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Caffeinated Conversations with Paul J. Kim

Last edited 14th October 2015

Maria Mitchell chats with Paul J. Kim about how he takes his coffee (4 sugars!), how he got started speaking (class clown), his first attraction to the Church (girls and donuts) and why his favorite aspect of ministry is speaking to the kids who don't care about the Church, reaching their hearts through music and humor.

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Personality Test: Part 3

Last edited 14th October 2015

In this third part of her series on personalities, Rose Sweet dives deeper into the the four natural temperaments by exploring the natural blends of choleric-melancholic, sanguine-choleric, and phlegmatic-sanguine. She also addresses the role that temperaments can play in different marriage relationships.

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Earthquakes, Adoption & Insane Trekking - 2 years in Nepal!

Last edited 27th October 2015

Matthew and Brittany Darvas are professional humanitarian workers for INF and World Vision they spent the last two years in Nepal here are the video highlights.

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"Pumas, Pistols & Prayers" with Sam Clear, Theology on Tap

Last edited 22nd September 2015

Sam Clear walked 15,600 km on foot, over 568 days, with 11 near-death encounters. His tale and quest for unity is one that features great courage, personal risk and opportunities to love under difficult circumstances. More details about his story and new book is here:

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Cyber Seniors

Last edited 21st September 2015

A humorous and heartwarming documentary feature, "Cyber-Seniors" chronicles the extraordinary journey of a group of senior citizens as they discover the world of the internet through the guidance of teenage mentors.

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The Story of Fr Capodanno - Video by Christopher Stefanick

Last edited 7th September 2015

Have youever heard the story of Fr Capodanno, an American military chaplain who served in Vietnam? Watch this video by Christopher Stefanick to learn more about his story - it is incredible! What a modern day hero.

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Being Pro-Life - The Story of Sister Alicia Torres

Last edited 17th August 2015

Sister Alicia Torres speaks about how her involvement in pro-life work led to a broader understanding of the value of every human life.


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Fr. Robert Barron on His Appointment as Bishop

Last edited 28th July 2015

Bishop-elect Robert Barron answers common questions people have been asking about his appointment as auxiliary bishop in Los Angeles.

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YouTube Star Fr Robert Barron Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of LA!

Last edited 21st July 2015

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has a new team. On Tuesday, three new auxiliary bishops were appointed by Pope Francis.


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Meet the Priest who was Kidnapped by the Taliban and Lived to Tell About It

Last edited 15th July 2015

He was kidnapped by the Taliban and lived to tell about it. His name is Alexis Prem Kumar. A Catholic priest from India, who was volunteering in a school in Afghanistan. One day his life turned upside down.

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