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#ShoeStories, Innovative Youth Engagement Platform, Online from Today

Last edited 21st February 2018

#ShoeStories, innovative youth engagement platform


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Protestant YouTube star Announces Conversion to Catholicism

Last edited 21st February 2018

YouTube star Lizzie Estella Reezay has announced she is converting to Catholicism.


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Pope Francis Invites All Youth to Participate in Preparation for October Synod

Last edited 19th February 2018

In about a month, hundreds of young people will gather in Rome to collaborate in the preparation of a youth synod due to take place in October 2018. During his Sunday Angelus address, though, Pope Francis revealed that youth around the world will also be able to play an active role.


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Why Did We Forget How to Date? New Documentary Aims to Find Out

Last edited 19th February 2018

t was about 10 or so years ago when Kerry Cronin, a professor at Boston College, noticed something was up with the way her young students were dating – or, rather, not dating.


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The Our Father prayer | EXPLAINED

Last edited 20th February 2018

If you've grown up in a Christian family, it's easy not to think deeply about the prayers that you've learned off by heart and repeated thousands of times. But it's really good to go back to the basics - to think about and reflect on what we're praying.


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Winner of 2018 Tropfest Film Festival Tells Beautiful Story about Self-Image

Last edited 18th February 2018

Tropfest, the largest short film festival in the world, and based in Sydney, Australia was held over the weekend. The Finalists presented a variety of styles, showcasing stories from hilarious to touching and inspiring. The winning prize of the Festival went to 'Two Piece', which tells the story of 13 year old Ava buying a new swimsuit before going to the beach with her family.


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Pope Francis Doesn't Read Websites That Accuse Him of Heresy, For Reasons of "Mental Health”

Last edited 16th February 2018

The pope prefers not to read criticism from those who accuse him of being a heretic, and he does so to maintain his mental health. The Holy Father says others read them for him and advise him when they involve serious accusations.


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Cohabitation - Why is it Bad? What is Oxytocin? Can Porn affect Marriage? | Jason Evert

Last edited 14th February 2018

In this interview Jason Evert talks about his ministry in talking to thousands of young people each year about chastity and authentic human love. He discusses the problems with cohabitation, explains oxytocin and how pornography can negatively affect your future marriage.


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Overcoming Envy and Dealing with Jealousy

Last edited 14th February 2018

Envy and jealousy sneakily gain control of our minds. They don’t feel like other sins that give at least a brief moment of gratification, so it’s easy to dismiss these disordered thoughts. In this video, Fr. Mike explains why we need to focus in on whatever jealousy or envy we may have in our lives, because it could inhibit our relationship with God. The remedy he shares is a reminder of who we are in God’s eyes, which is all that matters.


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Lourdes Recognises 70th Miraculous Healing

Last edited 13th February 2018

Sr. Bernadette Moriau suffered from severe paralysis and couldn't walk since 1987. However, following a pilgrimage to Lourdes, she was healed on July 11, 2008.


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