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Australians Mourn Late Bishop Remembered for Ecumenism
Last edited 2nd April 2014

Christians, especially those in Australia, are mourning the death of Bishop Michael Putney, who was particularly committed to ecumenical dialogue. Bishop Putney was Bishop of Townsville, in the state of Queensland, from 2001 until his March 28 death. He had been living with stomach cancer for 18 months.


My Life is Changed, Says Homeless Woman on Rome Pilgrimage
Last edited 1st April 2014

During a six-day trip to the Eternal City, Clarissa Salazar, who until recently lived on the streets in the U.S., said the visit has made a lasting impact on her, and is something for which she is grateful.


Pondering the Church’s Response to Mental Illness
Last edited 31st March 2014

Last month, the New York State Catholic bishops issued a statement entitled, “’For IAm Lonely and Afflicted’: Toward a Just Response to the Needs of Mentally Ill Persons.” The statement was a combination of facts about mental illness, policy proposals to the New York state legislature, and, most importantly, exhortations “to every chaplain, every religious education director and Catholic school principal, and all others in positions of Church leadership at every level to welcome with openness and affection those men, women and children who are afflicted with any form of mental illness and to integrate them into the life of the Church to the fullest extent possible.”

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Rest in Peace Most Rev. Michael Putney, Catholic Bishop of Townsville
Last edited 28th March 2014

Fr. Michael Lowcock, Vicar General of the Diocese of Townsville regretfully wishes to inform the community of the death of Bishop Michael Putney, Bishop of Townsville.


Freedom from Comparison - Fr Michael Schmitz
Last edited 27th March 2014

Freedom from Comparison.


Veteran WWII pilot Bill Purdy still flying Tiger Moths at 90
Last edited 25th March 2014

A World War II pilot who is turning 91 in April is proving age is no barrier in his quest to honour his mates this Anzac Day from the skies above Sydney.


Brian Skotko - A Doctor with a Passion to Serve People with Down Syndrome
Last edited 21st March 2014

On World Down Syndrome Day (March 21) whom better to tune into than Brian Skotko, an American geneticist and paediatrician who has dedicated his professional career to service of people with Down and their families? Those people include his own younger sister, Kristin, of whom he said in a recent interview with Science magazine:


Fortune Magazine Names Pope "Greatest World Leader"
Last edited 21st March 2014

The global business magazine has named Pope Francis the world's greatest leader in a world "starved for leadership," it says.


Andrew Forrest's Dream to Stop All Slavery
Last edited 18th March 2014

The terrified screams of a traumatised sex-trafficked teenager, witnessed by an Australian billionaire, have led to a history-making alliance between three of the world's major religions to end slavery.


Bill Gates reveals his family attends Catholic church
Last edited 17th March 2014

Bill Gates has revealed that his family regularly attends a Catholic church.


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