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U.S.-Mexico Border Mass Marked by Painful Reunion
Last edited 25th November 2014

Trinidad Acahua, once lived in the U.S. illegally, in El Paso, Texas. She had a job, paid her rent, stayed out of trouble. She had two children here, making them both U.S. citizens. But one day she ran a stop sign on her way to work and was pulled over. When she couldn't produce paperwork for insurance or proof of car ownership, she was taken into custody and eventually deported - forced to leave her two children behind in America. That was seven years ago.


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Asia Bibi Makes Last Legal Appeal to Save Her Life
Last edited 24th November 2014

Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy, is to appeal to the country’s supreme court in a last legal attempt to save her life.


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Bishop Peter Comensoli Appointed Bishop of Broken Bay
Last edited 20th November 2014

Auxiliary Bishop Peter Comensoli of the Archdiocese of Sydney has been appointed the third Bishop of the Diocese of Broken Bay.


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New Chicago Archbishop: Leave Your Comfort Zone
Last edited 19th November 2014

Newly installed Chicago Archbishop Blase J. Cupich’s first public homily stressed the importance of personal witness “with joy and compassion,” purified of “anger, harshness and fear.”


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Number of Enslaved Persons Rises to Nearly 36 Million
Last edited 23rd November 2014

Following the publication of the 2014 Global Slavery Index, L’Osservatore Romano devoted a front-page article in its November 19 edition to modern-day slavery.


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Fierce Humanity, Faithful Witness: In Memory of Nicholas Tonti-Filippini
Last edited 18th November 2014

Last Friday, 7 November, renowned Catholic ethicist Nicholas Tonti-Filippini died in Melbourne, aged 58, after living for nearly four decades with chronic auto-immune disease.


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A Single Voice in the Catholic Church
Last edited 17th November 2014

Anastasia Northrop, founder of the National Catholic Singles Conference, states that the number of single Catholics in the US now account for approximately 40% of the American Church. The spiritual difficulties and injuries encountered by unmarried Catholics should not be taken lightly. Many Catholics sadly have gotten caught up in a culture which regularly engages in cohabitation and contraception. It is erroneous to believe, however, that all single Catholics are no different in their values and practices than any other single American. There are numerous singles who practice their faith, assent to the Church’s doctrines and moral teachings, and who do their best to live a life worthy enough of a Catholic Christian.


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My Father’s Death Changed My Life
Last edited 16th November 2014

19 years ago Alex Breslin was diagnosed with brain cancer. He had a wife, a daughter, a son on the way (yours truly), and four months to live. Doctors told him that he had an inoperable brain tumor that nobody had ever been able to survive six months with. He had celebrated his last anniversary, he had wished his daughter a last happy birthday, and he had a son that he would never get to see.


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The Father, the Son & Very Proud Mum of Anthony Fisher
Last edited 11th November 2014

The incoming Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher, moved into St Mary’s Cathedral pres­bytery yesterday, bringing with him 10 flourishing pots of herbs — and a strong sense of family — to stand beside the roses cultivated by Cardinal George Pell.


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Appointment of Two New Auxiliary Bishops of Melbourne
Last edited 9th November 2014

The Holy Father Pope Francis has appointed as Auxiliary Bishops of Melbourne, the Reverend Monsignor Terence Curtin and the Reverend Father Mark Stuart Edwards OMI. Mgr Curtin is currently Parish Priest of Greythorn and the Episcopal Vicar for the Eastern Region of the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Fr Edwards is presently Rector of Iona College in Brisbane.


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