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Vatican to Launch Global Questionnaire for Young People to Prepare for the Next Synod

Last edited 15th January 2017

Pope Francis has asked bishops around the world to think about the role of young people in the Church. This will be the theme of the next synod scheduled for 2018.


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Pope Francis: Live Every Day to the Fullest Thinking “Now or Never”

Last edited 12th January 2017

In his homily in Santa Marta, Pope Francis said sometimes people do not enjoy life because they leave the things they want to do for "another day." The pope recalled that the future is uncertain and that we should make the most of each day.


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Pope: While Saints and Apparitions are Important, Jesus Christ Should Be the Centre

Last edited 9th January 2017

In resuming his daily Mass in Santa Marta after the holiday break, Pope Francis spoke about knowing and worshiping Jesus as the center of our life.


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Pope Condemns New Year’s Attack in Istanbul Nightclub

Last edited 2nd January 2017

Assuring Turkey of his prayers and closeness, Francis has condemned the brutal attack in Istanbul this weekend, and has prayed God sustains those “who roll up their sleeves to boldly tackle the scourge of terrorism.”


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Pope Francis Appoints Fr Gregory Homeming O.C.D. as Sixth Bishop of Lismore

Last edited 20th December 2016

Pope Francis has appointed Fr Gregory Homeming O.C.D as the sixth Bishop of Lismore and accepted the resignation of Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett today, 20 December.


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Pope Francis to visit Fatima in May 2017

Last edited 19th December 2016

The Pope has accepted an invitation from the president and bishops of Portugal


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Pope Marks 80th Birthday with Charitable Giving to Rome's Poor

Last edited 18th December 2016

Pope Francis kicked off his 80th birthday by having breakfast with a group of homeless from around St. Peter’s and inviting them to Mass – but his giving didn’t stop there.


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Pope Francis on Doubts About Vocation: Even St. John the Baptist Had Dark Times

Last edited 15th December 2016

In his homily at Mass in Casa Santa Marta, the pope spoke about the doubts that may arise even despite a very strong vocation. He used the example of John the Baptist, who went through "dark times,” meaning his doubts about the faith.


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Be Like Mary - Say Yes to God, But Not Halfway, Pope Francis Says

Last edited 8th December 2016

The contrast between the “no” of man in the Garden of Eden and the “yes” of Mary at the Annunciation was the heart of Pope Francis’ message for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, which he said is an opportunity for each person to renew their own commitment to God.


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Vatican Redesigns Formation Program for Future priests

Last edited 7th December 2016

This 91-page guide contains the new keys to selecting and training future priests in seminaries, after 46 years of using the previous requirements.


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