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Belgian Senate Votes in Favour of Euthanasia for Children

Last edited 28th November 2013

The Belgian Senate has voted in favour of a new bill that extends the legalisation of “euthanasia” to children. There is no lower age limit, nor is it a requirement for the victims of those so-called “mercy-killings” to have asked for such “mercy”.


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Euthanasia for Children is Wrong

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Belgium is mooting an unprecedented law that would allow the voluntary euthanasia of children. Voluntary euthanasia is intentionally ending a life, with a patient’s consent. Different forms of this are legal for adults in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, although there are differences in the grounds on which it is allowed, for example if someone is terminally ill.

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Belgium's Parliament Debates Euthanasia for Children

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Belgium is on a "relentless march towards a culture of death" as legislators seek to extend euthanasia to children, the head of a Rome-based institute for life has said.


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Ask a Priest - Is the Catholic Church Against "Dying with Dignity

Last edited 5th January 2014

Why is the Catholic Church against Euthanasia, when so many sick and elderly people just want the right to die with dignity?


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My Mother was Euthanased. It's Not a Humane Procedure

Last edited 23rd October 2013

Dr. Tom Mortier (PhD) lecturer of chemistry at University College Leuven in Belgium, critiqued the Belgian euthanasia law at a press conference in Montreal, Dr. Mortier was invited by the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice to share his story. In this very personal interview, Dr Mortier candidly discuses his mother’s own passing – she was taken by euthanasia – the cause, as he discusses, not due to a terminal illness, but by her choice.


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Paying the Price for Their Autonomy

Last edited 8th October 2013

The latest euthanasia scandal in Belgium shows that some doctors have discovered an easy way to dispose of some of their medical failures. They can kill them. Legally.

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Euthanasia Alert - Exposing the Abuses in Belgium

Last edited 23rd September 2013

In Australia’s recent national election, long-time euthanasia supporter Dr Philip Nitschke stood, unsuccessfully, for a senate seat in the Australian Capital Territory. He was one of several candidates for the Voluntary Euthanasia Party. In a program broadcast a short time ago by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) he described how he encourages people to buy online from China the barbiturate Nembutal. Visit this article by Fr. John Flynn to read more.

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My Grandfather’s Story: One of True Dignity

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"Those months of palliative care which my grandfather experienced not only brought him a calm, peaceful, dignified death, but it also, in his dying moments, gave him a conviction of the profound dignity of his human life, regardless of quality of life."


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Ask a Priest - Explaining the Church's Teachings Against Euthanasia Amidst Emotional Stories

Last edited 24th June 2013

This article is making its way around Facebook and Twitter in support of euthanasia:


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Thinking Euthanasia? Think Again.

Last edited 20th June 2013

This video explores why euthanasia is not medicine, explaining that it completely changes the nature of healthcare. This video was produced by a group in New Zealand in response to the current euthansia debate in that country.

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