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Earthquake Orphans: What Nepal Can Learn from Haiti

Last edited 7th May 2015

In the wake of the Nepal earthquake it’s important people don’t rush in to “rescue” kids who might not in fact be orphaned. AAP Following the earthquake in 2010, Westerners flocked to Haiti to “rescue” orphaned and lost children. The “rescue” included the evacuation of children by plane for inter-country adoption and an increase in the number of children placed in orphanages in the following months. The problem that has since emerged is that many of the “orphans” placed in orphanages and sent for adoption were not orphaned at all.

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I’m Flying ‘Home’ to Australia. Meanwhile Kumar Treks 70km to his Devastated Village…

Last edited 6th May 2015

This is the last time I stood with Kumar Gurung. It’s been five days since we had this photo together, and I haven’t heard from him in the last four.


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Week After Quake, Aid Reaches Remote Areas of Nepal

Last edited 5th May 2015

Truckloads of relief material organized by church charities began moving across Nepal a week after the Himalayan nation was rocked by a magnitude-7.8 earthquake April 25.


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Houses Fell ‘Like a Pack of Cards’ as Earthquake Struck, says Nepal Bishop

Last edited 29th April 2015

Nepal’s Catholic bishop has given a graphic account of the country’s catastrophic earthquake, describing how he was lucky to survive.


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Death Toll in Nepal Earthquake Expected to Exceed 5000

Last edited 29th April 2015

The death toll in Nepal's devastating 7.9 earthquake on Saturday continues to climb with aid agencies predicting the number of dead may well exceed 5000. As many as 100,000 have been left homeless with ancient temples, apartment blocks, infrastructure, government buildings and roads completely destroyed.


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Nepal Devastated by 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake

Last edited 26th April 2015

A magnitude 7.9 earthquake has paralysed Kathmandu and wreaked havoc on Pokhra and surrounding areas in Nepal and northern India. There are hundreds of casualties, with some reports of over 1000 dead. The structural damage to Kathmandu is extensive, which is still experiencing strong aftershocks and loss of power.


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Why No Catholic is Exempt from Caring about the Environment

Last edited 22nd April 2015

What does it mean to be truly pro-life? Amid debates over abortion and the death penalty, Catholic ecologists say that one issue is often overlooked in discussions involving human life and dignity – the environment.


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Man Cleans Up A Riverbank to Improve the View, But When the Trash Is Gone the Real Reward Appears.

Last edited 22nd April 2015

Every day Tommy Kleyn from Rotterdam, Netherlands, rides his bike to work. But there is one part of the route that’s not pleasant to see — the north corner of a canal that’s filled with trash.

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The 'Cursed' Disabled Boy and the People of the Sea

Last edited 17th April 2015

Off the southeast coast of Sulawesi's sprawling limbs, I experienced a warmth and sense of belonging that I knew I was unlikely to find again on my journey through the South Seas. However, in a village where people are defined by their ability to catch fish, I also discovered a traditional belief system that left its disabled people badly isolated.

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ISIS Overruns Town that Inspired Luke Skywalker’s Home Planet

Last edited 25th March 2015

Star Wars fans have been warned to stay far, far, away from a Tunisian town that was the inspiration for Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine — due to a threat of being taken hostage by ISIS.The dusty desert town of Tataouine, Tunisia has recently been overrun with bloodthirsty jihadists who have pledged their allegiance to the Islamic State, according to CNN.

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