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Typhoon Sweeps Through Asia: Philippines, Hong Kong... now Vietnam
Last edited 30th September 2011

A typhoon that caused death and destruction in the Philippines and shut down Hong Kong is now heading towards the coast of Vietnam. The typhoon has already killed at least 39 people in the Philippines, and about 100,000 homes have been evacuated on the southern Chinese island of Hainan. Please pray for the victims of this natural disaster.

3,000 Christians in Prison in Eritrea
Last edited 21st September 2011

The government of Eritrea--one of the most repressive in the world--has placed 3,000 Christians in prison, “where they face mistreatment and deprivation of food and medical treatment, pending renunciation of their faith,” according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

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Have the Numbers in German Catholics Changed During Papacy of Benedict XVI?
Last edited 14th September 2011

This September Pope Benedict XVl will make his third visit to his home country Germany. Germany has a 33% Catholic population and this video highlights other interesting statistics including the number of bishops and priests in Germany as well as the numbers of students attending Catholic schools and universities in the country.

Kids: Healthier, Wealthier, and Yet Worse Off
Last edited 11th September 2011

A report on the welfare of Australian children, released this week, found that while today's generation is growing up in a healthier and wealthier society there are a number of serious problems affecting some groups of kids.


Catholic Charities Organize Help for Irene’s Victims
Last edited 31st August 2011

As Catholic Charities agencies respond in the aftermath of the hurricane and tropical storm Irene, Bishop Salvatore R. Matano of Burlington has expressed his “prayerful support” for Vermonters suffering the storm’s effects.


Religion Restrictions: Report Highlights Difficulties for Believers
Last edited 28th August 2011

In the three-year period up to mid-2009, there was a significant increase in restrictions on religion in many countries. This is the finding of a recent report published by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion and Public Life. The study examined the situation in 198 countries and rated them according to their performance in 33 measures. Visit this article by Fr. John Flynn to read more about the increasing difficulties facing believers in the 21st century.

UN Calls for Action Over 12 Million Stateless People
Last edited 25th August 2011

The United Nations has estimated that some 12 million people in the world have no citizenship of any country. As a result these people are denied many basic human rights. They say the problem is mostly occuring in Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Catholic Churches Damaged in Northeast US Quake
Last edited 24th August 2011

Churches in the archdioceses of Washington and Baltimore suffered some damage in the Aug. 23 earthquake that shook the northeastern United States. The oldest church in the Archdiocese of Baltimore will be closed for repairs for at least several weeks.


Beckhams' Baby: A Benefit to Humanity
Last edited 11th August 2011

The recent birth of David and Victoria Beckham’s baby daughter, Harper Seven, has lead several figures in the population control movement to condemn the Beckhams for having another child. However, according to a population expert from the London School of Economics, the Beckham’s example is good news for the future of humanity.


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Archbishop Gomez: Immigration Helps Recover Christian Origins of America
Last edited 2nd August 2011

Immigration is an opportunity and a key to American renewal because it helps bring to light the Christian, Catholic missionaries’ “heritage of holiness and service,” Archbishop Jose H. Gomez of Los Angeles told a gathering of Catholic leaders and laity.


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