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Pope's Surprise for WYD

Last edited 31st January 2016

Pope Francis has a special suggestion for young people today: "Be like Frassati!", pointing them towards the example of someone their age - Pier Giorgio Frassati - whose remains will be brought to Krakow for World Youth Day.


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Half a Year to WYD!

Last edited 1st February 2016

Only half a year is left to World Youth Day Krakow 2016!


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Polish Missionary Martyrs an Example for WYD2016 Pilgrims

Last edited 9th December 2015

On December 5th in Peru, the beatification of the Polish Franciscan missionary martyrs Fr. Michal Tomaszeka and Fr. Zbigniew Strzalkowski, as well as Fr. Alessandro Dordi from the Italian Diocese of Bergamo, took place in Peru. At the same time, a Mass of thanksgiving was celebrated at the basilica of the Franciscans Fathers in Krakow to honour the lives of these modern day Saints.


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All About the WYD2016 Official Youth Festival in Krakow!

Last edited 26th November 2015

The World Youth Day office in Krakow have launched a new page with information about the WYD2016 Youth Festival, which is a series of events that will take place in between the major gatherings during the World Youth Day week. The Festival experience will allow pilgrims to not only expand the cultural experience they receive during World Youth Day, but it will also give them an opportunity to expand their spiritual life through a number of small events all over Krakow.


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Effects of World Youth Days and Australian Catholic Youth Festivals - Anthony Fisher OP

Last edited 12th November 2015

Since around 2000 and especially since the World Youth Day (WYD) in Sydney in 2008, the Church in Australia has put a lot of energy into promoting the attendance of young people at the WYDs held internationally every three years. Australia has also now begun its own cycle of national events (the Australian Catholic Youth Festivals or ACYFs), also slated to occur every three years and modelled substantially on WYD.


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Sydney WYD Pilgrims - Here is a Great Way to Fundraise!

Last edited 30th October 2015

The Development and Fundraising Office through the Charitable Works Fund, has developed a new low-priced Raffle to benefit participating parishes and agencies.You can order and sell tickets and keep 100% of sales and this could be used for any of your agency projects.


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World Youth Day 2016 - Adult Jerseys - For Canadian Pilgrims

Last edited 28th October 2015

The Edmonton Archdiocese in Canada has made arrangements for custom made WYD 2016 jerseys for your parish group!

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Sydney Pilgrims: WYD2016 Registration Now Open!

Last edited 15th October 2015

Attention Sydney World Youth Day pilgrims... here is an important message from Catholic Youth Services, Archdiocese of Sydney:


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A Young Brazilian Sells Chocolate for WYD

Last edited 19th October 2015

Selling candies and other foods is already something common amongst Brazilian pilgrims, who dream of attending WYD in another country. However, a 27 years old young man from Santo Andre, in Sao Paulo, has done something a little less common: he created a complete line of truffles inspired by the greatest event for young Catholics in the world.


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St Faustina, Patron of WYD2016 - Feast Day 5 October

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Sister Mary Faustina, an apostle of the Divine Mercy, belongs today to the group of the most popular and well-known saints of the Church. Through her the Lord Jesus communicates to the world the great message of God's mercy and reveals the pattern of Christian perfection based on trust in God and on the attitude of mercy toward one's neighbors.


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