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Yemen Conflict: UN Official Warns of World's Biggest Famine

Last edited 9th November 2017

Yemen faces the world's largest famine in decades "with millions of victims" if aid deliveries are not resumed, a senior UN official has warned.


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Police Buy Food for Woman Stealing to Feed Her Family

Last edited 8th November 2017

When police officers in North Carolina responded to a report of theft at a local supermarket, they found a mother struggling to afford to feed her family.


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Texas Church Shooting Leaves Many Dead

Last edited 5th November 2017

At least 27 people have died after a gunman opened fire at a church in Texas during Sunday services, police say.The attack happened at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs in Wilson County.


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North Korea Slams ‘False’ Nuclear Test Site Deaths Report

Last edited 3rd November 2017

NORTH Korea slammed a Japanese TV station’s report on Thursday that claimed hundreds of people were crushed to death when tunnels collapsed at its unstable nuclear test site.


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The Immigration Issue: How to Discern Amidst Controversy (Gospel Reflection)

Last edited 26th October 2017

How do we approach controversial political issues from a Catholic perspective, especially ones as charged as immigration? Discerning what we’re called to do as faithful Catholics is not always easy, and the Church is called to inform consciences but not replace them. Fortunately, in Catholic tradition, there are time-tested and highly sophisticated frameworks for considering difficult circumstances of a complex world, always with a mind to the well-being of the human person. Today’s gospel reflection can help.


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"The World Needs to Know That I Don’t 'Suffer' From Down Syndrome"

Last edited 26th October 2017

In her own words, Bridget Brown is “a self-advocate, an inclusion advocate, an actress… and a young woman with Down syndrome.” She also loves her life and wants others to know that each and every person is precious.


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Vatican Hosts Conference on Disability and Catechesis

Last edited 22nd October 2017

A global conference will open in Rome on Friday looking at best practices to help people with disabilities fully engage in the life of the Church.


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“Divinity is where we least expect to find it” by Suzana, Care Worker

Last edited 24th October 2017

Research tells us that an absence of social interaction for older people is associated with higher levels of stress that can lead to Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease. We also know people fare better remaining at home for as long as possible and it is community care workers who ensure support services are available on a daily, weekly or ad-hoc basis to support ageing people in our community.


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Thousands March in Somalia after Attack that Killed more than 300

Last edited 18th October 2017

Thousands of Somalis have demonstrated against those behind the bombing that killed more than 300 people at the weekend, defying police who opened fire to keep them away from the site of the attack.


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Deadliest Mass Shooting in US History: Vegas Death Toll hits 58, More than 500 Injured

Last edited 2nd October 2017

The IS group claimed the 64-year-old Nevada man behind the Sunday night massacre, Stephen Craig Paddock, was one of its "soldiers" but the FBI said it had found no such connection so far.


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