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WYD Pilgrims to Receive a Social Doctrine App from the Pope

Last edited 11th July 2016

Pope Francis has established a tech-savvy track record as Pope, and now in addition to breaking records on Instagram and becoming the first Pope to use Google Hangouts, he will give World Youth Day pilgrims a new electronic app.


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WYD Translations on Radio Waves

Last edited 7th July 2016

Every pilgrim who will participate in the Main Events in July should bring along a small portable radio with headphones. This will enable the use of translations.


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The Beauty of Consecration: Joy, Joy!

Last edited 7th July 2016

A million copies of the book "Love is Giving Everything" about consecrated life will go to pilgrims at World Youth Day.


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World Youth Day : Leaders Tell Pilgrims to Prepare Sensibly, Spiritually

Last edited 7th July 2016

As World Youth Day approaches, U.S. organizers offered tips on how pilgrims can prepare logistically, spiritually and even digitally.


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Special Train Ticket for Pilgrims

Last edited 1st July 2016

The PKP Intercity Polish railway has prepared a special offer for participants of WYD.


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Mercy Festival - Let's Begin WYD with Worship

Last edited 1st July 2016

The organizers of Mercy Festival invite everyone to prepare for WYD by worshiping God. Retreats, evangelization, and worship concerts will be held in St Mary's Church and in the Main Market Square throughout the week preceding the WYD Main Events.


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Weather Forecast for WYD

Last edited 1st July 2016

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - National Research Institute will prepare a weather forecast for the duration of World Youth Day, which will be available on the website


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Downloadable WYD2016 Webcast Buttons

Last edited 27th June 2016 can help you connect your communities and parishes to World Youth Day Krakow online! We'll be providing regular video blogs direct from Krakow on our WYD2016 Blog and hosting a schedule of livestream events of the main World Youth Day events (courtesy of Salt + Light Media). Make it easy for your community to access this great content with banners you can easily embed onto your website.


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WYD Archived Webcast Videos - On Demand

Last edited 31st July 2016

Dear World Youth Day enthusiasts the WYD webcasts will be on demand after the live streaming of the event at the following URL:


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Krakow in the Capital

Last edited 19th June 2016

The Catholic Apostolate Center has launched a new web portal at: which will feature formation resources and guides to the World Youth Day events in Krakow and in the United States.


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