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It Took Having the World in My Hands to Realise That I Didn’t Want Any of It

Last edited 4th July 2018

In 2017, I moved halfway across the world. People began to comment that my life was ‘goals’ and that I was the definition of ‘living out my best life.’ They’re referring, of course, to my year-long exchange in Europe characterised by Instagram updates with a different country every week, badly-spoken German and independence that every young adult dreams about. Even the mere task of reflection feels boastful.


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This Meme-Making Bishop Spent One of the Longest and Coldest Nights of the Year Sleeping Outside

Last edited 24th June 2018

Braving the cold on one of the longest nights of the year, Sydney Auxiliary Bishop Richard Umbers was one of the 350 people in Sydney who slept rough on Thursday, 21st of June for the 13th annual Vinnies CEO Sleepout. Bishop Umbers is known globally for his meme-making and social media ministry.


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New Bid to Connect with Homeless

Last edited 29th April 2018

Called Connections Week, the initiative is part of the Adelaide Zero Project, aimed at achieving “zero homelessness” in Adelaide by 2020.


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Myanmar Needs Dreamers and Doers

Last edited 25th April 2018

PHOTO: Roza with students at PSIE in Yangon in January 2018 and Roza Vukovich with colleague Sophia Henshaw at Kalay airport flying back to Yangon.


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Education a stepping stone to peace in Myanmar

Last edited 25th April 2018

Education is one of the key ways that Myanmar, after decades of internal conflict and political struggle, is moving towards a new age of democracy. Source: Catholic Mission.


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Don’t Abandon the World’s Poor, Caritas Urges Government

Last edited 3rd April 2018

Fairfax Media reported last Thursday that the government was considering a $400 million a year cut to the overseas aid budget. Sources said the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is “modelling” ways to slice 10 per cent from aid budget even though cuts since 2014 have already reduced Australia’s aid contribution to just 22 cents for every $100 of gross national income, the smallest share on record.


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Shoestories at ACYF 2017

Last edited 5th March 2018

Over three days in December 2017, thousands of young Australian Catholics came together to celebrate the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Sydney.


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Thanksgiving Thursday: Canice's Kitchen

Last edited 1st March 2018

The St Canice Soup Kitchen, officially known as Canice’s Kitchen, has been running for around 30 years and is described as a place where everyone is welcome, everyone is treated equally, and you can ask questions about Jesus. It provides a unique refuge in the area, a gathering place for street people, serving 50,000 meals a year and offering comfort, dignity and community to the homeless and disadvantaged.


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Sydney Archdiocese to Tackle Forms of Modern Slavery

Last edited 1st February 2018

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP will reveal the Archdiocese of Sydney’s supply chain strategies, education initiatives and welfare services aimed at eliminating modern forms of slavery at a special Mass next month.


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Project Compassion - Psyche Mae's Story

Last edited 18th January 2018

Psyche Mae from Philippines


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