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How Legal Euthanasia Changed Belgium For Ever

Last edited 28th May 2013

In 2002, Belgium became the second country in the world after its neighbour, The Netherlands, to legalise euthanasia. Over the next decade the country has become a living laboratory for radical social change.


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Ask a Priest - What is the Difference Between Stopping Treatment, and Euthanasia?

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I know that there is a point where the Church allows a doctor/nurse/family to stop giving someone treatment when there is no hope. Can you explain how this is different to euthansia?


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Euthanasia - God So Loved The World - Life Issues Series

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The request which arises from the human heart in the supreme confrontation with suffering and death, especially when faced with the temptation to give up in utter desperation, is above all a request for companionship, sympathy and support in the time of trial. It is a plea for help to keep on hoping when all human hopes fail. (The Gospel of Life, pp67)


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Why the Euthanasia of Christian de Duve is not as "Noble" as Claimed

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Euthanasia claimed its most famous victim last Saturday. At the age of 95, Belgian Nobel laureate Christian de Duve was killed with a lethal injection. He died in his home, surrounded by his four children.


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Ethicist Lauds Ireland's Ruling Against Assisted Suicide

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The finding of the Irish Supreme Court that citizens have no right to assisted suicide is being welcomed by an ethicist and healthcare professional as an affirmation of the value of human life.


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NSW Catholic Bishops Call to Parliamentarians: Reject Euthanasia Bill

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Dignity is not served by telling the old and dying, through laws, that they would be better off dead.


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Elderly Face Danger of 'Covert Euthanasia,' Pope says in Book

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While the fight to preserve life is often centered on abortion and capital punishment, the future Pope Francis also warned against a more subtle form of disregard for human dignity: what he called "covert euthanasia."


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Outrage over Euthanasia Advocate Philip Nitschke and Killing Machine

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Western Australian doctors' representatives last night tore into euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke, accusing him of bringing a "killing machine'' into the state. Dr Nitschke staged a Dying Well in the West workshop in Wembley yesterday, where he showcased his $660 nitrogen gas product.


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Australians Urged to Reject Greens' Culture of Death

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Prominent NSW politician, the Hon Greg Donnelly MLC is urging Australians to write to all members of the state's Legislative Council and reject what he calls "the Greens Culture of Death."


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Misunderstandings about Voluntary Euthanasia in Australia

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One of the most frequent arguments in favour of the legalisation of euthanasia in Australia, is that voluntary euthanisa is already happening in our hospitals anyway. Not only is this a poor argument to change law, but it is also untrue.


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