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Priest shares love of cooking with family, friends and parish
Last edited 5th June 2014

As a young boy, Father Christopher Armstrong often watched as his mother, Gwynedd, cooked for their large family, sometimes helping to stir a sauce or lifting the lid of a pot for a whiff of the delectable dish that was being prepared.


Spanish Bishops Seek Prayers for Current, Future Kings
Last edited 3rd June 2014

The Spanish bishops' conference has called for prayers for King Juan Carlos and his successor, after the king announced he would abdicate the throne in favor of his son, Prince Felipe. The conference’s leadership committee recognized Juan Carlos’ career, praising “his generous dedication and his contribution to the recent history of Spain.”

Indian Jesuit Kidnapped in Afghanistan
Last edited 3rd June 2014

Father Alexis Prem Kumar, Chief of the Jesuit Refugee Service in India, was abducted on Monday afternoon by unidentified gunmen in western Herat province. Father Kumar was on the way to a school to survey the educational process in Zinda Jan locality where refugees are sheltered when the incident occurred. There are not updates on his safety at this stage, so please keep Father Kumar in your prayers!

New Priest Heads North on Noisy Pilgrimage
Last edited 29th May 2014

The Suzuki was a gift from an elderly priest and the trip is a way to transport it to Darwin, where Patrick will serve until the end of the year. 'One of our priests was an avid motorcycle rider for his whole life, but now he’s 74,” said Patrick, 35. “He had a motorbike and he offered it to me.'

Author and Poet Maya Angelou Dead at 86
Last edited 29th May 2014

Athor and poet Maya Angelou, who rose from poverty, segregation and violence to become a force on stage, screen and the printed page, has died at the age of 86.

1500 to Attend Installation of 10th Bishop of Rockhampton
Last edited 28th May 2014

Twenty eight bishops including Bishop Terry Brady from the Archdiocese of Sydney and the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Paul Gallagher will attend the installation Bishop-elect Michael McCarthy as the 10th Bishop of Rockhampton tomorrow.


Teenage Girl Recounts Terror, Violence of Boko Haram Attacks
Last edited 20th May 2014

A teenage girl whose family members were murdered by members of the militant Islamist group Boko Haram is sharing her story in hopes that it will spur action against the Nigerian terrorist organisation.


Priest and Nun Among Clergy Arrested over Abbott Sit-in Protest
Last edited 20th May 2014

The protesters invited office staff to join prayers for about 1000 child refuge seekers in detention centres and demanded their release. Those involved in the occupations included two Catholic priests, a nun, two Baptist pastors, an Anglican Priest, five Uniting Church ministers, and a number of lay church leaders.

3 Life Lessons Learned Whilst Nursing “The Man With No Nose” On the ‘Africa Mercy’ Ship
Last edited 19th May 2014

“The man with no nose” Let me tell you about my friend Paul, my first patient on the Africa Mercy ship. Paul lost his nose when it was shot off by a bullet during the Congolese civil war 13 years ago. Since then, he has been living with a hole in his face where his nose should have been. Now, after all this time, he is getting a new nose, and a new chance at life.

Russian Prison Chaplain Witnesses Stories of Conversion, Hope
Last edited 15th May 2014

Despite its challenges, prison ministry in the Russian Federation is an important apostolate, changing lives and leading to conversions, a local Orthodox priest recounted to a Catholic charity.


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