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The Muslim Group Helping Sydney's Homeless
Last edited 5th January 2016

On a Saturday night a team of volunteers from the Sydney suburb of Granville load up their van.


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MercatorNet’s Dignitarian of the Year
Last edited 21st December 2015

Antonis Deligiorgis as MercatorNet’s Dignitarian of the Year. He is a 34-year-old Army sergeant stationed on the island of Rhodes, just off the Turkish coast. In April this year he was about to have a coffee with his wife at a seaside café when a boat laden with 93 refugees from Syria and Eritrea hit rocks in front of them.


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Why Millions of Chinese are Becoming Official
Last edited 10th December 2015

China will give official status to all of its "unregistered" citizens, many of them children born illegally under the one-child system, in plans announced this week.


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Is the Education Gap Closing? More Indigenous Students Finish Year 12 Than Ever Before
Last edited 2nd December 2015

More Indigenous Australians than ever are finishing year 12. What's more, that trend has outpaced the growth of total year 12 student numbers.


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'Flowers Beat Guns': Father Reassures Son after Paris Attacks
Last edited 18th November 2015

In the video, the father is explaining to his son the significance of the tributes at the Bataclan theatre while being interviewed by the TV program, Le Petit Journal. Viewed over 8 million times, the video has since been translated from French and shared globally.

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Husband writes defiant tribute to his wife killed in Bataclan massacre
Last edited 19th November 2015

A Frenchman whose wife was killed in the Bataclan massacre has written a defiant message to the gunmen and a touching tribute to his wife.


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Adel Termos: An Unsung Hero of the Beirut Bombings
Last edited 17th November 2015

As the world comes to grips with the tragic events in Paris, one man has emerged as a hero. Adel Termos was walking with his young daughter when he spotted a suicide bomber preparing to detonate his vest. Instantly, he tried to tackle the assailant, causing the bomb to go off. He was killed, but many say his heroic actions undoubtedly saved countless more lives.

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'Be the Hug of Christ' – White Mass in DC Encourages Those with Disabilities
Last edited 10th November 2015

Honoring individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges, Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C., celebrated the archdiocese's annual White Mass on Sunday and encouraged the faithful to embrace, serve and welcome the diversity of the Church.


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Rome Pilgrimage Gives Homeless Man a New Perspective on Life
Last edited 4th November 2015

Derrick Yearout has come a long way from his homeless, drug-addicted days. After changing his life and getting off the streets he made a pilgrimage to Rome, which he says has given him a new outlook on life.


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The Real Story Behind this Incredible Photo
Last edited 2nd November 2015

Images of La Vlora’s voyage emerged on social media last week, but the story was completely different. The pictures were attached to a narrative about WWII. The authors declared the migrants were fleeing Europe for Africa.That’s obviously false, but the pictures were shared thousands of times regardless.


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