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Vatican Publishes Documents from Inquisition

Last edited 7th June 2010

For the first time the Vatican has published one part of the 16th century documents related to Science and natural Philosophy censored by the Inquisition.

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The Life of Polish Priest Jerzy Popieluszko

Last edited 7th June 2010

Jerzy Popieluszko was a charismatic Catholic priest whose sermons and opposition to Poland's Communist regime made him famous but also put his life at risk.

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Oldest Footage Of The Longest Reigning Pope! (1896)

Last edited 11th May 2010

This is the oldest known footage of a Pope in existence. This film of Pope Leo XIII was created in 1896. The audio portion is the oldest known audio recording of Pope, also of Pope Leo XIII recorded in 1903. The audio is Pope Leo XIII chanting the Ave Maria in Latin.

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The First Church Council

Last edited 6th May 2010

What was the first Church Council? Where and when did they meet? Find out in the short video! This is a reflection for 6 May 2010

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95 Years Since the Armenian Genocide

Last edited 27th April 2010

April 24th is the day the world remembers historys first Christian genocide- the Armenian genocide. Watch this video to find out more...

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The Last Martyr Pope

Last edited 14th April 2010

Do you know in which century the last martyr Pope lived? What was his name?

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The Shroud of Turin: Face to face with mystery

Last edited 6th April 2010

H2O News: The Shroud of Turin, which, according to tradition, is the linen cloth that Jesus body was wrapped in after being removed from the cross, continues not only to spur reason and faith, but also to offer the opportunity to encounter a living mystery

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The Crux Vaticana Restored

Last edited 3rd February 2010

Its one of the most ancient crosses in the world. But what makes this one so precious is what it holds in the middle: A small fragment of the Cross that Jesus was crucified on.

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The Churchs Most Spectacular Papal Tomb Restored

Last edited 28th January 2010

The most important Italian sculptor of the time, Antonio del Pollaiolo, took nine years to finish this tomb - and it was never used! Find out more about the restoration of this beautiful bronze tomb, intended for Pope Sixtus IV - all the way back in 1484!

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i-Phone app for the Vatican Museum

Last edited 28th January 2010

You can now tour the Eternal City on your i-phone! Check it out here.

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