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Fight evil with action - not apathy, Francis says

Last edited 14th August 2018

It is not enough for Catholics to not do bad things, they must counter evil by actively living out charity in the performance of good deeds, Pope Francis told young people and others in St. Peter’s Square Sunday.


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Pope in the Angelus: It’s Good not to do Evil. But it’s Evil not to do Good!

Last edited 13th August 2018

St. Peter's square was packed as some 90,000 people came to see Pope Francis.


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Through the Door of our Weakness Comes the Salvation of God: Pope

Last edited 8th August 2018

For another Wednesday, the pope was surrounded by crowds of people as he walked through the Paul VI Audience Hall.


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Pope Francis to meet with 70,000 young people this weekend to prepare Synod

Last edited 7th August 2018

Listening is the keyword. This weekend, Pope Francis will hear the voices of young people from all over Italy in preparation for the Synod in October.


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Keys to the Importance of the Mass

Last edited 29th July 2018

Every Catholic knows the commandment to keep holy the Lord's day, but many question its importance and what parts of the Mass are the most essential. Various experts and the pope explain why it is the center of the Catholic faith, that it hasn't lost its meaning and what the moment of consecration means.


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Pope Francis to Youth: “Look to Your Roots”

Last edited 16th July 2018

Pope Francis has taken time out of his vacation to send a video message to the young people of Antilles.


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Pope Francis Will be in Panama for World Youth Day From January 23-27, 2019

Last edited 9th July 2018

The Vatican spokesman, Greg Burke, announced in a press release that Pope Francis will be in Panama from January 23-27, 2019.


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Pope: God doesn't meet our expectations - He surprises us instead

Last edited 8th July 2018

Pope Francis said Sunday that God always surprises people with the way he works, and because of this, believers should be open to the Lord's way of thinking and acting, rather than expecting him to conform to their aspirations.


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Pope: ‘Catholic Education Gives Soul to World’

Last edited 25th June 2018

Pope Francis on Monday spoke to participants in the Gravissimum Educationis Foundation’s conference entitled, “To Educate is to Transform”.


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Pope in Santa Marta: Be Salt and Light, Always Serving Others

Last edited 12th June 2018

Pope Francis spoke about being a Christian witness during his homily at Casa Santa Marta. He said it means edifying others and helping them in their darkest hour.


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