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A Kentucky Handmaid’s Tale

Last edited 15th June 2017

Whether you are pro-this or anti-that, a passionate believer in human dignity, or an ultra-rational utilitarian, your bioethics always has to begin with the facts.


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Catholic Community Offers Prayer, Supplies for London Fire Victims

Last edited 14th June 2017

The Catholic bishops of Westminster offered their prayers and local parishes opened their doors to offer aid and supplies to those affected by a massive fire at an apartment complex in west London on Wednesday.


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London Fire: Twelve Dead in Grenfell Tower Blaze

Last edited 14th June 2017

Twelve people have died in a west London tower block fire and the number of deaths is expected to rise, police have said.


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Otto Warmbier: North Korea releases jailed US student 'in coma'

Last edited 13th June 2017

US student Otto Warmbier has been freed from jail in North Korea, but his parents say he has been in a coma for a year. The US secretary of state said the 22-year-old was on his way home to the US.


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The Mexican Doctor Rehydrating the Dead

Last edited 19th June 2017

Rosa María Apodaca has spent the past six years looking for her eldest daughter. Patricia Jazmín Ibarra was 18 when she left on the morning of 7 June 2011 to go to work at a mobile phone shop in the centre of Ciudad Juárez. "They stole her," says her mother, who has given up her job to look for Patricia Jazmín.


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Homeless Shelter Receives $10K Donation from Former Resident

Last edited 9th June 2017

A Canadian man who used to live on the street has donated C$10,000 ($7,400, £5,720) to the homeless shelter that took him in.


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Cyber Bullying the Complete Resource Guide

Last edited 16th June 2017

Children and teens, who are just learning to navigate social relationships, often find themselves in social situations that are fraught with awkward exchanges. When the line between normal, even acceptable, playful teasing crosses into bullying, problems arise.


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A Healed Omran, Aleppo's Boy in the Ambulance, Shown in New Footage

Last edited 6th June 2017

New footage has been released of Omran Daqneesh, the boy whose dusty, bloodied face in the back of an ambulance became a symbol of Syria's suffering last year.


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Body of African ‘Suicide’ Bishop Found in River

Last edited 5th June 2017

Bishop Jean-Marie Benoit Balla of Bafia was declared missing earlier this week


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President of Conference Appeals for Donations for the East Africa Food Crisis

Last edited 31st May 2017

‘I am shocked to learn of the harrowing plight facing millions of people in a number of countries in East Africa,’ Archbishop Denis Hart, President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference said today.


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