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Varied Paths Bring Thousands into Catholic Church at Easter Vigil
Last edited 30th March 2015

Who was Jesus? Why do we need a pope? How were we made by God? All of these are good questions that anyone considering becoming Catholic might ask.


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Retirement Village Turned Dorm: Dutch Nursing Home Lets Students Live Rent Free
Last edited 27th March 2015

A retirement home in the Netherlands says pairing young students with elderly residents has brought about great results.

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Mom Gives Birth to Conjoined Twin Girls Who Share One Heart
Last edited 27th March 2015

In Indonesia, conjoined twin girls were born with a very rare condition and share a chest, abdomen and a heart.According to the Daily Mail, the girls are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Soetomo Hospital and are the most common conjoined twins known as thoracopagus twins.

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An Update on Philip Nitschke
Last edited 25th March 2015

There have been more developments in Philip Nitschke’s medical license suspension this week. This blog provides a quick update. A quick refresher on Philip Nitschke’s process so far In July 2014, Philip Nitschke’s medical license was suspended by the South Australian Board of the Medical Board of Australia. The Medical Board may suspend registration without an investigation first occurring if it considers it to be necessary to protect public health and the practitioner’s conduct poses a serious risk to persons.

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Healing the Wounds of Body Image
Last edited 23rd March 2015

“You have girly hands” I remember those words like they were spoken to me yesterday. I was a vulnerable young man in high school, and one of my classmates gravely wounded me. Those words changed the way I viewed myself. I became so insecure and increasingly paranoid. I felt as if my hands were something to be ashamed of. I’m not saying that girl’s hands are bad, but no guy wants to be told he has feminine hands, just like any girl would not like to be told she has manly hands. Those words wounded my masculine identity; it struck an intimate part of me.

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Pope Donates over 1,000 Pounds of Food to Serve Needy Roman Neighborhood
Last edited 19th March 2015

Pope Francis has donated 1,100 pounds of food to a charitable agency that serves a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome.

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Tunis Museum Attack: 20 people Killed after Hostage Drama at Tourist Site
Last edited 18th March 2015

Tunisian PM says 17 of those killed in ‘cowardly attack’ were foreigners after two gunmen stormed Bardo museum and kept hostages for three hours

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A Passionate Promoter of Interfaith & Intercultural Understanding
Last edited 17th March 2015

Raised on the Central Coast of NSW, Ashleigh Green says that growing up she had few opportunities to meet people from other cultures or different faiths. All this changed when on a visit to Sydney at 17 she took part in an open day at a Mosque in Auburn.


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Catholic Compassion – and a Cat – Offer New Hope
Last edited 11th March 2015

For 62-year-old Bronwyn West, a life of independence once seemed impossible. Now, with a little help from CatholicCare Sydney – and her beloved cat, Figaro – it’s a reality.

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How Did Baby Survive 14 hours in Car after Crash in Utah river?
Last edited 10th March 2015

AN 18-month-old child is in a stable condition after spending almost 14 hours suspended in an overturned car, submerged in a freezing river.The child became trapped after her mother, Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck, 25, had an accident that sent the car into the Spanish Fork River in Utah.

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