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Was Shakespeare Catholic? Director of Artes Christi's Hamlet, Eugene Raggio Speaks to

Last edited 30th September 2016

The Artes Christi Arts Association will bring Shakespeare’s Hamlet to the stage in October 2016. The play will be directed by Sydney actor and musician Eugene Raggio and in this interview we discuss with Eugene the theories that Shakespeare could have been Catholic.


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Trent Horn: Should the Church Speak in the Marriage Debate?

Last edited 14th June 2016

Catholic apologist Trent Horn discusses the current marriage debate, especially looking at objections to the Church’s involvement in the marriage debate. In this interview, Trent Horn looks at the following topics: Whether the Church should argue for Her definition of marriage in a pluralist society.*Whether a man-woman definition of marriage can exist within a genderless definition of marriage.*The issue of harm which may be caused by a public discussion on marriage.*What the focus should be in the marriage debate.

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Election 2016: Marriage and Gender Identity

Last edited 14th June 2016

In this interview, Monica Doumit speaks about the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage and gender identity, the Liberal and Australian Labor Party policies on these topics, and issues surrounding anti-discrimination law.


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What Is A Vocation? - Sr. M. Isabell Naumann ISSM, THD/STD

Last edited 5th May 2016

Explore the topic of 'What is a vocation?' with (Dr.) Sr. M. Isabell Naumann, who holds a Doctorate in Sacred Theology and has been Dean of Studies at the Seminary of the Good Shepherd, Homebush since 2007.


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Why Priests are Happy

Last edited 3rd May 2016

Ever seen a religious person and awed at the joy that seemed to radiate from them? A statistical study done by Msgr. Stephen Rossetti shows that in reality, priests exhibit greater happiness than the general public! In this episode he gives us a few good insights as to why that is.

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Growing Up Without Growing Away - Sr Mary Patrice RSM (Theology on Tap Sydney)

Last edited 21st April 2016

The 20's and 30's can often be a time of searching, uncertainty and worry: over faith, studies, future jobs and vocation. Knowing exactly how to navigate this time without drifting away from God can be challenging. Head to Theology on Tap on Monday 18 April to hear Sr Mary Patrice RSM address some of these issues under the topic "Growing Up w/o Growing Away". Sr Mary Patrice RSM (Sisters of Mercy) is a registered psychologist in the US and is a lecturer in the School of Arts and Sciences at Notre Dame teaching applied psychology and counselling.


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Everyone Needs a Father Everyone Needs a Mother

Last edited 20th April 2016

Everyone needs a father, everyone needs a mother


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Sarah Swafford Australian Tour 2016: Emotional Virtue - Thriving at University

Last edited 6th April 2016

In March 2016, Sarah Swafford came to Sydney on an Australian Tour. This is one of her talks given to university-age students.


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Prologue of John’s Gospel: Going Back to the Beginning

Last edited 31st March 2016

Before we start talking about the Gospel of John, we need to turn to the beginning, the creation of the world, as is recounted in Genesis. Why? Tune in for your answer, as well as for a rich account of John’s Gospel and his use of language and imagery…

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Devotions and Sacramentals: Connecting to God through Physical Things

Last edited 20th March 2016

Are religious medals, blessings, and holy water just Catholic superstitions? Devotions and sacramentals are evidence that God desires to bless us in any way possible, even through material means. In this Catholic Bytes episode, Dcn. Michael Niemczak explains how both sacramentals and devotions respond to man’s desire to experience and express his love for God in a concrete, material way.Audio Player

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