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Video Trailer for "May Feelings 5"

Last edited 21st March 2012

Five years ago a group of Spanish youth released a video during the month of May to promote praying the rosary. The videos were popular around the world, and the group has since published a new video every May. Here is a trailer for the release of the 2012 May Feelings video, which will be available on 1 May 2012.

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"For Greater Glory" - A Film on Mexico's Religious Persecution

Last edited 21st March 2012

On April 20th a film that deals with a key part of Mexico's history with Catholicism will be released in Mexico. The movie, is called “For Greater Glory.” The cast includes big Hollywood names like Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria, and Peter O' Toole.


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5 Reasons Why I Won't See 'The Hunger Games'

Last edited 28th March 2012

Is The Hunger Games series really a critique of the violence and injustice it describes? This video review from questions the themes of the upcoming blockbuster film, which puts personal interests above morality. While the movie looks spectacular, viewers are urged to see the main character, who must for-go her morality and principles in order to survive, as a hero. Shouldn't a true hero stand up for their principles? Watch this video for more.


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Fr Robert Barron - A Personal Message to Everyone on Xt3!

Last edited 8th April 2012

Fr Robert Barron visited Australia in March 2012.While in Sydney, he left a message for all our Xt3 viewers!

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Catholic Communicators Prepare to Face Mexican Media During Pope's Visit

Last edited 6th March 2012

The coming visit of Benedict XVI to Mexico and Cuba is receiving a lot of attention by the media in Latin America. For the trip, the Catholic Church will be in the spotlight with different interviews, debates and news stories. In order to prepare Mexican journalists for the pope's visit, the group Mexican Catholic Voices spent a week in the city of Guadalajara training a group of 25 speakers on religion in the media.

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Cardinal Wuerl of Washington Enters Blogosphere

Last edited 29th February 2012

The Archbishop of Washington DC, Cardinal Donald Wuerl has joined the ranks of other Church leaders that write their own blog. It's called Seek First the Kingdom, where he says he plans to write about the “Catholic faith, what it teaches, why it's so important” not only to him but to everyone.

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Xt3 - A Website for Lent: Prayers, Readings and Even 'Lent Trivia'

Last edited 28th February 2012

Watch this video for a news story by Rome Reports, on the Xt3 Lent Calendar!

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"The Grey" - Film Review by Fr. Robert Barron

Last edited 22nd February 2012

"The Grey" is a movie about survival against extraordinary odds, starring Liam Neeson. The film is gripping and a good portrayal of human spirit - however it also has an underlying message that we cannot depend on the supernatural. In this video, Fr. Robert Barron reviews the film, providing a Christian response to the underlying doubt against the existence of God in the movie.


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2012 Lent Calendar on

Last edited 31st May 2012

You can give up something old this Lenten season... BUT you can also take up something NEW!


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Congratulate Busted Halo With a Video, Win a Prize!

Last edited 6th February 2012

Next month Busted Halo® turns 10! was founded 10 years ago in order to help young adult spiritual seekers explore their faith and connect with other young adults on their own journeys toward God.


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