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Religion: Twitter's Hot Topic

Last edited 5th December 2012

On the occasion of Pope Benedict's Twitter account debut, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, the manager of social innovation for Twitter, spoke to CNS about the surprising degree of interest in religion among users of social media.

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The Pope Reaches Over Half a Million Twitter Followers in 24 Hours

Last edited 4th December 2012

The popularity of the Pope's Twitter account swelled enourmously within 24 hours, reaching nearly half a million followers on the social site, and despite the fact that the first tweet from Benedict XVI will not come out until December 12. The most popular of the Pope's eight accounts is the English-language version @Pontifex, which has well over 350,000 followers.

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Pope Benedict XVI's Official Account on Twitter!

Last edited 3rd December 2012

On December 12 Benedict XVI will write his first tweet using his account @pontifex. During a packed press conference. The Vatican explained that Pope's involvement in social media shows his desire to speak to modern men and women wherever they may be. His first tweets will answer several questions about faith that any person can send him before December 12, using the hashtag #askpontifex.

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Mobile App Tracks Advent Calendar, Aimed at Catholic Youth

Last edited 3rd December 2012

Here is a story by Rome Reports on Xt3's 2012 Advent Calendar App!


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The Catholic Cardinals Who Tweet

Last edited 3rd December 2012

Did you know that some of the world's Cardinals have Twitter accounts? Find out who you can follow via Twitter in this video!

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The Pope and Twitter: New Tweets in December?

Last edited 28th November 2012

The Pope is no stranger to Twitter and now it seems like he could be using the social networking site more often. On Monday, December 3rd, the Vatican's communication department will discuss some of its new social media plans and that could very well include more posts from Benedict XVI on Twitter.

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Saint Barbara - Film Trailer

Last edited 27th November 2012

In 303 A.D., Barbara is the beautiful, twenty-year old daughter of Dioscoro, the Roman governor during a time of fierce Christian persecution. Barbara is a pagan, but when Giuliana, a slave raised alongside her almost like a sister, is condemned to death for her Christian faith, Barbara rebels.


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"Skyfall": A Commentary by Fr. Barron

Last edited 16th November 2012

Is there a Catholic message in the new James Bond movie "Skyfall"? Fr. Robert Barron thinks so! Watch this video for a review of the movie "Skyfall" - warning, there are SPOILERS!

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Catholics Must Take Advantage of Facebook and Twitter

Last edited 14th November 2012

About 34% of the world's population uses the Internet. So, writing about God on social networking sites is a very powerful tool for the New Evangelization. Social media expert, José Luis Orihuela, says that it's not enough to just be on the web.

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American Diocese Launches 'App' for the New Evangelization

Last edited 18th November 2012

Using technology for the New Evangelization just became a lot easier with a new App called 'My Year of Faith'!


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