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What is Death with Dignity?
Last edited 12th January 2015

Liz is a wife, a mother of four, and is living with advanced, incurable kidney cancer. She lives in a State in which it is legal for her to end her life by euthanasia - but she won't. Euthanasia is not "death with dignity", rather, Liz knows that fighting until she dies is what death with dignity really is.


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How Do I Explain the Catholic Church's Teaching on Euthanasia?
Last edited 14th July 2014

The push to legalise euthanasia in Australia has sparked debate on both sides of the argument. Archbishop Mark Coleridge from Australia's Brisbane Archdiocese explains the Church's teaching on euthanasia, and how it does not reflect the dignity of the human person.

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Pontifical Academy for Life: Child Euthanasia is Not the Answer
Last edited 21st March 2014

"The lack of health, and disability are not good reasons to exclude, or worse, do away with a person." That is the message the Pope sent members of the Pontifical Academy for Life, which gathered in Rome in February for its 20th anniversary.

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Four-year-old asks Belgian King to Block Euthanasia of Children
Last edited 5th February 2014

As Belgium legislators move forward with a proposed law to allow euthanasia for children, a 4-year-old girl from Canada is asking the King of Belgium to refuse to sign the legislation. “Please do not sign the Euthanasia Law, for the sake of the children,” Jessica Saba says in a video posted to YouTube Feb. 1. Within four days, the video has received more than 12,000 views.


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My Mother was Euthanased. It's Not a Humane Procedure
Last edited 23rd October 2013

Dr. Tom Mortier (PhD) lecturer of chemistry at University College Leuven in Belgium, critiqued the Belgian euthanasia law at a press conference in Montreal, Dr. Mortier was invited by the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice to share his story. In this very personal interview, Dr Mortier candidly discuses his mother’s own passing – she was taken by euthanasia – the cause, as he discusses, not due to a terminal illness, but by her choice.


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Thinking Euthanasia? Think Again.
Last edited 20th June 2013

This video explores why euthanasia is not medicine, explaining that it completely changes the nature of healthcare. This video was produced by a group in New Zealand in response to the current euthansia debate in that country.

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Euthanasia - God So Loved The World - Life Issues Series
Last edited 24th May 2013

The request which arises from the human heart in the supreme confrontation with suffering and death, especially when faced with the temptation to give up in utter desperation, is above all a request for companionship, sympathy and support in the time of trial. It is a plea for help to keep on hoping when all human hopes fail. (The Gospel of Life, pp67)


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Ethics and Euthanasia - A Debate That Never Dies
Last edited 16th July 2012

A video debate including right-to-die advocate Dr Philip Nitschke and leading Australian ethicist Dr Bernadette Tobin is attracting a large and increasing number of online hits proving the debate is certainly not in the end stages. An initiative of the Australian Catholic University (ACU), the debate is the third in the university's Speaker Voice series and marked the first time euthanasia campaigner and founder of Exit International, Dr Nitschke had debated the issue with leading Catholic ethics, palliative care and legal experts.


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The Secret Nazi Program that Killed Thousands of Disabled People
Last edited 2nd April 2012

This letter was signed by Hitler himself, with it, the madness of the Nazi ideology soon materialized. The letter approves a program called Aktion T4. Its goal was to cut spending by reducing the number of hospitalized patients, by any means necessary, which of course meant death. Under the program, hospital directors listed patients who, according to this program, didn't have a "right to live". It included mental patients, the disabled and those who couldn't defend themselves.

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Pro-life Video Contest on Euthanasia
Last edited 24th July 2011

In this video, Rome Reports looks at the prolife film competition, organised by the Life, Marriage and Family Centre of the Archdiocese of Sydney, and hosted on Xt3!


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