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Life Issues - Euthanasia

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The Secret Nazi Program that Killed Thousands of Disabled People
Last edited 2nd April 2012

This letter was signed by Hitler himself, with it, the madness of the Nazi ideology soon materialized. The letter approves a program called Aktion T4. Its goal was to cut spending by reducing the number of hospitalized patients, by any means necessary, which of course meant death. Under the program, hospital directors listed patients who, according to this program, didn't have a "right to live". It included mental patients, the disabled and those who couldn't defend themselves.

Catholic Church in Cuba Helps Elderly Make Ends Meet
Last edited 27th March 2012

With 18 percent of its 11 million people over the age of 60, Cuba is the country in Latin America with the second largest concentration of elderly people. For more than 20 years, Caritas Cubana has made it a priority to help care for Cuba’s elderly, who tend to be poor and marginalized. Some 7,000 volunteers throughout the country’s 11 dioceses work together to make life a little easier for older people, many of whom live alone and struggle to make ends meet on the small pensions they receive.

"Suicide is Always a Tragedy" - Catholic Bishops Explain Why Assisted Suicide is Against Human Dignity
Last edited 22nd March 2012

As Catholics we have the responsibility to defend the principle that each of us has the right to live each day until we are called to eternal life. Assisted-suicide breaches this basic principle of human dignity! A caring community should devote more attention, not less, to members facing the most vulnerable times in their lives. When people are tempted to see their own lives as diminished in value or meaning, they most need the love and assistance of others to assure them of their inherent worth.


Euthanasia Major Issue in French Presidential Election
Last edited 24th February 2012

Euthanasia has become a leading issue in the French presidential election: President Nicolas Sarkozy opposes its legalization, while François Hollande, a Socialist, supports it.


Euthanasia should be banned across Europe, rules Council
Last edited 30th January 2012

The Council of Europe has ruled that euthanasia and assisted suicide should be banned in every country across the Continent. In a declaration that will have huge implications on human rights laws in its 47 member countries the Strasbourg-based organisation announced that such practices “must always be prohibited”.

Council of Europe Against Euthanasia
Last edited 29th January 2012

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has passed a resolution sayinig that euthanasia should always be prohibited. It is being hailed as a major pro-life victory and will have an impact on future decisions by the European Court.

The New Year Should Begin With Ideas for Saving Lives, Not for Killing Them
Last edited 5th January 2012

A media frenzy has erupted in the UK over a hopelessly biased report on assisted suicide. Visit this article by David Alton to read about the incredible bias that is sweeping through the UK, as the pro-euthanasia lobby attempts to grow in power in 2012.

Euthanasia Goes Against All We Stand For - Young Doctor
Last edited 19th December 2011

If euthanasia is legalised in Australia either by individual states or the Federal government itself it would be against the bedrock of everything it means to be a doctor, says University of Notre Dame's honours graduate Samuel Birch.


Gene Therapy an Alternative to Assisted Suicide for Pain
Last edited 29th November 2011

Chronic pain is a major problem for many and some pain does not respond to traditional pain medications or some people cannot tolerate the side effects. The culture of death has their solution for those suffering from chronic intractable pain:assisted suicide.

Blithely Down the Slippery Slope: The Royal Society of Canada Recommends Legalising Euthanasia
Last edited 17th November 2011

The Royal Society of Canada has recommended that the Criminal Code of Canada be amended so that people in poor health would have the right to physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia. Is Canada going to be the next country to head down the slippery-slope? Barbara Kay examines the euthanasia debate in Canada in this article.

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