Xt3 Podcast: Year of the Priest - Fr Dominic Murphyhttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555Introducing Father Dominic Murphy! This Dominican priest sings karaoke, is known for his dancing, and even has his gym workout saved on his i-phone. But this self-confessed ‘gadgets man’ is a full time man of God, with a talent for connecting with young people. Have a listen to Fr Dom speaking about the challenges and rewards of university ministry, as well as his insights into charity work with Blessed Mother Teresa, and a wonderful analysis of the culture of relativity that plagues all of us, especially in the social environments of university. [b] [/b] Share your comments [url=../../discussion/thread.php?id=8258]here[/url]...Thu, 09 Jul 2009 04:29:41 GMT1440en2019 xt3.comMon, 19 Aug 2019 16:26:08 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/images/libraryResource/thumbnails/81291.jpegYear of the Priest - Fr Dominic Murphyhttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555Fr Dom’s favourite things to do!Fr Dom chats to Xt3 about a few of his favourite things. Hear his thoughts on music, pop culture, and his reaction to being presented with some excerpts from the ‘Father Dominic Murphy OP is a Legend!’ Facebook group (which you may want to join after listening here!). Cheese, bellydancing, and name-guessing…Thu, 09 Jul 2009 04:42:45 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=276http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=276Fr Dom on ‘The Year of the Priest’…Thu, 09 Jul 2009 04:41:16 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=275http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=275The best vocational experiencesFr Dom could only be described as a happy man, but listen here to what gives him the deepest joy. The beauty of the priesthood in its challenges and its holiness is present in his humble testimony to his vocation.Thu, 09 Jul 2009 04:40:47 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=274http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=274Relativism and the challenges to truth.Dealing with relativism is a huge challenge for young people. Fr Dom has some great insights here, into how we can avoid the poison of relativism, and find safety in the concept of truth. He also touches on the challenges of sexuality for young people today.Thu, 09 Jul 2009 04:38:47 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=273http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=273Working with Mother Teresa!Confronting yet ultimately rewarding, Fr Dom spent nine weeks working in India with Mother Teresa, before deciding that his vocation truly did lie with the Dominicans.Thu, 09 Jul 2009 04:35:59 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=272http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=272What attracted Fr Dom to the Dominicans?How did Fr Dom know that this was the order for him? Find out here!Thu, 09 Jul 2009 04:34:25 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=271http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=271Growing up, and growing into a vocation.An intrepid question-asker from a young age, Fr Dom describes his Catholic childhood, and how he dealt with the calling to vocation. Turns out, there’s something about the name ‘Dominic’.Thu, 09 Jul 2009 04:33:59 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=270http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=270Talking with non-Catholics on campus – who is truly subversive?Being Catholic at university means you are often part of a minority. Here Fr Dom talks about his encounters with non-Catholics on campus, and some interesting insights into how being Catholic can be the most liberating thing ever!Thu, 09 Jul 2009 04:32:24 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=269http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=269Talking and connecting with young people.University life can be challenging. With Catholic barbecues on campus, Fr Dom is always around for a chat and the big questions! And you never know when he might be praying for you…Thu, 09 Jul 2009 04:31:47 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=268http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=268Father Dom introduces himself…Fr Dom introduces himself, and describes what it is like to minister to the 50 000 or so undergraduates at both the University of Sydney, and the University of Technology, Sydney. With his distinctive white Dominican habit, and a taste for karaoke, Fr Dom’s is both a visual and a singing ministry!Thu, 09 Jul 2009 04:31:17 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=267http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=555&episodeId=267