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The Grace of Forests - A Lenten Resource from the Columbans

Last edited 9th February 2015

Just as the forests are central to the lives of indigenous peoples in the Philippines, so too we areinvited to become more connected by looking closelyat six types of Australian forests. We will find the giftsof God displayed there and find out more aboutourselves in the process. “There is a covenantbetween human beings and the environment”, saidPope Benedict XVI during his World Day of PeaceMessage 2008.

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Pope: Christians Have a Duty to Protect Environment

Last edited 9th February 2015

Protecting the environment is a Christian duty not just reserved for ‘green’ activists, Pope Francis said on Monday 9 February. The Pope tackled the topic of creation in his morning homily at Casa Santa Marta, warning that Christians must be the protectors of the natural world, not its masters.


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35 Unbelievable Photos Of The Extreme Pollution In China

Last edited 9th February 2015

China is a beautiful country, and much of the country is filled with natural landscapes that are nothing short of idyllic. These pictures, however, paint a very different story:

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Poverty Stems from Unjust Economic System, Not Big Families, Pope Says

Last edited 21st January 2015

Families who have lots of children do not cause poverty, Pope Francis said. The main culprit is "an economic system that has removed the human person from its focus and has placed the god of money" as its priority instead, he said Jan. 21.


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Braving a Tropical Storm, Pope Visits Typhoon Survivors in Philippines

Last edited 18th January 2015

Pope Francis braved a storm on January 17 to travel to the island of Leyte for an emotional meeting with survivors of typhoon Yolanda. But the Pontiff was forced to cut short his visit as another approached.

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Where to now for European Immigration?

Last edited 12th January 2015

Last week’s attacks in Paris have demonstrated again the potential dangers that many see in large scale immigration into Europe. Even before the attacks took place, we have seen in Germany the rise of the “Pegida” movement which has been campaigning against what they claim is the ongoing Islamisation of Europe.


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Paw Mittens Needed for Koalas Burnt in Bushfires, Animal Welfare Group Says

Last edited 8th January 2015

Koalas injured in bushfires across SA, Vic and NSW are in desperate need for cotton paw mittens, animal welfare groups say. The International Fund for Animal Welfare has asked volunteers to sew cotton mittens for koalas that have been severely burnt. The mittens would be used to cover the animals's bandages.

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Vatican Reports on Efforts Against Ebola

Last edited 7th January 2015

The Vatican has extended financial support to the Catholic communities in western Africa to aid the fight against the Ebola epidemic. The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace has released a brief account of the Vatican’s involvement in the response to Ebola, which has spread through Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

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Severe 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts New Zealand

Last edited 5th January 2015

Canterbury in New Zealand has been rocked by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, the second biggest since the deadly February 2011 quake.


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Time Running Out to Tackle Global Warming, Pope Tells Climate Summit

Last edited 14th December 2014

Tackling the problem of climate change is a serious ethical and moral responsibility, Pope Francis told negotiators from around the world meeting for a climate summit in Lima, Peru.


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