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Church of Rome shows hiding place where Jews were sheltered during Nazi persecution

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The ancient Jewish community in Rome did not avoid the Nazi madness. Following a big raid in October 1943, many Jews were forced to live in hiding, some in churches like this one: Saint Joachim, in the center of Rome.


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When Hitler Wanted to Kidnap Pius XII

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In Rome, in 1944, shortly before the war ended, SS General Otto Wolff met secretly with Pope Pius XII to reveal that Hitler planned to kidnap him.


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Were the Crusades Holy Wars?

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It is very common for people to criticise the Catholic Church for it's role in the Crusades. But how much do people actually know about the history of these wars and why they were considered important? In this video, a Cambridge historian explains the Crusades' concept of "holy war."

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37 Years Ago, John Paul I was Elected Pope

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On August 26, 1978 Albino Luciani was elected Pope. Overlooking St. Peter's Square, John Paul I gave his first blessing. He decided to honor his predecessors by combining their names. From John XXIII he took the name John and from Paul VI, the name Paul. After only 33 days as the head of the Catholic Church, John Paul I died suddenly at the age of 65. It's marked as the shortest papacy in modern history.

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Priests in History Who were Killed while Celebrating Mass

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Pope Saint Sixtus II died in the third century and Saint Stanislaus of Poland in the eleventh. Although they lived hundreds of years apart in completely different contexts, these two have something in common: They were both murdered while celebrating mass.

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A Short History of the Vatican Christmas Trees

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Every December, a giant Christmas tree decorates St. Peter's Square. For years, only Italian regions gave it to the Vatican as a gift. But in 2008 this spruce came all the way from Piesting Valley, in Austria. It was 109 feet tall and had 120 years. After Austria, it was the turn of Belgium. In 2009, this fir of 89 feet and 6 tons came from the town of Spa. Italy also gave a spruce in 2010. More than 3,000 golden spheres were needed to decorate it.

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Pope Francis remembers the 30th Anniversary of Peace Treaty between Chile and Argentina

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During the General Audience, Pope Francis remembered the 30th anniversary of the peace treaty that was signed by Chile and Argentina on November 29, 1984 at the Vatican.

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Pope Francis Recalls Fall of Berlin Wall

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Pope Francis recalls the fall of the Berlin wall during his Angelus address in St. Peter's Square Nov. 9.

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Pope to Mark WWI, with Visit to Cemetery for Fallen Soldiers

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It was 100 years ago that World War I began. Millions died, making it one of the deadliest conflicts in modern history. To mark the occasion, Pope Francis announced he will visit Italy's Austro-Hungarian War Cemetery on Saturday, September 13th. It's there, that a total of 697 soldiers were laid to rest. There's also a monument to honor the fallen.

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Rwandan Genocide Impacts a Second Generation

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A Catholic relief worker says a new generation is suffering from the effects of the Rwandan genocide, which occurred from April to July two decades ago. Watch this video by Catholic News Service for more.

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