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Everyday Saints with Fr Dan McCaughan | Eastfest 2018

Last edited 12th September 2018

In this talk, Fr Dan speaks about the fact that no matter where we find ourselves, we are all called to be 'everyday saints'.


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Moving Forward with Healing and Compassion | Xt3 Vox

Last edited 11th September 2018

As this Year of Youth comes to a close and as the Church addresses the reality of sexual abuse scandals, we interviewed young people about their thoughts on how the Church can move forward towards healing and compassion.


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Ask Matt Fradd: Doubting God, Scrupulosity, and Spiritual Tiredness

Last edited 20th August 2018

In striving to live the faith everyday there will be many challenges, such as doubting God, scrupulosity about sin, and just plain old spiritual tiredness. Matt Fradd takes the time to give some advice on how to deal with these challenges in this week's question and answer episode. Maybe you have the same questions, or maybe you have some of your own.

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4 Helpful Rules for Discernment

Last edited 1st July 2018

When we are discerning God’s will in our lives, we often get overwhelmed by the anxiety of making the right choice and don’t permit ourselves to consider what we actually want.


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From Grief to Embracing Life: A Story of Healing

Last edited 2nd May 2018

Two years into their marriage, Sam lost her husband, Butler basketball star Andrew Smith, to cancer. Her journey of healing from the pain of grief to learning how to embrace living a full life again is nothing short of inspiring.


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Little Boy Asks Pope Francis: 'Is My Dad in Heaven?'

Last edited 2nd May 2018

Before celebrating Mass at St. Paul of the Cross parish in Rome April 15, Pope Francis answered questions from some young parishioners. Emanuele approached the microphone, but then froze. "I can't do it," he kept saying. Pope Francis then told him: "Come and whisper it in my ear."

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Imagining World Youth Day 2019

Last edited 1st May 2018

In this video Leeanne Grima from the Archdiocese of Melbourne envisions what World Youth Day will look like in Panama after a Familiarisation pilgrimage run by the Australian Catholic Bishop's Conference.

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Experiencing the Joy of God - (Excerpt) - Sr Hilda Scott OSB

Last edited 23rd April 2018

"Unknown to you God has has always been in your life...God longs for the day when you can look him in the eye and say Hello God!"


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Experiencing the Joy of God - Sister Hilda

Last edited 17th April 2018

In this talk Sister Hilda talks about Experiencing the Joy of God. This talk was recorded at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2017.

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"Come to me, all of you who are weary" a talk by Ged Trolove

Last edited 6th April 2018

"Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." - Matthew 11:28 In this Ignite Live talk Ged breaks open this scripture through stories of what it means to bring our burdens to God.

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