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John Allen - The Future Church

Last edited 9th February 2011

John L. Allen, Jr, is the Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and a Vatican analyst for CNN and National Public Radio. He is a renowned author, lecturer, journalist, teacher and articulate layman of the Church. In Roman circles, he has been called "the best English-language Vatican reporter in history." Join Fr. Thomas Rosica for this intriguing interview with one of the best "Vaticanistas" and journalists of our times.

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"Babies" - A Heartwarming Documentary

Last edited 6th February 2011

The French documentary "Babies" follows four children from Namibia, Japan, Mongolia and California from the day of their birth to their first steps. The film, directed by Thomas Balmes, was released last May in the United States.

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Spanish Documentary "Sueños de Haití" Brings Hope in Quake Aftermath

Last edited 30th January 2011

One year after the anniversary of the earthquake that devastated the Caribbean nation of Haiti, the situation there has not improved that much. The Spanish documentary "Sueños de Haití" or "Dreams of Haiti," takes us back to the first weeks after the natural disaster that left the country in ruins.

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XT3 - The Social Network that Unites the Catholic World

Last edited 28th January 2011

Rome Reports has done a story on our very own!

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10th Anniversary of Wikipedia

Last edited 27th January 2011

Wikipedia, one of the most popular and well-used websites in the world, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. The founder of Wikipedia shares the story of the sites beginnings and growth in this video!

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Pope's World Communications Day Message 2011

Last edited 3rd June 2011

Pope Benedict XVI has asked Catholics to make their presence felt in social networks. It is part of his message for the 45th World Day of Social Communication, in which he said there is a "Christian style" of using the internet. Click here to read the Pope's message!

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Saintliness and Betrayal; War and Forgiveness - All Come Together In New Movie

Last edited 14th January 2011

A movie to be released  in a few months by internationally renown director Roland Joffe is already raising great interest and discussion. With themes of love, war and forgiveness,  it features as one of the leading characters St Josemaria  Escriva, founder of Opus Dei (work of God). The movie is called "There Be Dragons" and is set during the Spanish Civil War. Click here to read more about the film!

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Fr. Barron Reviews on the Film "True Grit"

Last edited 12th January 2011

Fr. Robert Barron reviews the new Western movie "True Grit", a remake of an original John Wayne movie, that has a spiritual dimension. In this video, Fr Robert Barron looks at the concepts freedom, vengence, love and truth embodied in the film - this is a great film to recommend to anyone seeking deeper meaning in life.


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Competition Sets a Prize at 10,000 Euro for Best Video of Pope

Last edited 12th January 2011

The non-profit organization 'Showing Christianism' has launched an international film competition in the attempts to promote Christianity.


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Top 10 Vatican News Stories from 2010

Last edited 28th December 2010

Rome Reports has listed the ten most important news stories from the Vatican in 2010, with its short and long term impacts. Watch this video for more!

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