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Adding a Stitch in the Seamless Garment of Life
Last edited 24th January 2013

Many of you probably read the recent heartbreaking news of Marc and Eddy, deaf twins who requested, and were granted, euthanization in Belgium after discovering they were going blind. Later this year, Belgium's ruling party is set to consider allowing the euthanasia of children and Alzheimer's sufferers.

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Why Isn't Elder Suicide Seen as a Shameful Failure of Our Care Networks?
Last edited 23rd January 2013

Why is news of a youth suicide greeted with far more concern than a suicide of an elderly or infirmed person? Certainly it’s natural to lament a young life lost, a future snuffed out prematurely. But suicide in the elderly and infirmed is no less a tragedy – particularly as it often portrays a sense of loss of hope or ability to find support and answers to one’s fears and concerns.


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If it's not killing, what is it?
Last edited 18th January 2013

The case for euthanasia is logical, direct and utilitarian, so it's easy to make. That against it is much more intangible, indirect and ephemeral, so it is much harder to communicate effectively, especially in a predominantly visual culture.

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Euthanasia kills two twins who believed they 'had nothing to live for'
Last edited 14th January 2013

The two deaf twins killed by legal euthanasia in Belgium were frightened of losing their independence in an institution and asked for a mercy killing after finding that they would also soon go blind.

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Euthanasia: What’s Wrong with the Right to Die?
Last edited 14th December 2012

We will all be confronted by illness, grief and loss at one point in our lives. How we respond to suffering says much about empathy, love and who we are. This is why it is so important to understand the Catholic Church teachings regarding euthanasia. Why is it wrong?


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Euthanasia By Any Other Name...
Last edited 21st November 2012

There is nothing wrong with a discussion about euthanasia and assisted suicide. However, the discussion will be fruitless if, following the advice of Sydney academic Lyn Carson, we begin to change its terms. In a recent contribution to the Sydney Morning Herald Carson made a case for euthanasia by defining it as “assisted dying”.


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A Massachusetts Tale of David and Goliath
Last edited 15th November 2012

Amid the furor of the United States elections last week, one surprising story stood out. Against all odds and prognostications, the citizens of Massachusetts voted to reject physician assisted suicide. It seemed impossible – Massachusetts, the first state in the Union to allow homosexual marriage, with a media machine that was favorable to the referendum – appeared sure to win.


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Six States Challenge Obama Administration’s HHS Mandate in Court
Last edited 15th November 2012

Americans United for Life (AUL) filed a brief in Nebraska v. Health and Human Services, a case initiated by the state of Nebraska and six other states challenging the Obama Administration’s “HHS Mandate,” which requires that employers provide insurance coverage for all forms of FDA-approved “contraception,” including life-ending drugs and devices classified as “emergency contraception.”


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Boston Cardinal Applauds Rejection of Assisted Suicide Bill
Last edited 8th November 2012

Cardinal Seán O'Malley of Boston applauded the defeat of a Massachusetts ballot measure to legalize physician-assisted suicide, calling for more compassionate care of those who are seriously ill. “It is my hope and prayer that the defeat of Question 2 will help all people to understand that for our brothers and sisters confronted with terminal illness we can do better than offering them the means to end their lives,” said the cardinal in a statement responding to the vote.

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State of Massachusetts Says 'No' to Assisted Suicide
Last edited 8th November 2012

A Massachusetts ballot question that would have legalized physician-assisted suicide for the terminally ill has been defeated by a narrow margin of 51% against assisted suicide, and 49% in favour.


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