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A Message from Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence for Xt3's 6th Birthday

Last edited 12th June 2014

To mark Xt3's 6th birthday on 12 June 2014, Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence from The Great Synagogue Sydney sent a heartfelt message thanking Xt3 for it's efforts to serve God through social media. Below the full text of the message...


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Happy 6th Birthday!

Last edited 12th June 2014

On 12 June 2008, was launched as an initiative for World Youth Day in Sydney. 6 years later, Xt3 is still growing! We would like to thank you all for being part of the Xt3 journey.


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10th National eConference - Tune in LIVE Today!

Last edited 11th June 2014 is very excited to be tuning into the Australia's 10th National eConference, hosted by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Broken Bay Institute.


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Christians Must Welcome New Media in Spreading the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth

Last edited 27th May 2014

Many people say that it was a four-minute speech which led to the election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as pope. In his pre-conclave speech to the other cardinals, he used the image of Jesus standing at the door and knocking. But he turned the image around. “Obviously, the text refers to his knocking from the outside in order to enter but I think about the times in which Jesus knocks from within so that we will let him come out.


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Film by Mauritanian director wins Ecumenical Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival

Last edited 27th May 2014

A film about the imposition of a totalitarian form of Islam on a village in Mali has won the prize of the Ecumenical Jury at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Timbuktu, directed by Abderrahmane Sissako, a filmmaker from Mauritania, tells the story of how local people resist the arrival of extremists who want to restrict women's liberty and to outlaw music and football.


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How Wikipedia Can Turn Fiction Into Fact

Last edited 26th May 2014

Entire fictional scenarios can be created that are difficult to confute because they appear to be well-sourced via constant repetition. Fictional histories far more sophisticated than the painting depicted above could discredit a candidate for public office or libel a group of people. Like photoshopping—it was always there in principle, but never so easy. If the Wikipedians themselves don’t take this more seriously, the rest of us had better. My own practice is never to use Wikipedia as a source for factual information without checking it with another, non-crowd source. Here is a story about some other questionable Wikipedia entries.

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Catholic Talk Blog: Take the #TrueEncounter Challenge

Last edited 16th May 2014

On Sunday, 25 May 2014, Australian Catholics will be celebrating World Communications Day. The theme for this year’s World Communications Day is Communication at the Service of an Authentic Culture of Encounter.


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#TrueEncounter Challenge for World Communications Day 2014

Last edited 9th May 2014

Ahead of this year's World Communications Day (25 May in Australia & 1 June around the world), Xt3 has teamed up with Catholic Talk and we are inviting you take up Pope Francis' challenge to use your online connections to have an experience of "True Encounter". How?


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Vatican Looks into Possibility of Establishing a Secretariat of Communications

Last edited 4th May 2014

As part of the plans to reorganise the Curia, the Vatican is looking into the possibility of introducing a Secretariat of Communications, which will be a central coordination body along the lines of the Vatican structure for the Economy. All communications sections (which are currently split into various Curia offices: press office, Pontifical Council for Social Communications, CTV, Vatican radio, L’Osservatore Romano) would be centralised and grouped into one single entity.

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Stirring Hearts - ACBC Resource Kit for World Communications Day 2014

Last edited 30th April 2014

Marking the 48th World Communications Day, celebrated on 25 May 2014, the Catholic Church in Australia celebrates the stories of twelve individuals from dioceses across Australia through a digital storytelling project entitled ‘Stirring Hearts’.


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