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The Synod will Reflect on How to Help Families that are Going Through Difficult Times

Last edited 24th June 2015

The Vatican has introduced the working document for the Synod of Bishops on the family. The text reflects the results of the first Synod and also offers important new information.


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See the Moment 66 People Loaded Onto a Surfboard and Set a World Record

Last edited 21st June 2015

A gutsy group of Californian surfers, young and old, were named record-holders after they managed to clamber onto a custom-built board and ride a wave for 12 seconds.They smashed the previous record held by Australia, which was broken in Queensland about a decade ago when 47 surfers rode a wave for 10 seconds.

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How Satoko Kitahara Found the Church in Very Unlikley Circumstances

Last edited 2nd June 2015

Satoko Kitahara was always an unlikely Catholic convert. She was born in Japan during the summer of 1929, and her aristocratic family could trace its bloodline to ancient Japanese Samurai. But now she has been declared a Servant of God. One day, Kitahara could even become a Blessed or a Saint.

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Meet One of the New Swiss Guards!

Last edited 5th May 2015

Every year, on the first week on May the world media turns to the smallest army in the world, as new recruits take their oath. This year, the Swiss Guard has 32 new soldiers. Among them is 22 year old Zuffrey Cyrille.

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Benedict Daswa: South Africa's First Martyr

Last edited 3rd May 2015

Benedict Daswa was an ordinary South African who belonged to his country's Catholic minority. In 1990, he was murdered for opposing witchcraft. He left behind a mother, wife, and eight children. His family recently found out that Pope Francis has recognized Daswa's martyrdom. Watch this video for his story!

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Abused Dog Gets Second Chance In Prison - Inspirational Videos

Last edited 24th April 2015

Esther is a lab who was rescued from a severely abusive puppy mill. Her experience has left her heartbreakingly terrified of human touch. But she just got a second chance in the most unusual place...prision. Watching her transform thanks to the love and patience of Jason will melt your heart. But it's not exactly clear who saved whom!

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One.Sacrifice – Ignite Live – Justin Mourits

Last edited 23rd April 2015

There have been many sacrifices in world history, but one sacrifice changed history of the entire world! Hear Justin Mourits unpack sacrifice and his own journey including how he encountered Jesus at a World Youth Day event in Sydney, 2008.

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Homeless 62-Year-Old Finally Gets Off The Streets After Discovering Long-Lost Bank Account

Last edited 20th April 2015

Living in a cardboard box on the streets of downtown Tampa, Florida, a 62-year-old man who has been homeless for three years will soon have a place to call “home”.

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Nigerians Pray for Missing Girls

Last edited 15th April 2015

Nigerians pray for the safe return of 200 schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram one year ago. Video by Catholic News Service.

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Welcome to Cambodia?

Last edited 19th March 2015

Australia has signed a deal with the Cambodian Government to settle refugees in that nation. Follow Sopheak as he goes on a journey through his country, learning about life for Khmer and stateless Vietnamese people and asking them how they feel about Australia sending refugees to live among them.

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