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Priests Killed in Mexico, Guatemala
Last edited 1st February 2012

Just one day apart two priests were killed in the neighboring countries of Mexico and Guatemala. Church officials are attributing their deaths to the activity of criminal bands in the first case and to endemic violence in the second.

Sharia Court in India Orders Expulsion of Christians
Last edited 30th January 2012

The sharia court in Muslim-majority Kashmir has no constitutional or legal authority. But its recent verdict ordering the expulsion of five Christians from the troubled Indian side of Kashmir has sent alarm bells ringing among Christians in India.


People... Not Population
Last edited 24th January 2012

With the number of people in the world hitting 7 billion last year, we often hear of the so-called threat of "overpopulation", with many advocates claiming that we should work to reduce the world population. What they are forgetting is that the world is made up of PEOPLE - we are not just 'numbers' that need to be reduced. Watch this 30-second video that celebrates the beauty and majesty of the human person.


Black and Catholic
Last edited 16th January 2012

Catholicism continues to be a minority religion in the black community, but these clergymen are pushing on. About 24% of all Americans identify themselves as Catholic, but in the black community, the percentage is far lower. According to a CARA Catholic Poll, just 3%, or 3 million Americans, identify themselves as both black and Catholic.

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Italian Cruise Ship Disaster - Search for Missing Passengers Continues
Last edited 19th January 2012

Five people have been confirmed dead, and dozens are still missing, after a luxury liner carrying more than 4200 passengers and crew, hit rocks just off the Tuscan island of Giglio on the evening of Friday, 13th January 2012.


Philippines Hit by Another Deadly Landslide
Last edited 6th January 2012

An unknown number of people have been killed, or are missing, after a landslide struck a mining village in the southern Philippines. The landslide occurred at dawn Thursday morning (5 January) on Mindanao Island. Meanwhile the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines said it will seek funding for the construction of 1,000 houses for victims of recent flooding in Mindanao that has claimed more than 1,200 lives and left hundreds of thousands displaced.


Deadly Floods in Philippines Trigger Catholic Response
Last edited 21st December 2011

Catholic organizations are helping organize aid for the victims of Typhoon Sendong in the Philippines after it caused flash floods that have killed hundreds of people and left thousands homeless. “Thousands are in the evacuation centers, many are women and children—hungry, chilling, crying,” the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines of the Northern Mindanao Region said on its website.


Philippines Flood Death Toll Hits 650
Last edited 18th December 2011

Rescuers are searching for more than 800 people missing in the southern Philippines after flash floods and landslides swept houses into rivers and out to sea, killing more than 650 people. The cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan on the island of Mindanao were worst hit when typhoon Washi hit shore late on Friday and early on Saturday.


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India 'People's Tribunal' Charges Police Complicity in Orissa's Anti-Christian Violence
Last edited 6th December 2011

A “people’s tribunal” on the anti-Christian violence in the Kandhamal jungles of India’s eastern Orissa state three years ago has blamed the state government for its failure to safeguard Christians.

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The Brutality of “Population Control”
Last edited 5th December 2011

About a month ago a tragic story from China surfaced in the Western media. It’s a terribly sad story about a mother, Ma Jihong, who died on an operating table in Lijin, Shandong province, when she was forced by state officials to have a late-term abortion. Why were they forcing her to have an abortion? Because Ma had dared to flout the Chinese one-child policy and was pregnant for the third time. Visit this article to read more.

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