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Year of Two Popes Leaves Mark on Year of Faith

Last edited 14th November 2013

The goal of the Year of Faith, which concludes Nov. 24, has been to educate Catholics about basic church teachings, strengthen their faith and inspire them to share it with others. If it has succeeded, as organizers say it has, the credit ultimately lies less with its special projects and events than with the historic papal transition that occurred in its course.


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Fr. Barron comments on CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization

Last edited 19th September 2013

CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization is a new documentary and multi-media formation program that explores the Church’s mission within the challenges of contemporary culture. Hosted by Father Robert Barron, the documentary focuses on the cultural challenges the Church faces today, such as the emergence of “the new atheism” and relativistic attitudes toward questions of faith and morality. In this video, Fr. Robert Barron explains the background to his latest documentary, which was filmed in Australian and the UK.


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Evangelisers Seeking New Methods

Last edited 30th August 2013

What role does social media have in the spreading the Gospel? In this video produced by Catholic News Service, Catholic evangelisers talk about how the new evangelisation requires new technology.

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How is Your Year of Faith Going?

Last edited 12th August 2013

Remember we are still celebrating a special Year of Faith, in which we are called to strive to strengthen our Catholic faith. So how is your Year of Faith going? Watch this video reflection for more.

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Top 10 Parables of Faith on Screen

Last edited 31st July 2013

Since the advent of cinema in the late 1800s, faith has been treated on film in a wide variety of ways, from the respectful to the satiric. With the church's observance of the Year of Faith continuing, here in alphabetical order are capsule reviews of 10 films that engage with this often elusive topic in an accomplished and illuminating manner.

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"Lumen Fidei" - Pope Francis' First Encyclical

Last edited 28th August 2013

Pope Francis’ first encyclical entitled "Lumen fidei" or “The Light of Faith” was released Friday 5 July at a press conference in the Vatican. The document completes the trilogy of papal teachings on the three theological virtues, begun by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI who issued his encyclicals "Deus Caritas Est" on Charity in 2005 and "Spe Salvi" on Hope in 2007.


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Pope Confirms Faith Encyclical Nearly Done

Last edited 14th June 2013

Pope Francis put aside his prepared remarks yesterday morning and told members of the Synod of Bishops that the encyclical on faith is almost ready and the exhortation on evangelization will be finished before the Year of Faith is over.


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Pope: Learn to Listen to the Holy Spirit

Last edited 8th May 2013

More than 70,000 people flocked to St. Peter's Square for the Pope's weekly general audience. For about 45 minutes, the Pope greeted the crowds. As part of his catechesis on the Year of Faith, the Pope talked about the power of the Holy Spirit, inviting people to learn to listen.

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Pope's Catechesis on Year of Faith. Talks about Women in the Church

Last edited 14th April 2013

During Wednesday's general audience, Pope Francis focused his catechesis on the 'Year of Faith. ' With more than 30,000 pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square, the Pope talked about Jesus' Resurrection and the role women play in transmitting the faith.


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Gracefest 2013

Last edited 2nd April 2013

Gracefest is a youth event to celebrate the Year of Grace with prayer, testimony, music, worship, adoration, catechesis, reconciliation and a wyd 2013 launch.

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