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God Unsettles Us to Allow Us to Feel Peace? - Men's Panel at ACYF17

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"You exist because of love, and you exist to love"


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Three Wis. Brothers, Three Priests

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In a time when fewer and fewer men are becoming Catholic priests, one Wisconsin family is doing more than its share.

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Become A Confident Man

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What is the best kind of confidence?


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Jason Evert - Men's Session at the Steubenville Conference

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Jason Evert is a Catholic author and chastity speaker. In this 'men's session' from a recent Steubenville Conference, Jason Evert addresses the topic of masculinity and what it means to be a real man of God.

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"Being a Father:" A Short Film on Why We Need Dads!

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The short film "Being a Father" follows fathers, mothers, and children from around the world, asking, "What does fatherhood mean to you?" This film was produced alongside the launch of "State of the World’s Fathers" - the world’s first-ever report to provide a global view of the state of men’s contribution to parenting and caregiving around the world. Fathers really are important, they can never be replaced!

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Solemnity of St. Joseph, Protector of Families - 19 March

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At Mass today, the purple is exchanged for white. We are celebrating a great Solemnity, the Feast Day of St. Joseph. God chose Joseph to be the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus... and he can also be a special patron and protector for you. Watch this video reflection, as we place the protection of our families into the hands of St. Joseph.


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Adventure Of Fatherhood

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Fatherhood is an incredible challenge, one filled with trials and triumph. Like a shepherd or a compass, a father acts as a guide for his children, helping to steer their hearts toward Christ.


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Finding Forgiveness After a Life of Regrets

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Matt Fradd of discusses the power of the sacrament of reconciliation. Regardless of one's past, Matt explains that God's mercy awaits all of us.


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A Reflection on St. Joseph, by Fr. Thomas Rosica

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Joseph reveals to us the task given to fathers to proclaim God's kingdom by word and deed. His unique role as "foster father to Jesus" draws attention to the truth about fatherhood, which is more than a mere fact of biological generation. A man is a father most when he invests himself in the spiritual and moral formation of his children. Joseph was keenly aware, as every father should be, that he served as the representative of God the Father.


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My Brother the Pope - Interview with Msgr. Georg Ratzinger

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It wasn't always the case that Msgr. Georg Ratzinger lived in the shadow of his younger brother, Joseph. Georg was an accomplished musician, who for over 30 years directed the world-famous boys' choir of the Regensburg cathedral. Brother Joseph was a brilliant young professor, but mostly known in German academic circles.


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