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What it's REALLY like for a Development Worker in Nepal
Last edited 19th May 2014

A truly revealing look into what it's like to spend 17 days in one of the world's most remote and poorest places doing community development work. From the food, to the 'field fashion', the rats that chew through your bag, to the babies who run around with knives...


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Meant to Be or Just Luck? Couple Gets Married in Rome after 'Coin Promise'
Last edited 18th May 2014

This couple decided to head out to the Vatican the day after their wedding. Katherine and Andrew are from Ireland, but they got married in Rome, because it's here that their love story began six years ago.

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What Jim Caviezel said to People Who have had Abortions Made Him Weep
Last edited 15th May 2014

When actor Jim Caviezel sat down in front of the congregation at Rock Church, they had no idea what was about to hit them. During the 40 minute interview session, Caviezel repeatedly went off script, passionately exhorting his listeners not to be happy with mediocrity, but to take Christ seriously. But he was never more passionate than when he spoke about abortion in the last four minutes of the intreview... (skip to 34:30 minutes).

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Missing: Prayer Keeps Hope Alive
Last edited 13th May 2014

A Catholic priest in Ireland founded a mission after a family member went missing in 2000, and he continues to keep the faces of those who have disappeared in full view. Video by Catholic News Service.

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Singer Celines Diaz gave up fame to worship God through her music
Last edited 5th May 2014

At 10 years old Celines Diaz wrote her first song. Since then, she has spent her life on stage. Diaz started out her career writing mainstream music, and in 2001, she signed an international record deal. However, she quickly realized that something was missing in her life. After attending a spiritual retreat, she decided to sing for God. CELINES DIAZSinger/Songwriter"I was dedicated to secular music. But during the retreat, my experience with God, with his forgiveness and his love, was so great and wonderful. I discovered that Jesus is alive. Since that moment, I wanted to give him my life, which is my music.”

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Nomadelfia: A lifestyle based on early Christians
Last edited 5th May 2014

In 1948, Italian priest Zeno Saltini founded the city of 'Nomadelfia.' But it's definitely not your typical city. It's made up of families that take in abandoned children. Their charism is very particular. They live the way the first Christian communities in Jerusalem lived. There is no private property, and all good are shared. Fr. Ferdinando is Zeno Salitini's successor as the priest that assists this community. FR. FERDINANDONomadelfia"Nomadelfia means: 'Where fraternity is the law.' In other words, to live fraternally is not simply romanticism. It means being side by side, respecting each other, sharing all that you have, and to put all personal skills and traits to the service of others.”

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Professor Hayden Ramsay - A Reflection on Pope John Paul II
Last edited 17th April 2014

Professor Hayden Ramsay is Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor of The University of Notre Dame, Australia and Chair of College, Philosophy and Theology in Sydney. In this interview Professor Ramsay shares with us a personal encounter he had with Pope John Paul ll and the impact it had on him.


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Patrick Langrell - A Reflection on Pope John Paul II
Last edited 17th April 2014

Patrick Langrell is the Chaplaincy Convenor at The University of Notre Dame Australia in this interview we ask Patrick what he thinks is the greatest legacy of Pope John Paul ll.


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Cormac McCaughan - A Refection on Pope John Paul II
Last edited 17th April 2014

Cormac McCaughan refects on when he met Pope John Paul II as a child and how as a young adult, he has learned so much from the teachings of Pope John Paul ll.


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Ellen Murphy World Youth Day Testimony
Last edited 30th April 2014

Ellen Murphy is a student at The University of Notre Dame, Australia. In this video she shares her faith journey and her special moment whilst on pilgrimage at World Youth Day Rio. The pilgrimage to Brazil helped Ellen clear up some misconceptions about the Catholic Church, as well as highlighting to her the importance for Christian Unity.

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