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Denver to Provide Lockers for City's Homeless

Last edited 28th May 2017

In response to Denver's large homeless population, the city is providing lockers for the homeless to place their belongings so they can take better advantage of local outreach programs.


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Women For The World 2017 Interview with Sister Len

Last edited 25th May 2017

Sister Len works with a program called Seedlings of Hope, that is supported by Caritas. The program started around 1996. Sr Len is working in Cambodia, a small country where HIV is hitting the community hard.


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The Nun and the Imam Who Work Together for Lebanon's Most Vulnerable

Last edited 23rd May 2017

They are a nun and a sheikh. They eat breakfast together, laugh together, and work together in Lebanon. In a country with 17 religious denominations, life goes on without asking what God the other one believes in.


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Sydney Women Unite for the World's Most Marginalised

Last edited 17th May 2017

In the month that heralds mothers in Australia, around 250 women will join in Sydney to stand in solidarity to raise funds for women living in global poverty. The Sydney event will be held at the Ivy Ballroom at 12 noon on Thursday, May 18.


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US Bishops Sign Pledge to End Death Penalty

Last edited 11th May 2017

'The death penalty represents a failure of our society to fulfil the demands of human dignity,' the Catholic Mobilizing Network said.


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Love Your Neighbour - Project Compassion - Interview with Semiti Qalowasa, Director of PCN - Fiji

Last edited 6th March 2017

Lent is a time for giving so during Lent Caritas Australia's Project Compassion distributes money boxes collecting cash to raise funds for the poorest in our world.


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Workplace Culture Driving Unpaid Rampant Overtime in Australia, Experts Say

Last edited 21st February 2017

Do you get to work early, stay back late, or put in extra hours at home?


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Project Compassion 2017 - Semiti from Fiji

Last edited 13th March 2017

In Fiji, Caritas Australia's Project Compassion supports a project helping the relocation of people from squatter settlements back to the land.


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Project Compassion 2017 - Nguyet from Vietnam

Last edited 13th March 2017

Nguyet was born with a disability and as a result for the first 14 years of Nguyet's life in Vietnam there were a lack of support services to help her reach her full potential.


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Project Compassion 2017 - Uncle Richard from Australia

Last edited 13th March 2017

Unlocking the Past to the free the future This program funded by Caritas Australia's Project Compassion is helping the survivors of the Stolen Generation to heal.


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