opportunity out of fear.


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WYD Choir Is Getting Ready For WYD!

Last edited 11th May 2016

Musical arrangement is part of the preparations of the most important event in the contemporary Catholic Church, established in 1985 by Pope John Paul II, which is World Youth Day.


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WYD Minute - Ep. 26 - 06/05/2016

Last edited 8th May 2016

From St Florian's Gate in Old Town of Krakow, Poland. This episode covers a pilgrimage of motorcyclists from the Malaposka region, as well as a special arrangement at one of the salt mines.

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WYD Minute - Ep. 25 - 29/04/2016

Last edited 8th May 2016

This episode of WYD Minute filmed from the Malopolska Garden of Arts, covers information about visas and obtaining proof of attending WYD for visa applications.

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