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FWD this Video: There's a Famine in the Horn of Africa
Last edited 9th November 2011

Over 13.3 million people are in crisis from Famine, War and Drought in the Horn of Africa. But there is hope. Uma Thurman, Josh Hartnett, Geena Davis, and Chanel Iman talk about what you can do to help.

Christians flee one of Nigeria’s state capitals
Last edited 9th November 2011

Following attacks that left more than 100 dead, nearly all Christians have fled Damaturu, the capital of one of Nigeria’s 36 states. The Islamist organization Boko Haram (“Western education is a sin”), which seeks the imposition of sharia in Nigeria, has claimed responsibility for the November 4 attacks.

Pope Prays for Flood Victims in El Salvador, Thailand
Last edited 9th November 2011

After praying the Angelus in St. Peter's Square on Nov. 9, Pope Benedict called on Catholics to pray for and assist flood victims in Central America and Southeast Asia. “I wish to express my closeness to all those who suffer from these natural disasters,” the Pope said. Visit this article to read more.

Vatican Radio Director Welcomes Seven Billionth Baby
Last edited 6th November 2011

Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J., the director general of Vatican Radio, welcomed the birth of the seven billionth person in his weekly editorial. “Dear baby number seven billion,” said the Italian priest Nov. 5, “we pray that you can understand that your life will find its fullest meaning not in this world but in the next. Because this is what you were born for. Your Creator and Father made you for this.” Visit this article to read more.

20% of Bangkok Flooded. Number of Victims up to 437
Last edited 3rd November 2011

One fifth of Bangkok is now flooded, but many residents refuse to leave their homes at the risk of being electrocuted or suffering from diseases caused by poor hygiene. Food and drinking water are becoming scarce, while the authorities continue evacuations in some districts. According to the latest toll, 437 deaths have been registered since last July when the flood disaster in Thailand first began.


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After 7 Billion: Demographic Denialists are Ignoring the Perils of an Ageing Population
Last edited 2nd November 2011

Like many others, the US-based Center for Biological Diversity was aghast at the arrival of the 7 billionth person today. Their solution? Handing out “endangered species condoms” to cut down on human beings. The alarmists have got one thing right: the future does look scary – but not because there are too many people, but because there will be too few.


Population Worldviews Clash as 7 Billionth Baby Arrives
Last edited 1st November 2011

As the world welcomes the seven billionth baby this week, experts are divided over whether the planet faces overpopulation or the opposite problem of countries not sustaining their birth rates.


Caritas Spain Sends $280,000 to Flood Victims in Central America
Last edited 30th October 2011

Administrators of Caritas Spain have approved a donation of $280,000 to assist victims of recent flooding in Central America.


"One Christian Perspective on Climate Change" - Lecture by Cardinal George Pell
Last edited 27th October 2011

Climate action must also consider the moral dimension as well as accurate and reputable historical and scientific evidence, Cardinal Pell noted in an address to the 2011 Global Warming Policy Foundation Annual Lecture at Westminster Cathedral Hall in London last night.


1000 Feared Dead in Turkey Earthquake
Last edited 23rd October 2011

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake of has rocked eastern Turkey, with predictions that up to 1000 people could lie dead under the rubble of dozens of collapsed buildings. Turkey's strongest earthquake in years struck Van, a large eastern city populated mainly by Kurds: "Five-hundred to 1000 people are estimated to have been killed in the quake," Mustafa Erdik, director of the Kandilli seismological institute in Istanbul, told reporters.


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