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Pope Francis welcomes Jean Vanier, founder of L'Arche Foundation
Last edited 26th March 2014

Pope Francis met with the founder of L'Arche foundation, Jean Venier. Since 1964, the movement has been defending the dignity of the disabled and promoting their integration in society.


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What Can Each Person Do to End Hunger?
Last edited 4th March 2014

What can you do? That's the question Spanish NGO Manos Unidas wants people to ask themselves, when it comes to using resources. The Madrid-based Catholic Charity has been working since 1960 with the "marginalised” people that Pope Francis talks about so often. His messages inspire them to keep up their work.

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What Does Lent Mean to You? Vox Pops with Notre Dame Students!
Last edited 2nd April 2014

What does Lent mean to you? Have you decided to give something up this year, or perhaps take something up? asked some of the staff and students at The University of Notre Dame Australia what they were giving up for Lent, and what the Lenten Season means to them.


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Redefining Family
Last edited 28th February 2014

“You see so many people left alone. Why? Because of our concept of family.” – Guruji Sri Vast


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Catholic Generosity Warms the Poor
Last edited 27th February 2014

Baltimore's Beans & Bread Center is a Catholic-run organization charged with assisting the city's homeless population, which becomes more challenging when it's cold outside.

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Cotton Wool Kid: Meet the Man Whose Skin can Fall off at the Slightest Touch
Last edited 26th February 2014

Imagine having your skin fall off at the slightest touch. That's the reality for 34-year-old Brisbane man Dean Clifford who suffers from a rare condition known as Epidermolysis bullosa.


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This Little Boy With a Rare Condition Lived His Life in Fear. But Then He Met This 3-Legged Dog.
Last edited 20th February 2014

Last year we made this film as part of our documentary filmmaking course at the University of Hertfordshire. We managed to find this special family and document an incredible few months of their lives. We made this film to not only tell the families story, but to raise awareness of Schwartz Jampel Syndrome and to show how incredible rescue dogs are. A little bit of love can go a hell of a long way.

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Family Leaves it All Behind to become Missionaries in Hungary
Last edited 4th February 2014

For this young couple, going unnoticed is, well basically impossible. Daniel and Ana have six children. About a year and a half ago, they decided to pack everything and move to Hungary. It wasn't for a job, but instead to become missionaries in the Neocatechumenal Way. All the way from Spain they made Budapest their new home.

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Georg Ratzinger celebrates his 90 birthday in the Vatican with Benedict XVI
Last edited 15th January 2014

January 15th marks Msgr. Georg Ratzinger 90th birthday. He is celebrating it at the Vatican along with his younger brother, Pope emeritus Benedict XVI. The celebration will be private and will include a classical music concert. Georg is the last living relative of Benedict XVI, and his closest friend.

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Daniel Christie remembered as 'a beacon of morality with a heart of gold'
Last edited 12th January 2014

The death of Daniel Christie has prompted a massive outpouring of support on social media. Just 24 hours after an emotional statement penned by his family was posted on the NSW Police Force Facebook page, it had been ''liked'' by about 30,000 people and attracted close to 5500 comments.


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