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28 Ethiopians Reportedly Killed in new Islamic State Massacre
Last edited 20th April 2015

Islamic State terrorists in Libya apparently killed 28 Ethiopian Christians, describing them as representatives of the “enemy Ethiopian Church,” in a new massacre.

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Cardinal Francis George, 78, Dies After Long Fight with Cancer
Last edited 19th April 2015

Cardinal Francis E. George, the retired archbishop of Chicago who was the first native Chicagoan to head the archdiocese, died April 17 at his residence after nearly 10 years battling cancer. He was 78.


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Parents with a Disability 'Judged on Parental Skills Before they can Learn', Inquiry Hears
Last edited 17th April 2015

Parents with a disability are treated almost like criminals, a parliamentary committee conducting a hearing in the ACT has heard. The Senate Standing Committee is looking into the adequacy of Australia's out-of-home care arrangements, and whether the system is letting people down.

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Mystery Man saved Mathew Sitko After his SUV Crashed over Bryden Canyon, Idaho
Last edited 17th April 2015

Mystery man saved Mathew Sitko after his SUV crashed over Bryden Canyon, Idaho. The hero of the day smashed the passenger-side window with a rock and pulled Mr Sitko to safety but he left as police arrived on the scene.“He said he had to go, and he left,” Lewiston police officer Eric Olson said.

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Pope Greets Family of Asia Bibi at General Audience
Last edited 15th April 2015

Pope Francis gave a special greeting to Asia Bibi’s husband and one of her daughters at the his general audience on Wednesday 15 April 2015, according to Vatican Radio. Ms Bibi, a Pakistani Christian who was sentenced to death for blasphemy, is to appeal to the country’s supreme court in a last legal attempt to save her life.


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Facing Eternity
Last edited 15th April 2015

I'm Fr Chris Reay, Parish Priest of Nathalia in northern Victoria. My friend, Fr Rob Galea suggested that I blog a series of short reflections on what it's like to be told "you're terminally ill". This is the first blog.

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3 Weeks as an I.S. Captive, One Woman Tells Her Story
Last edited 31st March 2015

The woman was just 19 years old when she was captured by militants from the Islamic State. Caring for her young son and pregnant with her second child, she was separated from her husband and told that she would be forced to marry a member of ISIS.


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Varied Paths Bring Thousands into Catholic Church at Easter Vigil
Last edited 30th March 2015

Who was Jesus? Why do we need a pope? How were we made by God? All of these are good questions that anyone considering becoming Catholic might ask.


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Retirement Village Turned Dorm: Dutch Nursing Home Lets Students Live Rent Free
Last edited 27th March 2015

A retirement home in the Netherlands says pairing young students with elderly residents has brought about great results.

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Mom Gives Birth to Conjoined Twin Girls Who Share One Heart
Last edited 27th March 2015

In Indonesia, conjoined twin girls were born with a very rare condition and share a chest, abdomen and a heart.According to the Daily Mail, the girls are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Soetomo Hospital and are the most common conjoined twins known as thoracopagus twins.

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