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Nepal: Tourist Plane Crashes in Himalayas, 12 Dead
Last edited 14th May 2012

A tourist aircraft carrying 21 people crashed this morning in Jomsom (Pokhara, Nepal North). 12 passengers died on impact, including four Indians. The eight survivors were hospitalized in critical condition. According to Raj Laxmi, governor of the district of Pokhara, the private company Agri Air plane crashed into a hill during landing maneuvers at Jomsom.


Is a "Green Economy" the Economy of the Future?
Last edited 24th April 2012

When it comes to the economy, some experts say the focus needs to be on a sustainable Green Economy. Recently, the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome hosted a lecture titled “Green Economy” where more than 20 professors discussed why it shouldn't be ignored.


10 Cool Bridges from Around the World
Last edited 17th April 2012

Check out the Moses bridge in the Netherlands! You will feel like Moses as he parted the red sea when walking over this iconic bridge!

Vinnies NSW Launches Appeal as Wagga Wagga Floods
Last edited 6th March 2012

More than 13,000 people had been evacuated from their homes in towns across the Australian state of NSW as flood waters continued to rise. One of the worst hit areas is Wagga Wagga where the Murrumbidgee River is threatening to reach 10.9 metres or higher. The levee around the CBD including the city's historic Gothic Revival St Michael's Cathedral, is 11 metres high but there are fears it may fail.


Towering Church Protected Homes From Tornado's Blast
Last edited 6th March 2012

Father Stephen Beatty was fast asleep when the tornado hit Ridgeway, Ill., at five in the morning on Feb. 29. He awoke to a “loud tearing noise” that could have been the sound of his rectory dormer being ripped off. Or it could have been the roof on St. Joseph Church next door and the towering, 118-year-old, Gothic-revival church collapsing inward.

Snow Damages Colosseum, Medieval Churches in Italy
Last edited 15th February 2012

Heavy snow in recent weeks has already wreaked havoc across Europe -- now it is damaging some of the continent's most recognized historic monuments.

Access to Water - Pope's Prayer Intention for February 2012
Last edited 9th February 2012

This month, the Holy Father has asked Catholics everywhere to pray: "That all peoples may have access to water and other resources needed for daily life." Fr. Kubicki reflects on Pope Benedict XVI's general prayer intention for February 2012 in this video.

Dozens Feared Dead After Quake in Philippines
Last edited 7th February 2012

Many fear that dozens of people have been killed in a 6.7 magnitude earthquake in the Philippines. Rescue workers are combing through landslides and toppled buildings on the heavily populated islands of Negros and Cebu. Rescuers are frantically searching the rubble for survivors, using their hands and shovels. Visit this article to read more, and please continue to pray for

Demographic Free-Fall: Low Fertility and Economic Crisis
Last edited 17th February 2012

The fertility rate, the expected number of children born per couple, is expected to reach 1.35 in 2060 from 1.39 in 2010, well below the 2.08 needed to keep the population from shrinking. Despite this the UNFPA, which is the United Nations' agency responsible for promoting family planning, is claiming that reducing fertility is key to ensuring economic success.


Priests Killed in Mexico, Guatemala
Last edited 1st February 2012

Just one day apart two priests were killed in the neighboring countries of Mexico and Guatemala. Church officials are attributing their deaths to the activity of criminal bands in the first case and to endemic violence in the second.

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