Xt3 Podcast: Celibacy and the Priesthood - an Inside Accounthttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=3061Fr Michael de Stoop, parish priest and Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Sydney chatted in depth to Xt3 about celibacy and the priesthood. From Scripture, to Sacred Tradition, to the everyday lived experience, Fr Michael answers all our questions, and truly shares the beauty - and the challenges - of the celibate life. This interview takes place in three parts, each around half an hour long. So download, or subscribe in i-tunes. And make sure you send it on, or recommend it to every single friend who has ever questioned you about celibacy and the priesthood. Click on each podcast episode to see what kinds of questions Fr Michael answers. The text of this interview is also available in the library. [i]Keywords: celibacy, priesthood, father, vocation[/i]Tue, 22 Jun 2010 06:54:53 GMT1440en2019 xt3.comMon, 19 Aug 2019 17:13:03 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/images/libraryResource/thumbnails/92100.jpegCelibacy and the Priesthood - an Inside Accounthttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=3061Do Statistics Indicate that there is a Link between Paedophilia and Celibacy?As a follow up to Fr Michael's interview on Celibacy and the Priesthood, this talk addresses the myth that Paedophilia and Celibacy are linked, as has been reported in the media.Thu, 31 Mar 2011 05:17:09 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=3061&episodeId=997http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=3061&episodeId=997The Challenges of a Celibate LifeIn our sex-saturated culture, celibacy is difficult to understand, let alone live. Here, Fr Michael honestly recounts the challenges of being celibate. 1. What are the negatives/challenges involved in being celibate? 2. Are you lonely? 3. Do you miss female company? 4. Was it difficult to give up the idea of having a wife and children? 5. Most men seem to have the inherent desire to be a husband and a father - where is your outlet for those feelings/desires? 6. Does being celibate make it difficult to control your sexuality? Where or what is the outlet for your sexuality? 7. Do you think it should be a personal choice to be celibate or should the Church require it? 8. Do you have female friends to talk to or is that too tempting? 9. What would happen if you met a girl you liked, or fell in love? What would you do? 10. Does celibacy get easier as time goes on? 11. Do you think celibacy is a cause of sin? Are men putting themselves unnecessarily in the way of temptation rather than allowing themselves to marry and enjoy sex?Tue, 22 Jun 2010 07:15:03 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=3061&episodeId=499http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=3061&episodeId=499The Lived Experience - A Celibate LifeIn this section, Xt3 goes into the practical side of living a celibate life. Fr Michael is incredibly honest in his answers to the questions below. 1. What is your daily life like as a celibate priest? How would it be different if you were married? 2. If you were allowed to get married, would you? Why or why not? 3. Did you choose to be a celibate priest because you didn't meet a girl that you wanted to marry? 4. What are the benefits of being celibate? 5. how does being celibate benefit your relationship with God? 6. How important is community to your life of celibacy? 7. How did your formation prepare you to be celibate? 8. How does not being married mean you relate to female members of the Church in your ministry? Do you relate better or worse than them?Tue, 22 Jun 2010 07:04:39 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=3061&episodeId=498http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=3061&episodeId=498Understanding CelibacyIs celibacy behind the times, in a culture obsessed with sex? Why is it so important to the priesthood? What does the Scripture say about it? In this section, Fr Michael gives us the framework of understanding celibacy by answering the following questions: 1. Why did you choose a celibate life? 2. Why did you choose to be a celibate man rather than pursue another kind of ministry? 3. Why do you think the Catholic Church embraces celibacy as a lifestyle?Tue, 22 Jun 2010 06:59:02 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=3061&episodeId=497http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=3061&episodeId=497