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State of Massachusetts Says 'No' to Assisted Suicide
Last edited 8th November 2012

A Massachusetts ballot question that would have legalized physician-assisted suicide for the terminally ill has been defeated by a narrow margin of 51% against assisted suicide, and 49% in favour.


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American Nursing Association Set to Oppose Assisted Suicide
Last edited 30th October 2012

The American Nursing Association has a draft opinion out reiterating its opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide. It is well worth the read.

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Australian Bishop Warns: Don't Cut Medical Costs by Targeting Elderly
Last edited 24th October 2012

Western nations must resist the pressure to "scapegoat, abandon, even kill, the elderly as a cost-cutting measure," an Australian bishop said at the 2012 Anscombe Memorial Lecture at St John's College, Oxford University.


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Boston Cardinal Urges 'No' Vote on Assisted Suicide
Last edited 15th October 2012

Cardinal Seán O’Malley of Boston called on local voters to oppose a ballot measure legalizing physician-assisted suicide, warning against claims that there is no danger of a “slippery slope.”


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Russia Worried Euthanasia Would be Done Without Consent if Legalized
Last edited 17th September 2012

The following article was written by Sergei Vasilenko and published in the Russian newspaper – Pravda under the title: Euthanasia in Russia unacceptable forever and always? Vasilenko examines the issue of euthanasia in the UK and world-wide and then comments about whether or not euthanasia should be legalized in Russia.

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Do No Harm? Should Patients Still Trust Their Doctors?
Last edited 23rd August 2012

First do no harm. This edict has been part of medical ethics since the time of the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, in the fifth century B.C. It is found in the Hippocratic Corpus, a collection of medical writing attributed to Hippocrates. The original Hippocratic oath includes: I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice.


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Should People with Locked-In Syndrome be Euthanased?
Last edited 21st August 2012

There can be no more difficult case for dispassionate discussion than the fate of Tony Nicklinson, the totally paralysed British man who wants to end his life. This week the UK High Court denied his request for euthanasia. He is completely dependent and describes his life in the bleakest words imaginable: “dull, miserable, demeaning, undignified and intolerable. …it is misery created by the accumulation of lots of things which are minor in themselves but, taken together, ruin what’s left of my life.”


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Medical Journals & the Culture of Death
Last edited 17th August 2012

Are we really being told the truth about euthanasia?


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Ask a Priest - When is it OK to Turn Off Someone's Life Support?
Last edited 6th August 2012

When is it ok to turn off someone's life support? Is this the same as euthanasia? What about withdrawing food when there is no hope left?


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Hospital Bans Wife Who Doesn’t Want Husband’s Care Rationed
Last edited 30th July 2012

Marilyn Nelson and her spouse Arthur Hippe, both in their sixties, have shared the last 26 years together. Today though, the loving couple is prevented from seeing one another, except for two hours a day in a Toronto-area hospital, where they are not permitted a single moment of privacy.


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