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Last edited 20th August 2011 is the hub for everything World Youth Day 2011 - featuring live webcasts and video blogs from Madrid this August!


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An Inside Look at the Main Sites for WYD 2011 in Madrid

Last edited 26th July 2011

It's no long before World Youth Day kicks off in the capital of Spain where preparations are underway to welcome the pope and more than one million young people from around the world for World Youth Day 2011. Watch this video to preview some of the features and the official sites that you will see in Madrid.

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Spanish Family Gets Ready to Welcome Group for World Youth Day

Last edited 25th July 2011

This is the home of the Machuca-Bárcena family. They live in Tres Cantos area just north of Madrid. Along with hundreds of other families, they've decided to welcome young people into their home, where they'll stay for World Youth Day.

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Preview of the WYD Pilgrim Walk to Cuatro Vientos

Last edited 25th July 2011

The pilgrimage walk to location of the WYD Final Mass is a great World Youth Day tradition. For WYD2011 in Madrid, the final Mass will take place at the Cuatro Vientos Air Field. If you will be taking part, then take a look at this video, which gives you some of the basics about the walking route that pilgrims will follow to get from downtown Madrid to Cuatro Vientos for the prayer vigil and closing Mass with Pope Benedict XVI!

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Vatican Releases New Numbers on Catholics in Spain for WYD

Last edited 24th July 2011

In light of the Pope's upcoming to trip to Spain for World Youth Day this August, the Vatican has released new figures on the number of Catholics living there. Spain has a population close to 46 million people and the Vatican estimates that 42 and a half million, or 92.2%, is Catholic.

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World Youth Day Cross Arrives in Madrid

Last edited 21st July 2011

The World Youth Day cross has arrived in Madrid! For two years it was taken to 70 dioceses around Spain. Now it's back home in the Almudena Cathedral, where it stands next to the icon of the Virgin Mary. The cross became the official symbol of World Youth Day, after Pope John Paul II gave it to a group of youths back in 1984. Watch this video for more.

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WYD Items Up For Sale on the Web: Backpacks, Rosaries and Cologne for Madrid 2011

Last edited 19th July 2011

World Youth Day starts next August 16th in Spain. For those who won't be able to make it, a few items are already up for sale on the web. At Madrid 2011 official website, one can find folding chairs, canteens and even cologne designed specifically for the event, as well as the official backpack!

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Youth Say 'See You in Madrid!'

Last edited 17th July 2011

Young people from around the world are preparing for the trip of a lifetime - see you in Madrid!

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WYD11 Orchestra and Choir

Last edited 13th July 2011

The Official World Youth Day 2011 Choir and Orchestra had its début June 1, 2011 at the National Auditorium in Madrid, Spain. Watch this short clip for a taste of what you will see and hear in Madrid!

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Madrid11 News: Video Broadcast from the WYD Office

Last edited 13th July 2011

Here is the first edition of the Madrid11 News, broadcasting from the World Youth Day office in Madrid. Watch this video for the latest updates - including the news that the Pope Benedict XVI will be hearing confessions during WYD11!


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