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Victoria's Upper House Passes Assisted Dying Bill

Last edited 22nd November 2017

The bill passed with 22 votes to 18 in a conscience vote, after a 28-hour sitting that began on Tuesday afternoon and ended just after 4pm yesterday.


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Statement from Most Rev Peter A Comensoli Bishops’ Delegate for Matters of Life

Last edited 21st November 2017

Statement from Most Rev Peter A ComensoliBishops’ Delegate for Matters of Life Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill defeated in NSW Parliament


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Narrow Defeat for NSW Assisted Dying Bill

Last edited 17th November 2017

It was an emotional debate in the NSW upper house, with many MPs tearing up as they made their pleas for and against. Even if the proposed legislation passed the upper house, it would have likely fallen through in the Legislative Assembly with both Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Opposition Leader Luke Foley opposing it.


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New Hurdle for Assisted Dying Laws

Last edited 25th October 2017

Members of the Legislative Council, parliament’s upper house, are due to vote late next week on whether the bill should proceed to the next stage of debate or be dumped.


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Three Years Later, This Terminally Ill man is Glad He Rejected Assisted Suicide

Last edited 4th October 2017

Three years ago, J.J. Hanson received a diagnosis that no one wants to hear. He had terminal brain cancer, and doctors said his time was short – he likely had about four months to live.


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Bill to Kill Terminally Ill Patients

Last edited 22nd September 2017

Doctors in New South Wales would be given the power to help kill their terminally ill patients if requested, under a bill introduced to State Parliament today.


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Pope Orders Belgian Brothers of Charity to Stop Euthanasia

Last edited 10th August 2017

Pope Francis has given a Belgian religious order until the end of August to stop offering euthanasia to psychiatric patients.


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Euthanasia Responsible for 4.5 Per Cent of Deaths in the Netherlands

Last edited 3rd August 2017

Requests are increasing from people who are not terminally ill


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Parents Fight to Take Baby Charlie Home to Die

Last edited 25th July 2017

A lawyer for the parents of Charlie Gard has told a judge their last wish is to take their critically ill son home to die.


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Nurse Committing Euthanasia: It Was the Most Soul-wrenching Thing I Ever Discovere

Last edited 25th June 2017

According to Nursing Times magazine, one in four nurses have admitted to offering more drugs to dying patients to speed up the death process and two out of three want euthanasia to be legalized.


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