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How to Help a Friend Fight Depression
Last edited 14th May 2014

Depression is debilitating. When someone is caught in its spiral of judgment-clouding logic there is often little they are able to do for themselves. And as a friend, it is often difficult to know how to react!


Growing Old Should Not Mean Growing Isolated
Last edited 13th May 2014

It's likely we all know someone like Mrs. Carpenter (not her real name). She is an elderly widow. She lives in rural Eastern Ontario, and her family all lives in the United States. She has no car and no nearby public transit, and multiple medical problems. The program Meals on Wheels delivers meals several days a week, but not on weekends. While the work of such agencies is admirable and important, the fact remains that Mrs. Carpenter is still socially isolated. In academic terms, that means she suffers with reduced social networks and a lack of social contact.

How to Slap Shame in the Face
Last edited 12th May 2014

"Shame is a simple word, only five letters, one of those words everyone spells right on a spelling test without needing to study. In my life, however, shame has not been simple. Shame is an ice-cold hand, clutching at my heart, grabbing my face and forcing me to look at who I used to be and what I have done. It uses its cold, sharp fingers to point to each individual mistake, hissing questions and accusations into my ears that are all too eager to hear them."


Caritas Mother's Day Gift - End poverty. Promote justice. Uphold dignity
Last edited 6th May 2014

This Mother’s day, you can help women around the world change their lives by giving a Global Gift.


Gene Robinson, First Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop, Announces his Divorce
Last edited 6th May 2014

Bishop Gene Robinson, whose 2003 election as the first openly gay Episcopal bishop rocked the Anglican Communion, has announced his divorce from his longtime partner.

Media Nun Sr Helena Burns to Appear on Australia's Weekend Sunrise, Saturday 3 May
Last edited 1st May 2014

Sister Helena Burns is a member of the Daughters of St. Paul, an international congregation of religious women dedicated to spreading God's Word through the media. She give workshops to teens and adults on Media Literacy, Philosophy, and Theology of the Body throughout America... and this weekend, Australians will be able to get to know more about Sr Helena on Weekend Sunrise!


Who knew? The late Cardinal John O’Connor’s mother was born Jewish
Last edited 1st May 2014

NEW YORK (RNS) It’s hard to think of a Catholic churchman who was more outspoken in defense of Jews and Judaism than Cardinal John O’Connor, the charismatic New York archbishop who died in 2000.


Remembering Barry O'Keefe
Last edited 29th April 2014

I first met Barry O'Keefe in the early 1970s in the course of the Sydney Law School annual mooting competition. Members of the Bar and the Bench volunteered to act as judges, as two teams of two argued for and against some esoteric proposition of law, in a make believe appellate forum. Barry was assigned as our judge.


Boy, 15, ‘Fatally Stabs Catholic Schoolteacher Anne Maguire’
Last edited 28th April 2014

A 15-YEAR-OLD boy has allegedly stabbed to death his teacher at a Catholic school in a rare attack on educational staff. Anne Maguire, a 61-year-old Spanish teacher, suffered multiple stab wounds in the incident which was witnessed by other children at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds, northern England on Monday.Prime Minister David Cameron was among those offering their condolences.

Swedish 'Megachurch' Leader Explains His Conversion to Catholicism
Last edited 27th April 2014

On Sunday March 9, Ulf Ekman stood nervously before the congregation of the Word of Life church in Uppsala. Dressed in a suit and pale blue tie, the Swedish pastor looked out at the faces of those whose delights and hardships he had shared since he founded the megachurch in 1983.


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