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What is Lectio Divina?

Last edited 23rd January 2017

In this video, Fr. Josh Johnson teaches us how to read Scripture prayerfully and come away with something we can do to improve our faith in God. He demonstrates how lectio divina is a helpful guide in our walk toward eternity.

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The Mother Teresa of Africa: Sr. Rosemary Nyirumbe

Last edited 22nd January 2017

She proudly shows the bags girls and women have made by hand in order to pull themselves out of the clutches of the war in Uganda: about 2,000 women in total.


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What is Opus Dei? Process of Electing Third Successor of St. Josemaria Begins

Last edited 19th January 2017

Ines is a Spanish lawyer who lives in Rome. She has been in Opus Dei since she was 17, a decision she made due to her desire to help the people around her.


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A Beautiful Duet With a 3-Year-Old Girl and Her Dad

Last edited 19th January 2017

In many families, there is a special bond that exists between a father and a daughter. When they are together, you can see the bond clearly and there isn’t anything that is sweeter anywhere else in the world.


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What's With Catholics And Mary?

Last edited 17th January 2017

Why do Catholics venerate Mary? Isn't Jesus the only One who should be worshipped? Fr. Rob Galea answers these questions and more.


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St. Peter's Square Becomes a Mini Zoo for Blessing of St. Anthony

Last edited 17th January 2017

On Tuesday morning, the Vatican became a mini zoo as farmers rushed to St. Peter's Square with their animals, both large and small, to receive a special blessing on the feast day of St. Anthony the Abbott, the patron saint of farmers and the protector of animals.


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Vatican to Launch Global Questionnaire for Young People to Prepare for the Next Synod

Last edited 15th January 2017

Pope Francis has asked bishops around the world to think about the role of young people in the Church. This will be the theme of the next synod scheduled for 2018.


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Pope Francis: Live Every Day to the Fullest Thinking “Now or Never”

Last edited 12th January 2017

In his homily in Santa Marta, Pope Francis said sometimes people do not enjoy life because they leave the things they want to do for "another day." The pope recalled that the future is uncertain and that we should make the most of each day.


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Is Shyness Your Excuse?

Last edited 11th January 2017

Fr. Mike helps break down the barriers we may have that are keeping us from evangelizing. He points out that the best way to spread the gospel is just by being yourself, and leading people to Christ in your own way. Sometimes the greatest witness is a quiet one.


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Card. Farrell: WYD in Panama will be in the First Months of 2019

Last edited 11th January 2017

While the official date of the next World Youth Day in Panama is not known as of yet, what is clear is that it will be in the first months of 2019.


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