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Rewriting the Script

Last edited 1st July 2010

There has been a recent wave of blockbuster movies that have anti-Christian undertones. Why do blockbusters have to distort the history of Christianity? This article gives some great suggestions for future film scripts.

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Vatican Secret Archives hold tales fascinating ... and not

Last edited 24th June 2010

"Welcome to the Vatican Secret Archives," says archivist Enrico Flaiani, head of conservators at the venerable institution. "I will be showing you many things," he adds with a quiet smile.

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Laser Technology Finds 4th Century Images of Apostles

Last edited 23rd June 2010

The discovery and restoration of the earliest known images of the apostles was possible for the archaeologists and art restorers because of laser technology. Find out more in this article!

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Why Rome?

Last edited 30th June 2010

A question you will sometimes hear when talking about the role of the Pope in the Church is “Why Rome?” In other words, even if Peter himself did have primacy, why does the bishop of Rome have that primacy now? After all, Jerusalem was clearly the center of the Christian church at the beginning and Peter was also the bishop of Antioch before he went to Rome, so why does not one of those two have primacy in the Church?

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Nine Days That Changed the World

Last edited 17th June 2010

Nine Days That Changed the World, a new movie produced by recent Catholic convert Newt Gingrich and his wife, Callista, is a compelling biopic of Pope John Paul II. The movie focuses on JPII's historic visit to Poland on June 2-10, 1979, a pilgrimage that transformed Poland and which some historians say ultimately reshaped the spiritual and political landscape of the 20th century.

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Pius XII Letter to Roosevelt Published for 1st Time

Last edited 10th June 2010

A letter from August 1943 that Pope Pius XII wrote to U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt has been discovered and published by the Knights of Columbus. The previously unpublished letter, dated Aug. 30, 1943, asks the president to "spare innocent civil populations and in particular churches and religious institutions."


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Librarian oversees rare collection of Bibles from past six centuries

Last edited 1st June 2010

Liana Lupas stands out in New York, even by the standards of a city that defines itself with superlatives and seems to have world-class specialists in every conceivable discipline. She calls herself "the only librarian in the world who takes care of one book." That book is the Bible. Find out what makes a Bible rare, and what kinds of Bibles Liana looks after in the collection.

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How a Strategy of "Silence" Saved Thousands of Jews

Last edited 27th May 2010

The Pave the Way Foundation has initiated a document retrieval project to reveal as much information and as many testimonies as possible regarding the papacy of Pope Pius XII, the World War II Pontiff, in order to break the academic "log jam" caused by the lack of publicly available information.

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Photo-Documentary of Christian history in Japan with Concentration on Hidden Christians

Last edited 17th May 2010

With beautiful photos this site shows the history of Christianity in Japan. The whole site is worth checking out, but especially take note of the mosaic made of butterfly wings - it is amazing!

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Explorers Find Noah's Ark

Last edited 30th August 2010

Over the centuries, many have claimed to have found Noah's Ark. But this time it looks as if a team of evangelical explorers have done just that!


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