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Priest in Syria: Just as Europe was reborn after World War II, we will recover

Last edited 26th September 2018

Fr. Nawras Sammour was born in Syria, in Aleppo. For years, he helped refugees from Iraq, but he never imagined that one day he would also have to help refugees from his own country. It's a situation that began seven years ago. The end is still unknown.


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Matt Maher - Because He Lives (Live from Steinway)

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Matt Maher performs "Because He Lives", live from the factory floor at Steinway & Sons in Astoria, Queens, New York.

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From Agnosticism to Catholicism: My Conversion Story (Part One)

Last edited 24th September 2018

It was a suicidal friend who inadvertently initiated Matt Fradd’s spiritual journey when he was twelve years old. In this video, Matt shares the first part of that story, and relates many experiences you may have been through as well while trying to figure out the universe. Big questions, unresolved conundrums, and the search for something more than this life all lead up to Matt’s most compelling cliffhanger on his Ascension Presents channel to date. Stay tuned for the second part next week.


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When Mass Feels like Going Through the Motions

Last edited 19th September 2018

The Karate Kid didn’t know waxing a car would teach him karate, but Miyagi knew. In a similar way the Church, in her wisdom, teaches us certain motions—kneeling at Mass, making the sign of the Cross, etcetera—so we may learn the deeper virtues that will lead us to holiness. In this video, Fr. Mike encourages us to keep going through the motions, if that’s all it feels like we’re doing at Mass, because it’s in times of desolation that our faith grows the most.


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Porn, True Intimacy, Introducing Parents to Jesus, and Same-sex Attraction

Last edited 18th September 2018

Matt Fradd answers questions from his audience about resisting conforming to social norms, sharing the Faith with non-believing parents, spiritual intimacy, extraterrestrial life, homosexuality in the Church, and more.


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Pope adapts synod so more people are involved in its preparation

Last edited 18th September 2018

The pope has updated the rules that guide the Synod of Bishops, so that the assembly can be more effective.


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Pope to Youth: Jesus Doesn't Want you on the Bench, He asks you to go out to the World

Last edited 17th September 2018

After an exhausting day, the pope met with Sicilian youth in a central square in Palermo. When he came down from the popemobile, this young woman hugged him, as a representation of a hug from everyone.


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Pope in Santa Marta: One who Accuses Others Imitates Satan

Last edited 16th September 2018

In his homily in Casa Santa Marta Pope Francis reflected on the path of Christian style. He said it is only the merciful who are like God and able to go against the grain.


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Faith & Mental Illness | This is the Day

Last edited 13th September 2018

Lizzie Reezay, the YouTube creator behind LizziesAnswers, speaks about her conversion to Catholicism and her experience with Bipolar Disorder.


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Everyday Saints with Fr Dan McCaughan | Eastfest 2018

Last edited 12th September 2018

In this talk, Fr Dan speaks about the fact that no matter where we find ourselves, we are all called to be 'everyday saints'.


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