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Life Issues - Euthanasia

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Pulling the Plug: Letting Go of Misconceptions
Last edited 14th November 2011

In response to a Massachusetts ballot question that would legalize physician-assisted suicide, Boston’s Cardinal Seán O’Malley has encouraged the Catholic legal community to uphold a “gospel of life.”

New Zealand Prime Minister Wrong to Back Assisted Suicide
Last edited 7th November 2011

Life believes the Prime Minister, John Key, should forfeit his right to govern New Zealand because of his support for legislation that would permit doctors to kill their patients or assist in their suicide.The Prime Minister has publicly given his support for a private member’s Bill allowing euthanasia legislation to be introduced into Parliament. He has promised to support the Bill in its first reading and for it to be sent to a select committee.

Is the Euthanasia Lobby Already Forcing 'The Hard Choice?'
Last edited 24th October 2011

In a number of countries around the world the pro-euthanasia forces continue to press for the legalization of assisted suicide.


British Judge Denies Request to Withdraw Basic Care from Brain Damaged Woman
Last edited 29th September 2011

In what some are calling a landmark case, a British judge has refused to approve a request by the family of woman who is in a “minimally conscious state” to withdraw basic care.


Why Safe Euthanasia is a Myth
Last edited 6th October 2011

Can euthanasia ever be 'safe'? According to Brian Pollard, "all attempts to legalise voluntary euthanasia protect doctors from prosecution and endanger the lives of their patients." Visit this article to find out why the concept of 'safe euthanasia' is a myth!

Bulgarian Parliament Rejects Euthanasia
Last edited 8th September 2011

The Bulgarian Parliament has rejected a euthanasia bill by a vote of 59 to 13. Socialist MP Lyuben Kornezov had proposed a bill which would have allowed euthanasia if a patient made a notarised request. A spouse, adult children or parents could also make a request if a patient was not competent. Visit this article for comments from the voting MPs!

Spain's Right to Life Urges Protection of the Sick
Last edited 8th September 2011

The Right to Life organization in Spain has reacted to the death of Ramona Estevez, warning that “any sick person could be treated with the same cruelty.” Estevez, 91, suffered a stroke on July 26 and fell into a deep coma. Several weeks later the Andalusia Health Department said her family could disconnect her feeding tube. She died on Sept. 6.


No Dignity in Euthanasia
Last edited 29th August 2011

Nicholas Tonti-Filippini is chronically ill, and is very familiar with suffering, disability and the limitations of palliative care. Yet he is strongly against euthanasia, as "the chronically ill shouldn't feel pressured to relinquish their fragile hold on life." Visit this article, published in The Age, for a personal and first-hand account on what legalising euthanasia would mean for our sick and dying!


Spanish Presidential Candidate Pledges to Sign Euthanasia Law if Elected
Last edited 24th August 2011

The Socialist party’s candidate for Spain’s upcoming presidential elections on Nov. 20. has stated that if elected, his first act would be to pass a law legalizing euthanasia.


New York Dominican Community Lavishes Care on the Terminally Ill
Last edited 8th August 2011

"If you have to be terminal, this is the place to come," said Harriet Boyle, as the sun poured into her room through huge windows. Harriet is living in Rosary Hill Home, a free palliative care facility run by the Dominican Sisters Congregation of St. Rose of Lima in Hawthorne, north of New York City. "It's the most unusual place I've ever been. You're not conscious of people being ill here. We all have cancer and we're all terminal, but it's serene and there are lots of moments of fun and laughter," she said.


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