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What's the Pope Doing? Details on His Spiritual Retreat

Last edited 18th February 2013

This week, Benedict XVI will not be seen in public. On Sunday afternoon he began a spiritual retreat, to reflect on the first week of Lent. These spiritual exercises have become part of a tradition now, where the Pope stops all activities and gathers in prayer with other members of the Roman Curia.


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Pope Begins Lenten Retreat - Focuses on Faces of God and Man

Last edited 18th February 2013

Along with the rest of the Roman Curia, Pope Benedict XVI began his second day of spiritual exercises by reflecting on Psalm 119 and the “light that breaks the darkness, especially in today's culture.”


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Pope Benedict XVI - On the First Sunday of Lent 2013

Last edited 19th February 2013

"We Join Him and We Ask Him to Give Us Strength to Fight our Weaknesses"


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Sunday Angelus: Pilgrims Cover St. Peter's Square to Thank Pope for His Pontificate

Last edited 18th February 2013

In his second last Angelus, the Pope greeted thousands of pilgrims, as he looked over his studio window in St. Peter's Square. The Pope gave his catechesis on Lent, but with thousands of people there, he also thanked them for their prayers these last few days. In his catechesis he talked about how Jesus was tempted out in the desert. He also explained the true meaning of Lent.


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Pope says Lent is Spiritual Battle

Last edited 17th February 2013

Pope Benedict XVI used his second to last Angelus to tell thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square that Lent is a “spiritual battle.” Lent, he said, “always involves a battle, a spiritual battle, because the spirit of evil naturally opposes our sanctification and seeks to divert us from the way of God.”


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Pope Benedict Disturbs Non-Believers Because for Him God is the Centre of Everything

Last edited 15th February 2013

This Pope has perhaps been the target of more polemical abuse than any other. Why? because he shows that humility is the hallmark of authentic Christianity. For Benedict XVI the centre of everything has always been God and His Church; he has not sought the approval of the crowd and what he has said and taught has been done in the light of the universal revelation that comes from God.


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Pope Benedict XVI's Farewell Speech to Roman Priests

Last edited 14th February 2013

“I am very thankful for your prayers, which I have felt, as I said Wednesday, physically. Even though I will retire in prayer, I am sure you all will always be close to me, although I will remain hidden from the world.”

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Pope Says Goodbye to Roman Priests, Says He Will be 'Hidden from the World'

Last edited 15th February 2013

Pope Benedict XVI met for the last time with the priests from Rome during a memorable gathering where he improvised several remarks and memories about the Second Vatican Council. The Pope was welcomed with great applause. He thanked the priests for their support and told them that he would always be close to them.


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Papal Interregnum Questions and Answers

Last edited 27th February 2013

*What does Papal Interregnum mean?


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Cardinal Dolan "Somber" Over Pope Benedict Resignation

Last edited 13th February 2013

The Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, explains the "mixed emotions" he feels about the news that Pope Benedict XVI will resign on February 28, saying he feels a "special bond" with the pope.

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