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Can a Priest Break the Seal of Secrecy in Confession? - The Answer is No

Last edited 17th August 2017

No they cannot. Catholic priests are automatically excommunicated if they break the seal of confession. It is absolutely forbidden for a confessor to betray in anyway the secrecy of the confession for any reason.


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ACYF Minute Episode 1

Last edited 15th August 2017

Tune in for the first episode of the ACYF minute where our Youth Ambassadors provide info and news about the Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2017.

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How to Read the Bible Without Getting BORED!

Last edited 14th August 2017

"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ" - St Jerome. We know reading the Bible can be boring, but this only happens when we don't really know HOW to read it. The Bible isn't just like any other book - it is the Word OF God. In this video, Tom Lelyo gives us 4 great tips on how to read the Bible without getting bored.


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A Youth Group Leader's Worst Nightmare

Last edited 11th August 2017

In this skit from YouTube channel, New Catholic Generation, a youth leader trusts to of her youth group members to lead youth group.


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About St Clare of Assisi

Last edited 11th August 2017

St. Clare of Assisi was born in Assisi on July 16, 1194, as Chiara Offreduccio, the beautiful eldest daughter of Favorino Sciffi, Count of Sasso-Rosso and his wife Ortolana. Tradition says her father was a wealthy representative of an ancient Roman family and her mother was a very devout woman belonging to the noble family of Fiumi.


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Touring the Vatican from Home is Now Possible

Last edited 10th August 2017

Those who have not seen the Vatican surely are not waiting for lack of desire. There are no more excuses now! The website makes it possible to tour different corners of the Vatican from any screen.


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What It Means to Be Catholic (ft. Aussies)

Last edited 9th August 2017

In this video that is now over 4 years old, the truth behind it still stands true.


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Know Your Saints - Mary of the Cross MacKillop

Last edited 8th August 2017

August 8th is the feast of Australia's first and (as of 2017) only saint: Mary of the Cross/Mary MacKillop. She is an inspiration to us all.


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New 3D Animated Film on Our Lady of Guadalupe is Being Made

Last edited 14th August 2017

The film, called Tepeyac, is an ambitious project about Our Lady of Guadalupe that uses 3D animation to tell her story.


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What Happens With the Money Thrown in the Trevi Fountain?

Last edited 7th August 2017

Everyday, thousands of people throw their coins in the Trevi Fountain and make a wish. However, what they don't know is that their money is actually used to provide the basic necessities to people in need.


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