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Christians Facing Worst persecution in History, Report Says

Last edited 12th October 2017

Aid to the Church in Need accuses the international community of failing to take the situation seriously enough


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Boy Scouts Move to Accept Girls Prompts Backlash

Last edited 11th October 2017

The Boy Scouts of America have announced plans to admit girls into the century-old youth club, allowing them to achieve the same high rank as boys.


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Pope: Christians are Never Bored - They Persevere with Love

Last edited 11th October 2017

On Wednesday Pope Francis said Christians are never bored or hopeless, but know how to wait patiently – even when life is hard, monotonous or unclear – with the knowledge that after the darkness, there is always light.


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Australia Offers Nauru Detention to Manus Refugees

Last edited 11th October 2017

Refugees held by Australia on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island have been given the option of possibly moving to a detention centre in Nauru.


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World Mental Health Day 2017

Last edited 10th October 2017

Message from Bishop Terence Brady


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Boko Haram Suspects on Trial in Nigeria's Kainji town

Last edited 9th October 2017

The first in a series of trials of more than 6,600 people, accused of being members of militant Islamist group Boko Haram, has opened in Nigeria.


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Psychology student Aleksandra Chichikova crowned first Miss Wheelchair World

Last edited 8th October 2017

A psychology student from Belarus, Aleksandra Chichikova, has been crowned Miss Wheelchair World in the first-ever edition of the beauty pageant held in Warsaw, Poland on Saturday. "Fight your anxiety and your fears," the 23-year-old Chichikova said at a gala evening, after the contestants had presented themselves in national costumes and evening dresses in elaborate choreographies.


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Has the Original Santa Claus Been Found in Turkey?

Last edited 5th October 2017

Children look away now! For Turkish archaeologists believe they have found the tomb of the original Santa Claus, otherwise known as Saint Nicholas.


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Vatican Youth Summit to Hear ‘Doubts and Criticisms’ of the Church

Last edited 4th October 2017

As well as young Catholics, other Christians and young atheists have been invited to the event


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Three Years Later, This Terminally Ill man is Glad He Rejected Assisted Suicide

Last edited 4th October 2017

Three years ago, J.J. Hanson received a diagnosis that no one wants to hear. He had terminal brain cancer, and doctors said his time was short – he likely had about four months to live.


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