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Pope Reiterates Church’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ on Abuse of Minors

Last edited 22nd September 2017

Thursday in a written speech Pope Francis reiterated the Catholic Church’s commitment to the protection of minors from sexual abuse, stating that the Church will continue to take a “zero tolerance” stance against offenders.


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Pope in Santa Marta: Not Praying for World Leaders is a Sin

Last edited 20th September 2017

On Monday, Pope Francis addressed both leaders and non-leaders. He spoke about the importance of being aware that each person is subordinate to someone more powerful. He said that Christians must pray for their leaders, even if they don't agree with them.


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Pope Francis: When It Comes to Evangelisation, Don't Be Stuck in Your Ways

Last edited 14th September 2017

Pope Francis met with new bishops at the end of their training course at the Vatican, reminding them to be both humble in their work and open to better ways of evangelizing other than just “the way it's always been.”


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Pope to Youth: Narcissism Produces Sadness Because It's Like Putting Makeup on the Soul

Last edited 6th September 2017

This is the joy that erupted when Pope Francis entered the Paul VI Audience Hall. The pope arrived a little behind schedule and only stopped to bless the little children. These two were more alert than the others, and went out to personally meet him.


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The Pope Video: Parishes at the Service of the Mission (September 2017)

Last edited 3rd September 2017

The doors of our parishes are always open, not waiting for people to come in but ready to go out to meet them. Let us pray that parishes continue in the service of others and in the transmission of the faith.


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Pope Blesses Chapecoense Players Who Survived Plane Crash

Last edited 31st August 2017

The Pope has blessed two of the Brazilian footballers who survived an aeroplane crash that killed their teammates last year.


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Pope Francis to Visit Burma and Bangladesh in November

Last edited 28th August 2017

The visit comes amid a thaw in relations between the Holy See and the Burmese government


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For Christians, Life Always has Meaning - Even When It's Hard, Pope Says

Last edited 25th August 2017

On Wednesday, Pope Francis said going through life downcast as if it has no meaning is not the attitude of a Christian, who has the assurance that even when things look grim, there is always new hope found in Christ.


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Trust in Christ - Not in Horoscopes, Pope Francis Says

Last edited 14th August 2017

On Sunday Pope Francis repeated a message he often has, warning against putting one's trust in horoscopes and fortune telling rather than Christ, who is the only true security that gets us through times of trial and darkness.


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Pope Orders Belgian Brothers of Charity to Stop Euthanasia

Last edited 10th August 2017

Pope Francis has given a Belgian religious order until the end of August to stop offering euthanasia to psychiatric patients.


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