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Isis: Three Missing British Schoolgirls in Al-Raqqa
Last edited 9th March 2015

Three missing British schoolgirls who left Britain to join Islamic State are believed to be staying at a house in al Raqqa. Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and Amira Abase, 15, who flew to Istanbul from Gatwick Airport last month, have crossed into Syria, Sky News reports. Speaking from the Turkey-Syria border, Sky's Stuart Ramsay said: "We're being told tonight that they've crossed into Syria through a crossing... which is not too far from Kilis.

Jews, Catholics Pan Film Defending Pope Pius XII During Holocaust
Last edited 4th March 2015

Italian film calls Pius, criticized for for turning blind eye to Nazi persecution of Jews, 'most misunderstood person of 20th century.'


My Journey from Atheist to Catholic: 11 Questions for Leah Libresco
Last edited 2nd March 2015

Leah Libresco is a writer and school systems analyst based in Washington, D.C. A former atheist blogger and writer for the Huffington Post, Ms. Libresco stunned her readers in summer 2012 when she announced that she was converting to Catholicism. Raised in an atheist household on Long Island, she had graduated from Yale University in 2011 with a B.A. in political science.


Willy's Story - The Homeless Man Buried in the Vatican
Last edited 2nd March 2015

Willy Herteleer, a homeless man who lived on the side streets outside St. Peter’s Basilica, made headlines after his death, when he received a special burial in the Vatican’s Teutonic Cemetery.


Priest Murdered in Congo
Last edited 1st March 2015

A priest has been killed in North Kivu, a conflict-torn province in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The murder of Father Jean-Paul Kakule Kyalembera “appears to be an act of banditry,” Bishop Théophile Kaboy Ruboneka of Goma told the Fides news agency.

Orange Sky Chases Away Laundry Blues
Last edited 26th February 2015

Orange Sky Laundry’s Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi had reached 80 washloads and counting, four days after Cyclone Marcia devastated the Rockhampton/Yeppoon region.


The Story of a Czech Priest who Testified to a Miracle & Was Killed for It
Last edited 25th February 2015

A priest who witnessed to a miracle in communist Czechoslovakia in the 1940s was tortured and beaten to death for refusing to recant what his parishioners had seen. And now Catholics from the country are honoring his heroic virtue and pushing for him to be recognized as a martyr. At a recent gathering in Cihost' commemorating the priest's brutal death, his current successor at the parish church says he's grateful for efforts to overturn the decades-long silence on atrocities against Catholics in the 20th century. Visit this article to read more.

My Life - God's Mosaic
Last edited 23rd February 2015

I was given an assignment for my theology class to create a mosaic. We had to recreate the icon of our choice. I instantly knew that I wanted to do Saint André. He is my patron saint and affects my daily life. As I was doing this project, which took all day to complete, I noticed something beautiful. I was spending hours putting tiny pieces of paper onto a poster board that would later create a larger image of someone amazing. Isn’t that what God did? He created the Earth for us. Then, He created us with a specific plan in mind.

Please Pray for the Return of Kidnapped Iraqi Toddler
Last edited 19th February 2015

A colored photocopy of a smiling, blond toddler is the only thing adorning the bare walls of the tiny room where Ayda Abada, her blind husband, and four children shelter after they were chased out of their Christian village in Iraq by Islamic State extremists. The picture is one of the few items left of 3-year-old Christina. She is the youngest member of the family and was snatched by the militants from a bus last August as Abada pleaded to have her child back.


Unexpected Friendships Bloom as Vatican Rolls Out Haircuts for Homeless
Last edited 18th February 2015

As homeless men and women line up under the massive arms of Saint Peter's colonnade waiting to take advantage of the Vatican's newly-christened showers and barbershop, volunteers who assist them say they are deeply moved by their encounter with a population often rejected by society.


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