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What Are Angels?
Last edited 23rd September 2011

How much do you know about 'Angels'? What does the Church teach about these spiritual beings? Visit this article for answers to all the common questions about Angels, including proof of their existence, why they were created, and how we can pray through them!

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When God Seems Distant: A Meditation on the Omnipresence of God
Last edited 12th September 2011

We have all experienced times in our life when God seems distant, quite far from our heart and mind. Perhaps we been influenced in this experience by disappointment, loss, grief, depression or boredom. Praying seems hard, and God seems to hide his face. In this article, Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington, reflects on how we overcome this barrier to find God.

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The Acts We Perform; The People We Become
Last edited 6th September 2011

Pope John Paul II put his finger on a problem typical of our time, namely, that people think that they can do lots of bad things while still remaining, deep down, "good persons," as though their characters are separable from the particular things that they do. In this article, Fr. Robert Barron unpacks JPII's teachings on ethical decision making, showing that our actions cannot be seperated from our personhood - particularly in the area of sexuality.

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Loved into Existence: Science Consistent with Christian Belief
Last edited 10th August 2011

Dr. Morse gave this speech April 23, 2011, at Hong Kong Baptist University, at a conference of Western and Chinese scholars, entitled “The Family and Sexual Ethics: Christian Foundations and Public Values.” China is experiencing numerous problems due to family breakdown, including the one child policy, high divorce rates, and an imbalanced sex ratio. This conference was convened because many in China, even in the Academy of Science and in government, are interested in what Christianity has to say about marriage, family, sexuality and society.

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The Eucharist & Cannibalism
Last edited 8th August 2011

Perhaps the most disconcerting Catholic doctrine is the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. Many people today have the same reaction as those disciples who heard Jesus preach it for the first time in Capernaum and were scandalized, “This saying is hard, and who can hear it?” (Jn. 6:61). John says that after, many of His disciples stopped following Him altogether.


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How Can the Saints Hear Us? Because God is Able!
Last edited 14th July 2011

A common Evangelical protest against the Catholic practice of praying and interacting with the saints is that they “can’t hear us.” Those who disbelieve our practice often quote 1 Kings 8:39 which says, for you alone (O Lord) know the hearts of all men. In this article, Msgr. Charles Pope refutes that claim that the Saints cannot hear our prayers, and answers the common questions about the Catholic practice of praying through the intercession of the Saints.

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That I May See You: A Look at Benedict XVI's Catecheses on Christian Prayer
Last edited 23rd June 2011

Reading Benedict XVI's recent cycle of catecheses on the Fathers of the Church, one can only imagine what it would have been like to study Church history under Joseph Ratzinger, the professor at Tübingen. Now with the latest series of catecheses, this German Pope takes the faithful on a new course -- his school of prayer. In this article, Kevin M. Clarke reflects on the Pope's recent catecheses on prayer.

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'Without God, Man Falls into Idolatry'
Last edited 17th June 2011

 “When God disappears, man falls into the slavery of idolatry,” Pope Benedict XVI said at the June 15 General Audience in St. Peter’s Square. This phenomenon, he said, is clearly “shown by the totalitarian regimes of our time and with various forms of nihilism, which make man dependent on idols and idolatry, which enslave.”


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New Translation of Liturgy Launched to Mass Applause
Last edited 14th June 2011

A Catholic priest of almost six decades, and another newly ordained, both praised the new English translation of the liturgy celebrated at Sunday mass for the first time in Australia yesterday. Tim Norris, 82, and Greg Morgan, 24, agreed the translation was richer and more devotional, and had been well received.


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Defending the Catholic Church - New Book Clears Misunderstandings
Last edited 29th May 2011

Anti-Catholicism might be the last acceptable prejudice in society today, but Canadian author and journalist Michael Coren isn't going to take it lying down. In his recently published book, "Why Catholics Are Right," he examines a number of common criticisms of the Church.


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