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Book Review: The Godless Delusion - A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism
Last edited 7th March 2011

Contemporary Catholics are often without any defense against the argumentative qualities of the progressive atheists that are proliferating in American society. When asked to defend precepts and doctrinal facets of Catholicism, the average faithful Catholic is unfortunately not always well-armed to repel the secular arguments against God, faith and Catholicism.


Live Action: Critique vs. Defence
Last edited 25th February 2011

At the beginning of February US pro-life group, Live Action, released a video of one of its "sting" operations at a Planned Parenthood clinic, revealing the manager's willingness to assist two people acting as a pimp and a prostitute in sex trafficking of underage girls. This project has had a very positive result in the pro-life movement, exposing the corruption rife in Planned Parenthood and potentially removing its funding from the US Government. However, in order to achieve this result, Live Action participants had to lie.


Biblical “Weirdness”: Atheists Attack God as a Monster
Last edited 20th February 2011

One of the arguments made by the latest wave of atheists is that religion promotes violence and injustice. They point to a number of passages in the Old Testament that are in sharp contrast to modern values. Paul Copan has answered these accusations in a book just published, “Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God”. Visit this article to read a review of this book by Fr John Flynn.

Cain’s Conscience - A Reflection on the Truth That We Really DO Know What We Are Doing
Last edited 15th February 2011

When reading Genesis, we encounter the character of Cain - an angry, jealous man with a competative view on life that is all too familiar in society today. However this passage in scripture does not merely show us an internal struggle with anger and sin in Cain, but also another reality all men and women - the existence of a conscience. Our 'conscience” is the innate sense of the law of God in each one of us. All too often people justify evils actions with the comment "they don't know they are doing anything wrong" - but is this possible?


The "Order of Mass" - New Missal Translation
Last edited 22nd October 2012

Here is a copy of the draft "Order of the Mass" using the New Missal translation, which is due to be released in parishes later this year. The new translation links the Liturgy of the Holy Mass with Sacred Scripture and is excellent for catechesis. Download the full PDF here on Xt3!


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Catholics Need to Study Marian Doctrines More Closely
Last edited 9th February 2011

Auxiliary Bishop George Stack of Westminster has told the Church of England General Synod that Catholics as well as Anglicans need to study Marian doctrine more closely. He pointed out that John Paul II himself said that Mary was “one of the areas in need of fuller study before a true consensus of faith can be achieved”. Visit this article to read more.

Revised Bible Provides 'More Clarity, More Detail' for Today's Catholic
Last edited 4th February 2011

The revised New American Bible that will be released on Ash Wednesday (March 9) "will be like going from regular TV to high-definition," said Mary Elizabeth Sperry, associate director of New American Bible utilization for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. "You'll have the same programs but more clarity, more detail." Visit this article to read more.

Deacons and Exorcisms
Last edited 1st February 2011

Can deacons perform the rite of exorcism or be appointed by their bishops to serve as exorcists? Father Edward McNamara answers this quesion in this article from Zenit.

"I Now Declare You Man and Wife"
Last edited 18th January 2011

Question: In the last 10 years I have attended a number of Catholic marriages and in none of them does the priest ever say, "I now declare you man and wife." What happened to that simple declarative statement and why has it been excised from the marriage vows? Father Edward McNamara looks at the Roman Catholic rite of matrimony in this article.

The Rosary of the Virgin Mary - By John Paul II
Last edited 17th January 2011

Here is John Paul II's apostolic letter 'Rosarium Virginis Mariae' on the Rosary of the Virgin Mary, which looks at the history of prayer, and the importance of the Holy Rosary in our Catholic faith.

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