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Search for Missing Workers after Philippines Landslide

Last edited 19th August 2013

Search and rescue operations continue for six people missing in a landslide in a geothermal steam field in the central Philippines. Five workers were killed in Friday's landslide in central Leyte Province.

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13 Million Affected by Drought in China

Last edited 18th August 2013

Authorities in China say millions of people are now suffering from a water shortage that has also destroyed crops. The alert comes amid other indications that China may face chronic water problems in years ahead.


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Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood Assaults 22 Christian Churches

Last edited 19th August 2013

The Muslim Brotherhood's anger for the forced evacuation of the pro-Mohamed Morsi sit-ins has been unleashed against Christians. In the last few hours, the Islamists have attacked seven Catholic churches and a full fifteen religious structures of the Coptic-Orthodox Church and the Protestant church. The attacks took place in Cairo and in the governorate of Sohag (Upper Egypt).


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Models of Sustainability: Sweden Runs Out of Garbage

Last edited 30th July 2013

Due to Sweden’s innovative waste-to-energy program and highly efficient recycling habits, the Scandinavian nation faces an interesting dilemma. They have run out of trash. Sweden’s waste management and recycling programs are second to none as only four percent of the nation’s waste ends up in landfills. By contrast, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, over half of the waste produced by U.S. households ends up in landfills.

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Low Fertility Rates – Just a Phase?

Last edited 23rd July 2013

It’s no surprise that the world’s population is at an all-time high – exceeding 7 billion – although many might not know that it increased by 5 billion during the past century alone, rising from less than 2 billion in 1914. And many people would be surprised – even shocked – to know that over the past three decades, fertility rates have plummeted in many parts of the world, including China, Japan and even significant regions of India.

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Indian “Voluntary” Population Control - Over 4 Million Forced Sterilisations Every Year!

Last edited 10th July 2013

You know how population control campaigners are often concerned about women having “reproductive choice”? The choice to plan their families and to use contraceptives?


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Canadian Train Blaze Finally Extinguished

Last edited 7th July 2013

Over 24 hours after a runaway train laden with oil derailed and exploded in a small Canadian town, firefighters have finally extinguished the blaze.Firefighters in a small Quebec town have finally managed to put out a raging inferno sparked over a day earlier when a driverless freight train laden with oil derailed and exploded, killing at least five people.

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Islamists attack Coptic Catholic parish in Egypt

Last edited 4th July 2013

Islamist supporters of Mohamed Morsi have burned down a Coptic Catholic parish in retaliation for the former Egyptian president’s ouster. After looting the parish priest’s home in Delgia, a village in Minya Governorate in north-central Egypt, the Morsi supporters set fire to some of the parish’s buildings.

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What is the Role of Religion in Peacemaking or in Countries like Syria?

Last edited 26th June 2013

The world’s major religions share a common commitment to promoting peace and justice for all people. Many have humanitarian organizations that provide relief services to countries ravaged by war. For instance, in the Catholic Church, Catholic Relief Services and Caritas offer humanitarian aid all over the world, including Syria.

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Scott Harrison Helps Bring Clean Water to the World - #PassionProject

Last edited 23rd June 2013

Charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

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