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The History of World Youth Day

Last edited 8th July 2011

This August, the Church will celebrate the 26th World Youth Day since its launch in 1984 by Pope John Paul II. In this video, Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko talks about the history of the World Youth Day, explaining how and why it became a tradition in the Catholic Church. The Cardinal also shares stories from each World Youth Day - from Rome to Sydney - describing what made each event so special.

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WYD 100% Natural Campaign

Last edited 6th July 2011

This video marks the launch of the '100% Natural' World Youth Day Campaign! WYD Madrid volunteers are encouraging all pilgrims to protect the environment so that World Youth Day 2011 will be 100% sustainable, and 100% Christian... "Be Part of the 100%"!


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100 Day Celebration in Madrid

Last edited 10th May 2011

With 100 days to go until WYD, the Archdiocese of Madrid celebrates and gives a sneak peak as to what we can expect this August.

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Only 100 Days Until World Youth Day 2011

Last edited 9th May 2011

Only 100 days until World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, and more than 340,000 young people from across the globe have officially registered to attend. The countries with the most pilgrims are Italy, Spain, France, the United States and Germany. Watch this video for more.

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Vatican Considers Naming St. Juan of Avila "Doctor of the Church" During WYD2011

Last edited 8th July 2011

Benedict XVI could appoint a new Doctor of the Church during World Youth Day in Madrid. According to the French Agency, I-Media, San Juan de Avila, considered one of the most influential Spanish saints from the XVI century, could soon be appointed. The title is given to certain saints to recognize them for their contribution to theology. Currently there are 33.

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Blessed John Paul II - Reflections

Last edited 8th July 2011

How has Blessed John Paul II impacted your life? Listen to this series of testimonies of how the legacy of John Paul II has influenced people of all generations, of all nationalities, and from all situations in life.


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Campaign to Pray Rosary on Saturdays Boosts Support for WYD 2011 Madrid

Last edited 19th April 2011

In preparation for World Youth Day, different Catholic organizations are banding together for a worldwide campaign inviting people to pray the rosary every Saturday. The campaign "Firm in the faith with Mary," begins in May and will continue until World Youth Day kicks off in August.

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Pope: "Young People, See You in Madrid"

Last edited 8th July 2011

On Palm Sunday 2011, Pope Benedict XVI invited the youth of the world the join him in Madrid from August 16-21 for the 26th World Youth Day! Watch this video for more.

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WYD 2011 Team Sing 'Happy Birthday' to Pope

Last edited 18th April 2011

The World Youth Day staff in Madrid send a special Birthday greeting to Pope Benedict XVI for his 84th Birthday, April 16th, 2011.

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WYD 2011 Conquers the Social Networks

Last edited 24th March 2011

Officially, 290,000 pilgrims have signed up to attend the upcoming 2011 World Youth Day in Madrid. Organizers predict that 2 million people will attend the August 16-21 events. For this reason, WYD planners are asking those who wish to come to WYD 2011 to sign up through the official website. The event is also being promoted on social networks around the world!

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