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Pope Francis Will Canonise Two of the Shepherd's of Fatima

Last edited 23rd March 2017

Siblings Jacinta and Francisco Marto were illiterate. Their life was typical of humble families in the rural areas of Portugal in the first part of the twentieth century: they spent their days in the fields, taking care of their herds. Their lives changed, however, with the apparitions of the Virgin Mary which took place between May and October, 1917. At the time they were seven and nine years of age, respectively.


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Focolare Movement Brings Together Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian Families

Last edited 16th March 2017

It's not common to have an organized event for Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian families. However, this is what took place Loppiano, Italy.


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Saint Patrick's Breastplate

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Christ with me,


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Project Compassion - Dinia from the Philippines

Last edited 14th March 2017

In the Philippines, with the help of a program supported by Caritas Australia, Dinia gained the skills to earn a better income for her children and help her neighbours in her vulnerable community.


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Pope Francis visits Rome parish: "Sin is like a slap to God"

Last edited 13th March 2017

The pope visited a church in Rome, and before celebrating Sunday Mass there he stopped to hear the confessions of several people. It was the modern parish of St. Magdalene of Canossa, which, as you can hear, has a well-rehearsed choir.


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South Sudan missionary: “These people ask us to not forget they are people”

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Solidarity with South Sudan is an organization that seeks to alleviate the suffering of a country that has just become aware of the tragedy of war.


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Vatican Presents First “Women Consultation Group” Composed of 37 Women

Last edited 7th March 2017

This department of the Vatican wants the voice of women to be heard and taken into account. For International Women's Day, they have presented their first "Women's Consultation Group," which is a group of 37 women. They come from different fields such as journalism, medicine, theology and politics, amongst others.


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Love Your Neighbour - Project Compassion - Interview with Semiti Qalowasa, Director of PCN - Fiji

Last edited 6th March 2017

Lent is a time for giving so during Lent Caritas Australia's Project Compassion distributes money boxes collecting cash to raise funds for the poorest in our world.


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The Pope Video: Support for Persecuted Christians (March 2017)

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In many parts of the world, there are Christians who are persecuted simply because of the fact that they are Christians. They need not only our material help but also our prayer. Let us join with the Pope in praying for persecuted Christians.


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Meditations with St John Paul the Great: LOVING OTHERS (Episode 2)

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St John Paul the Great was well known for his remarkable intelligence, and his writings and teachings, including his Theology of the Body, continue to shape the Church today, transforming the lives of Catholics, and especially young Catholics who hear Jesus' messages through him.


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