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Liberation of Auschwitz: BXVI Remembers the Victims of the Holocaust

Last edited 28th January 2010

65 years after the of liberation of Auschwitz, Pope Benedict XVI was   overcome with emotion as he remembered the victims of the Holocaust during the weekly general audience. The pope lamented the horror of the Holocaust and said the crimes that were a result of racial and religious hatred shouldn’t be repeated.

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How John Paul II Helped Chile and Argentina Avoid Going to War

Last edited 17th January 2011

Chile and Argentina were at odds over the Islands of the Beagle Channel since the late 19th century. They were very close to going to war around Christmas on 1978 - until Pope John Paul II stepped in to mediate.

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Church of the Nativity

Last edited 26th November 2009

Forget snow and Christmas trees, Christmas first began in the little town of Bethlehem. See the Church of the Nativity that now stands where a little manger once was.

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Commemorating the Feast of St Benedict

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Want to know more about St Benedict? Be sure to watch this interview, from Salt and Light TV between Fr Tom Rosica and the Archabbot of Monte Cassino, Benedictine Father Pietro Vittorelli.


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