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World Youth Day Skit at "Hearts on Fire"

Last edited 22nd March 2011

One of several skits using terms & phrases from pilgrimage, Ignatian spirituality, and Spanish, performed by participants and leaders at the "Hearts on Fire" World Youth Day & Magis Pilgrim Edition Retreat presented by the Apostleship of Prayer at Fordham University, Nov 2010.

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Official Website for WYD 2011 Merchandise

Last edited 21st March 2011

WYD pilgrims around the world can now purchase official merchandise for WYD 2011. The website, which sells official merchandise online, has been launched. The price of all merchandise ranges between one and thirty Euros.

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WYD in Search of the Next Spielberg

Last edited 21st March 2011

The organizers of WYD Madrid have unveiled a new competition for pilgrims. If you think you can direct a film... produce a 90 second audio-visual clip about WYD. The best videos will be screened on site in Madrid, as well as worldwide, during the estimated 20 hours of time pilgrims are expected to be waiting on the Pope's arrival.


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600,000 Rosaries En Route to WYD Madrid 2011

Last edited 16th March 2011

Seven tons of prayer beads will arrive in Madrid in late April. The rosaries will be one of the gifts distributed in the souvenir packs WYD pilgrims will receive. The 600,000 rosaries are being donated by “Family Rosary Apostolate,” an organization that promotes this devotion.

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World Youth Day will be 100% Sustainable

Last edited 13th March 2011

World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid will be an environmentally sustainable event in respect for the earth, thanks to the campaign "100% natural." Part of the work will be carried out by the Spanish company Zeroemissions, which plans to offset the environmental impact of World Youth Day through purchasing carbon credits from five sustainable projects, meant to represent every continent.

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World Youth Day 2011 - Are YOU Ready?

Last edited 11th March 2011

Xt3 has featured this WYD promo video before, but because its just so great, here it is once again... are you ready for World Youth Day Madrid?

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John Paul II will be a Key Figure in WYD2011

Last edited 8th March 2011

Bishop José María Yanguas of Cuenca in Spain has said that one of the main protagonists for WYD2011 will be John Paul II, the creator of World Youth Days, whose beatification he has called “a breath of fresh air” for the Church. “He gave off, what you might call a magnetism, an energy that made you come into contact with him. Young people could sense it in a very particular way, but I think everybody felt it. He made everyone feel young.”


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Mexico City Hoping to Host WYD 2017

Last edited 6th March 2011

Church authorities in the Archdiocese of Mexico are meeting with young Catholic leaders to plan for a 2017 World Youth Day set in the nation's capital. Cardinal Norberto Rivera, Archbishop of Mexico City, said the he is more interested in getting young Mexicans to Madrid for the coming World Youth Day. He offered his support to Mexican Catholics who were planning to make the pilgrimage to Spain this summer. 


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A Legacy of Pope John Paul II

Last edited 3rd March 2011

One of the greatest legacies of John Paul II was his connection to youth, and as a result, the introduction of World Youth Day. Unlike any Pope before him, JPII was able to spread the message of living and chaste and saintly life to more young people than ever before. Watch this video for more!

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WYD Song Contest Shines Light on Pop Stars Across the World

Last edited 1st March 2011

Filipino born Cherrie Anderson is a singer and song writer who is now among one of the most popular artists on the World Youth Day website. Find out more about the most popular songs and artists that have entered the WYD song competition in this video.

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