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Benedict XVI Writes Letter about Jesus to an Atheist

Last edited 25th September 2013

Once again, Pope emeritus Benedict XVI has picked up a pen and paper. In an eleven-page letter addressed to atheist Piergiorgio Odifreddi, Ratzinger defends Jesus as a historic figure, explaining that the Jesus of the Gospel existed in real life.

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Achievements of Benedict XVI's Papacy Should Not be Overlooked

Last edited 20th September 2013

The election of a Pope is not the same as the election of a president or a prime minister, US journalist and Vatican commentator, John L. Allen Jr told Catholic Communications on a whirlwind visit to Sydney. Further, Allen admits he is concerned that in the "simplistic" mainstream media's embrace of Pope Francis the legacy and achievements of his predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI are not only being overlooked, but repudiated.


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Benedict XVI's Personal Secretary Debunks 'Mystical Experience'

Last edited 27th August 2013

The retired pontiff's personal secretary said that the recent and widely circulated news story claiming that Benedict XVI stepped down after having a “mystical experience” is false. Visit this article to read more.

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Pope Benedict Changed Phrase in Baptism Ceremony

Last edited 23rd August 2013

Before his resignation took effect, Pope Benedict XVI made a small but important change in the text of the ceremony for Baptism. The outgoing Pope said that rather than a newly baptized person should be welcomed into the “Church of God” rather than the “Christian community.”

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Benedict XVI 'Escapes' to Castel Gandolfo to Pray to Our Lady, and Listen to Classical Music

Last edited 20th August 2013

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI traveled to Castel Gandolfo on Sunday, where he spent the afternoon strolling through the gardens of the villa where he spent the hot summer months in the past eight years.

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A Final Message of Love and Hope

Last edited 18th July 2013

On this feast of Saint Benedict, the sixth-century monk whose spiritual sons saved civilization, it is a small sadness to realize that we may have read the last of the beautiful theology and biblical wisdom of the man who took his name, Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict XVI.

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Benedict XVI and Pope Francis Meet in the Vatican Gardens

Last edited 7th July 2013

Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI met at the Vatican gardens for the unveiling of a new statue representing St. Michael Archangel, the universal protector of the Church and patron of Vatican City. Benedict XVI, who was invited by Pope Francis, was welcomed with a great applause.

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Benedict XVI Wants to Spend the Summer at the Vatican

Last edited 25th June 2013

Benedict XVI is “relaxed. He has a good memory and his eyes are bright and cheerful.” These were the words of father Stephan Otto Horn, president of the Ratzinger Alumni Association who visited the Pope Emeritus early in June.

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World Refugee Day 2013 - Message from Pope Francis, "We See the Face of Christ in Refugees"

Last edited 2nd July 2013

Marking World Refugee Day on Thursday June 20th, Pope Francis has made an impassioned appeal for people and institutions around the world to come to the aid of the countless families forced to flee their homelands because of violence and persecution.


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Benedict XVI in retirement: 'I read, I pray. I'm fine.'

Last edited 6th June 2013

“I’m fine. I live like a monk,” Benedict XVI told an old German friend who visited him recently at his new residence in the Mater Ecclesiae monastery on the Vatican grounds.

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