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Unexpected Generosity
Last edited 30th May 2013

SoulPancake hit the streets to discover stories of unexpected generosity.

Realising African Visions: Safe Access to Clean Water - A Caritas Project
Last edited 27th May 2013

When the women of Nkhungulu village collected their water from the Bua river, which flows into lake Malawi, they not only risked illness, they risked life. Caritas is working to fix this! In this video, Regina shares her story of surviving an attack by a crocodile and the transformation for the whole community now that they have built a borewater pump close to the village.

Blind Prodigy Sees God Through Song
Last edited 14th May 2013

This blind musician from Northern Virginia performs in concert halls throughout the world, but says his Catholic faith helps him deliver his music.

Pope Francis: Don't Let Your Vanity Take Control
Last edited 14th May 2013

As usual, Pope Francis celebrated morning Mass at the Vatican's Casa Santa Marta Chapel. Just days before the Church celebrates Pentecost, the Pope talked about the Holy Spirit. He explained that the Holy Spirit reminds us of God. Through the power of memory, the Spirit sheds light both human miseries and human graces.

Little Boy Inspires a Message of Hope for Humanity After He Dies
Last edited 1st May 2013

Little Jayden was dying boy that brought incredible inspiration and hope to an entire community. Before he died, he told his father that he knew God needed him. Little did he know, but his faith and attitude started an amazing chain reaction that helped SO many people.

An Actress' Journey from Hollywood to Holy Vows
Last edited 1st May 2013

Dolores Hart stunned Hollywood in 1963, when after ten highly successful feature films, she chose to enter a contemplative monastery. Now, fifty years later, Mother Dolores gives this fascinating account of her life.

Coadjutor Bishop of Shanghai Dead: Spent 18 Years in Prison and Nine in Re-Education Camp
Last edited 1st May 2013

The Vatican issued a statement to honor Chinese Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian, who passed away on Saturday, April 27 at 96 years old. He spent almost a third of his life behind bars because of his Faith. He belonged to the Patriotic Catholic Association, but received recognition from the Vatican after the year 2000.

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Cardinal Dolan's Speech on Accepting the Wilberforce Award
Last edited 30th April 2013

Listen to Cardinal Dolan's amazing speech as he accepted the Wilberforce Award. In his acceptance speech he talked about the joy of baptising his grandnephew Charlie and how he observed the transformation of Charlie's parents whose lives now revolved and were absorbed with their new baby Charlie.


There Once Was A Boy Named Geoffrey Who Became a Priest
Last edited 29th April 2013

There once was a boy named Geoffrey, who at 100 years of age is the World's Oldest school teacher, living in Sydney.

A Website Becomes Key in the Canonization Process of a Cloistered Nun
Last edited 21st April 2013

The internet has managed to weave itself into all sectors of society and that includes this late cloistered nun, Mother Maria Josefa. The Spanish nun didn't actually use the web during her lifetime, but now it's a fundamental part of her canonization process.


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