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Nigeria Air Strike Error Kills up to 100 in Refugee Camp

Last edited 17th January 2017

A Nigerian air force jet has mistakenly bombed a camp for displaced people near Rann in the north-east, killing up to 100 people and injuring dozens more.


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Cambodia: The bishop that changed the lives of wheelchair-bound refugees

Last edited 13th December 2016

Thirty-one years spent in Cambodia with refugees and war victims have conferred him an inclusive and open mindset.


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School Dux For Syrian Teen Refugee

Last edited 12th December 2016

With an ATAR score of 96.65, a teenage Syrian refugee has the opportunity to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor.


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US to Take Australia Asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island

Last edited 13th November 2016

Australia and the US have reached a resettlement deal for asylum seekers held in offshore detention centres in Papua New Guinea and Nauru.


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Apathy and Greed Prevent the End of Human Trafficking, says Pope

Last edited 8th November 2016

Indifference, criminal networks and powerful economic interests still pose a challenge to those fighting against human trafficking, Pope Francis said.


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The Pope Video: November Prayer Intention - Countries Receiving Refugees

Last edited 7th November 2016

Pope Francis’ prayer intention for November is for Countries Receiving Refugees: That the countries which take in a great number of displaced persons and refugees may find support for their efforts which show solidarity.

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Amputee Saved by Refugee Surgeon Urges PM to Rethink Asylum Seeker Ban

Last edited 1st November 2016

Allison France, a Brisbane woman who lost lost her leg five and a half years ago after she was hit by a car, has used an open letter to call on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, to reconsider banning asylum seekers, including refugees, from Australia for life.


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90 migrants believed dead off Libya

Last edited 27th October 2016

More than 90 migrants are believed dead after their rickety boat was damaged shortly after leaving the Libyan coast.


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Syrian Refugees Arrive to Rome With the Hope of a Better Life

Last edited 26th October 2016

This week 130 Syrian refugees landed in Rome as part of a pilot program aimed at providing safe passage for migrants seeking to enter Europe, all of whom voiced their gratitude and desire to leave war behind.


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Child Refugees in Turkey Making UK Clothes

Last edited 24th October 2016

Syrian refugee children have been making clothes for British shoppers, an undercover BBC investigation has found.


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