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World Population Day: What Is the UN Doing?
Last edited 16th July 2012

Last Wednesday was the United Nation’s World Population Day. Predictably the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) marked it by calling for more funds for family planning. Wednesday also was the closing day of a London Summit organized by the British government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, together with UNFPA and other partners.


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Niger: On the Hunger Frontline
Last edited 10th July 2012

More than 18 million people in West Africa's Sahel region don't have enough food. A bad harvest last year and high food prices have caused a widespread food crisis across Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Chad, Senegal, parts of Nigeria and Gambia.


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Catholic Charities Mobilizes Against Growing Colorado Fires
Last edited 28th June 2012

Both evacuees and residents of the Colorado Springs area are in “utter shock and disbelief” at the major fire threatening the outskirts of the city, a local Catholic Charities official says. Rochelle Schlortt, communications director for Catholic Charities of Central Colorado, said the situation is “just scary.”


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Religious Statistics Census Fact Sheet
Last edited 22nd June 2012

Visit this link to download a Bureau of Statistics Census comparison of the top 20 religions in Australia, including the top 5 in Capital Cities and their growth from 2006 to 2011.


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US Bishops Back Obama Immigration Decision
Last edited 20th June 2012

A decision last week by President Barack Obama to defer deportation for all young people eligible under the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act was welcomed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


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In Rio, Catholic Leaders Agree: People Must Come First
Last edited 20th June 2012

With political leaders from around the world gathering in Rio de Janeiro to discuss the future of the planet, Catholic leaders said governments must not forget to put people at the forefront of their policies. At a press conference June 17, the Vatican's apostolic nuncio and permanent observer to the United Nations, Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, reiterated the Holy See's position that people must remain at the center of policies in all aspects of sustainable development.


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Rio+20: Religious Groups Making Sure Governments Don't Forget the Social Dimension
Last edited 18th June 2012

As world leaders, CEOs and a number of representatives of civil society take part in the 2-day Rio+20 United Nations sustainable development summit, a 'People’s Forum for Social and Environmental Justice' has been set up to remind these world leaders of what is really important! The Forum is made up of environmental activists, indigenous peoples, aid organizations, development agencies and religious communities, coming together to identify solutions to the multiple and rising crises we face as humans on planet earth.


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Nepal: Tourist Plane Crashes in Himalayas, 12 Dead
Last edited 14th May 2012

A tourist aircraft carrying 21 people crashed this morning in Jomsom (Pokhara, Nepal North). 12 passengers died on impact, including four Indians. The eight survivors were hospitalized in critical condition. According to Raj Laxmi, governor of the district of Pokhara, the private company Agri Air plane crashed into a hill during landing maneuvers at Jomsom.


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Is a "Green Economy" the Economy of the Future?
Last edited 24th April 2012

When it comes to the economy, some experts say the focus needs to be on a sustainable Green Economy. Recently, the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome hosted a lecture titled “Green Economy” where more than 20 professors discussed why it shouldn't be ignored.


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10 Cool Bridges from Around the World
Last edited 17th April 2012

Check out the Moses bridge in the Netherlands! You will feel like Moses as he parted the red sea when walking over this iconic bridge!

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