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Some Australian Bishops Suggest Restoring Year-Round Friday Abstinence
Last edited 17th March 2014

Several Australian bishops said they would support re-establishment of year-round Friday abstinence in Australia, following the lead of England and Wales.


When I Met Roina: A Nepali Man Freed from 30 Years as a Modern-Day Slave
Last edited 14th March 2014

I feel numb. I’m writing, well my hands are moving and making marks on the notepad before me but I can hardly concentrate. What I’m hearing from the man who stands in front of me, it’s just too much. How could anyone endure it? The abuse, the 18+ hour work days, the beatings, the sexual harassment of his precious wife and daughters. How is it possible for someone to survive such an experience? What can a man have left after life as a modern-day slave? I was about to find out.

The beauty of scars: David Jay's 'honest' portraits of imperfect beauty
Last edited 13th March 2014

Photographer David Jay didn't set out to document scars.


Now You Can 'Rent' a Friend. Should You?
Last edited 12th March 2014

A new website will allow Australians to hire platonic friends for “endless possibilities” with one caveat: no physical contact allowed.


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Reverend Michael McCarthy, New Bishop of Rockhampton
Last edited 11th March 2014

President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Archbishop Denis Hart warmly welcomes the appointment by the Holy Father Pope Francis of the Reverend Michael McCarthy as the Bishop of Rockhampton.


Notre Dame Medical Student at Sochi Paralympics
Last edited 11th March 2014

In a show of amazing courage, speed and skill, Toby Kane, who is a medical student from the University of Notre Dame Australia and an Australian winter paralympian, competes in Sochi today in what is known as the Super Combined, which will have him skiing both the short and the giant slalom in a bid to capture gold.


Founder of Swedish 'MegaChurch' Converts to Catholicism
Last edited 2nd April 2014

During his Sunday morning service, Ulf Ekman announced the he and his wife, Birgitta, are converting to Roman Catholicism. Ekman is the founder of Word of Life, a megachurch in Uppsala, Sweden. News reports and blogs coming out of the nation reveal congregation was “partially stunned” after hearing what was packaged as a “special announcement.” The theme was “follow the Lamb wherever He goes."


Nuns Yet to Reach Syria after Reported Release by Rebels
Last edited 9th March 2014

About a dozen nuns held by rebels in Syria for more than three months have been released and are on their way to Damascus via Lebanon, a security source and church officials said on Sunday.

6 Bad Habits in High School (and what they’ll look like in college)
Last edited 6th March 2014

If you’re a high school junior or senior you may already be painfully aware of the bad habits that get you into trouble and make your life more difficult than it needs to be. The real danger with high school bad habits, though, is that they often cause big problems when you bring them with you to college. The good news: habits can be broken, and new habits — good ones — aren’t that hard to form.

Refugee Artist Finds Success on the International Stage
Last edited 6th March 2014

From charcoal drawings on the walls of his home in Quetta to an art career on the international stage, Afghan Hazara refugee Khadim Ali is among the artists showcased in the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

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