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The Train Comes Only Once in a Lifetime

Last edited 8th July 2011

This is a new video promo from the World Youth Day team in Madrid, just to remind you that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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How WYD Pilgrims Can Save Money and Help the Planet

Last edited 7th June 2011

World Youth Day Madrid 2011 will go down in history as the greenest and most environmentally friendly. The website “Carpooling Madrid 11”  has been part of the solution. Its mission is to support young adults in Europe by helping them find carpools or public transportation routes to limit CO2 emissions. 

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Pope Has WYD Preview with Croatian Youth

Last edited 7th June 2011

The Pope met with roughly 40,000 Croatian youths in Zagreb's main square. Thousands of them wore colorful t-shirts with the name of the Pope. He urged them to seize their youth to discover the true meaning of their existence.


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How to Attend the WYD Mass for Men Called to the Priesthood

Last edited 8th July 2011

One of the many highlights of World Youth Day, is a Mass which will be celebrated by the Holy Father himself, on August 20st in Madrid. Seminarians or those who think they may have a calling to the priesthood, can attend this Mass. But first, they must be accredited. Watch this video to find out how!

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Last Day to Vote for Your Favorite Madrid 2011 WYD Song

Last edited 31st May 2011

There is only one more day left to vote in the contest “Tuned into Madrid.” These are the songs included in the soundtrack for World Youth Day Madrid 2011. On the website, voters can pick from 138 songs, until the deadline ends on May 31st. 

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Pope Ready to Answer Questions from Young Catholics During WYD 2011

Last edited 26th May 2011

The Pope will be answering questions asked by young Catholics, in this year's World Youth Day in Madrid. The questions will be asked on Saturday, August 20th, during a vigil at  “Cuatro Vientos” airport.   Afterward,  the Pope will lead a moment of Eucharistic Adoration.

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Xt3's WYD Tip 2 - How to Pack Everything Into a Small Bag

Last edited 18th July 2011

Now that you have your checklist sorted, how are you going to fit everything into a bag that is small enough to carry around Spain? Take a look a this handy video showing how to get the most out of your packing!

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The Power of Confession - Winning Video for WYD2011 Film Competition

Last edited 27th July 2011

Here is the WINNING Video for the World Youth Day 2011 Video Competition - produced by Australians Sebastian James and Kieran Williams. Kieran also produced the winning video 'Suffering with a Smile' for Xt3's Looking for Mary Video Competition. Congratulations!


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Last edited 8th July 2011

Enjoy this new WYD Madrid11 video campaign! Have you registered yet? Visit the WYD Madrid website - - and sign up today. See you in Madrid...

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Using Apps, Facebook and Twitter to Pray the Rosary

Last edited 8th July 2011

The Internet has revolutionized the world. Now, Catholic groups are using the web to revolutionize World Youth Day with a call to pray the rosary every Saturday, until the big day kicks off on 16 August. The campaign is called 'Firm in the Faith with Mary' - watch this video for more!


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