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Last edited 30th May 2019

Dear friends of Xt3,


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To All The Virtues I’ve Wanted To Sow | Year of Youth Blog

Last edited 4th November 2018

I'm a girl, therefore, I’m all for romantic comedies. Nothing beats staying in on a rainy day with tea and chocolate binging everything in this category. However, since diving further into my faith I’ve found myself more aware of certain postures to uphold, especially in the little things, such as those certain viral movies available on Netflix that I can watch and rewatch to my heart’s content. Although seemingly harmless, they sure do have a way of influencing the way love is perceived and the way we want to be loved.


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What I Learned about Death and Friendships | Year of Youth Blog

Last edited 1st October 2018

This week we celebrate the Feast Day of my absolute favourite Saint. My little hero, St Therese of Lisieux. So it is fitting that I tell you about my affinity with her, how she taught me so much about suffering and friendship.


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Live Your Life on Purpose: A Netter’s Tale | Year of Youth Blog

Last edited 20th September 2018

And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”


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Why Did God Give Us The Power Of Free Will?

Last edited 18th September 2018

One of the greatest gifts that God has blessed us with is the gift of freedom. Freedom allows us to choose our actions and proves to us that we are not bound by some predetermined plan for our lives. God granted us this gift as part of the dignity he bestowed on human beings to be able to be the masters of their own actions.


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Everyday Saints with Fr Dan McCaughan | Eastfest 2018

Last edited 12th September 2018

In this talk, Fr Dan speaks about the fact that no matter where we find ourselves, we are all called to be 'everyday saints'.


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Moving Forward with Healing and Compassion | Xt3 Vox

Last edited 11th September 2018

As this Year of Youth comes to a close and as the Church addresses the reality of sexual abuse scandals, we interviewed young people about their thoughts on how the Church can move forward towards healing and compassion.


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If I Could Change the World... | Year of Youth Blog

Last edited 5th September 2018

Earlier this year, I interned for the Holy See’s (Vatican’s) office at United Nations. Anyone who knows me knows that this has been my dream since I could walk... and it was everything I could wish for. I fell in love wholeheartedly with the work and only more in love with the Church. I watched in awe as the diplomats I worked under stood on the world stage and fought for the dignity and rights of the less fortunate. I hoped one day I could do the same. As I navigated through the grids of New York City, I plotted daily on ways I could return.


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Ask Matt Fradd: Doubting God, Scrupulosity, and Spiritual Tiredness

Last edited 20th August 2018

In striving to live the faith everyday there will be many challenges, such as doubting God, scrupulosity about sin, and just plain old spiritual tiredness. Matt Fradd takes the time to give some advice on how to deal with these challenges in this week's question and answer episode. Maybe you have the same questions, or maybe you have some of your own.

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I'm Too Far Gone | Year of Youth Blog

Last edited 16th August 2018

Last week a young woman shared with me that her daughter is preparing for First Reconciliation. Our conversation went like this:


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